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the federalist papers | the people who mean to be their governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives
this is amazing!
racism, liberal, papers, trump, delegates, cruz, colorado, federalist, armed, wage, minimum, post, taxes, warming, story, government, climate, 2016, weapons, global, change, racist, strife, racial, race, 2nda, democrats, carbon, machette, legislature, freedom, york, emissions, fallon, president, jimmy, funny, immigration, amnesty, obama
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discourse in society - website of teun a. van dijk
homepage of teun a. van dijk, professor universitat pompeu fabra, barcelona. critical discourse analysis.
resources, journals, bibliographies, racism, ideology, analysis, critical, dijk, discourse, studies, teun
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the racial slur database
racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!
ignorance, oppression, hate, neighbor, prejudice, bigotry, ethnic, racism, slurs, slang, dictionary, pejorative, stereotype, racial
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radio islam - the freedom fighter. join the struggle against jewish racism and domination!
radio islam informs in 23 languagues on jewish power, jewish racism and war mongering lies. zionism, an extension of judaism, is the most widespread form of racism known today! radio islam is also fighting for freedom of speech, the right to know the truth about the so-called 'holocaust' and the jewish wars in palestine, iraq, lebanon.
jewish, revisionismus, maroc, shahak, henry, ford, israel, roger, robert, faurisson, adolf, garaudy, hitler, belzec, sobibor, palestine, morocco, dachau, treblinka, auschwitz, majdanek, hezbollah, judaism, talmud, zionism, revisonism, power, racism, islam, ahmed, rami, lobby, mossad, aipac, radio, judentum, judendomen, revisionismo, sionisme, talmude
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i'm judging you
20-something bl lover living in the big mikan. editor by day, fangirl by night. all-around thing-doer for september scanlations. i dont tolerate rape apologia, sexism, racism, or homophobia of any...
subtitles, kagehina, haimyuu, haikyuu
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hope not hate: for a modern, inclusive britain
hope not hate seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities, building resilience against the politics of hate and fear, at a national and grassroots level.
hope, hate, nazi, fascism, communities, divide, racism, english, stop, party, national, defence, league, british
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has thousands of links on racism, sexism, and other prejudices, with searchable databases and fascinating interactive exercises. very well done!
native, holocaust, antisemitism, plous, americans, american, psychology, speciesism, indians, heterosexism, stereotype, stereotypes, stereotyping, racism, slavery, presidents, segregation, discrimination, homophobia, ambivalent, sexism, prejudice
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racism. no way | anti-racism education and resources for australian schools
this website aims to tackle racism in schools in australia, through providing teachers, school students, parents and governors with games, research and lesson ideas that explore the causes and effects of racism for practical use in the classroom.
diversity, race, relations, reconciliation, cultural, migration, australia, aboriginal, multicultural, racism
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nb queer / intersectional feminist doctor who, american horror story, (fear) the walking dead, game of thrones, agent carter, the 100, supernatural, bates motel, teen wolf, the fosters, sherlock, ...
sterling, violence, racism, alton, matter, brutality, black, lives, police
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immigrant-institutet, forsknings- och dokumentationscentrum om invandrare, flyktingar och rasism, invandrarnas mtesplats, the immigrant institute, research and documentation centre on migration, refugees and racism
invandrare och flyktingar: virtuell mtesplats [sv], meeting place for immigrants and refugees
emigration, rasism, racism, migration
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reverse racism
just a collection of trivial topics and events that some may perceive to be racist, racially discriminative, and/or biased towards those with privilege in the u.s.
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ywca - eliminating racism, empowering women - ywca usa
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west midlands police
west midlands police. serving our communities and protecting them from harm.
police, crime, twitter, youtube, domestic, releases, advice, press, facebook, racism, auctions, commissioner, opportunities, equal, firearms, violence, appeals, solihull, dudley, sandwell, walsall, midlands, wolverhampton, coventry, news, west, pctv, policing, drugs, neighbourhood, help
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captioning vines!
this blog is for those who require closed captioning to enjoy videos here on tumblr. lets make these videos accessible for everyone! fyi: requests will now be reserved for those who require...
gonna, violence, racism, video, vine
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revolutionary communist group
the revolutionary communist group (rcg) publishes the paper fight racism! fight imperialism! we are anti-imperialists and stand for the creation of a socialist society, with production organised for people’s needs, not private profit.interests of the entire working class and oppressed internationally. we stand for the creation of a socialist society, organised both to meet the needs of the entire population, and to ensure the fullest possible development of every individual. fight racism, fight imperialism (frfi)
fight, socialist, private, profit, society, with, needs, organised, creation, production, stand, publishes, group, communist, revolutionary, paper, racism, imperialism
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在原業平 is the multi-fandom blog of lorelei, aka lore, who is known for being an obsessive rejet essayist, visual novel writer for cyanide tea and lettuce waltz (i also wrote that game where...
treasure, trash, mikio, touken, ranbu, drakengard, racism
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richard webster: sceptical essays
sceptical essays and reviews on psychoanalysis, structuralism, modern witch-hunts and the religious origins of western rationalism
abuse, richard, sexual, satanic, tradition, censorship, racism, webster, science, evil, pollution, satan, orwell, purity, original, muslim, heresy, fantasy, fundamentalism, hitler, inquisition, national, socialism, false, justice, similar, fact, trawling, ritual, evidence, miscarriages, newcastle, allegations, islamic, protestantism, shieldfield, dawn, lillie, chris, reed
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this site addresses race and racism in american law.
americans, latino, hispanic, native, indian, discrimination, arab, asian, americn, slavery, legal, racialized, racism, justice, african, race, black, reparations
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counterfire home page - counterfire
counterfire version 3.0 'counterfire is a revolutionary socialist news and theory website, from the movements, for the movements.'
strike, resistance, action, general, industrial, journalism, citizen, fascism, against, love, music, racism, hate, cousins, lenosphere, rees, john, chris, nineham, neil, meadway, james, clare, unite, solomon, lindsey, german, leninism, stewards, shop, occupation, protest, activism, demonstrate, union, trade, stop, justice, police, lukacs
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marina watanabe
part-time feminist vlogger, full-time sass machine. 22. funnier on the internet but even that is mediocre at best.
small, stuff, representation, love, post, racism, food
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please stop
anti, racism, latinx, homophobia, voltron, klance, queue
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shut racism | no racism no war | stop racism stop war
and today one of the most important reasons behind wars is racism! lets call it a day!
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✿ chubby bunnies ✿
this blog is for women, girls, non- binary babes and other chubby bunnies to share their photos, stories and experiences. a place to discuss racism, sexism, body positivity, bullying, feminism and...
woman, submission, cute, love, chub, confident
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asshole of the day
asshole of the day finds the public figures who are the biggest assholes each day
sexism, sexist, racist, racism, asshole
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breitbart unmasked
progressive news and views. unmasking the truth behind the right wing noise.
guns, politics, dark, money, racism, immigration, drug, right, breitbart, wing, news, movement, patriot, andrew
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pomomusings – technology, theology & ministry
adam walker cleaveland is a husband, father, pastor and artist. i write about theology, ministry, technology, art and more. come join the conversation.
ferguson, racism, israel, design, media, social, east, middle, church, presbyterian, clergy, theology, lgbt, homosexuality, ministry
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27 |
homeless, washington, social, politics, york, beauty, hair, health, afro, city, funny, brooklyn, living, drama, product, reviews, hairfinity, review, body, love, natural, image, black, epiphany, shelter, news, young, shamika, foster, care, people, post, children, family, homelessness, women, holler, research, jealousy, racism
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the barbie science fair experiment
the barbie science fair experiment
skin, censorship, amendment, first, color, children, thielen, hispanic, black, speech, experiment, fair, science, boulder, schools, freedom, racism, race, barbie
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sports campaign against racism
sports campaign against racism(scar). scar will use sport as a passion to educate, motivate and inspire young people. we will deliver sports coaching, educational programme, personal development and life changing experience, providing young people with opportunities to change their lives for the better.
racism, bradford, grassroots, courses, scar, free, football, coaching, support, sports, mills, manningham, help, shadow, training, delroy, school, need, about, with, stop, charity, something, campaign, sport, referee, association, against
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erase racism ny
erase racism ny
racial, racism, housing, development, discrimination, disparities, health, rights, civil, diversity, trainings, staff, discriminatory, impediments, shore, north, brown, inequities, roscoe, justice, education, island, equity, long, segregation, structural, institutionalized, fair, affordable, erase, public, stereotypes, bias, race, integration, community
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icare hatecrime database - internet centre anti racism europe
racism, anti, antiracism, antiracisme, news, migrants, europa, interconference, internet, centre, europe, icare, diversity
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crossroads anti-racism organizing and training - dismantling racism, building racial justice in institutions
the work of crossroads is to dismantle systemic racism and build anti-racist multicultural diversity within institutions and communities.
racism, diversity, multicultural, diverse, community, building, justice, institutional, systemic, racial
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classroom racism exterminator
racism, classroom
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this is everyday racism
this blog is a safe space by and for people of color where they can share their experiences with everyday, subtle racism, or racial microaggressions. our main goal is to help people of color feel...
racism, everyday, this
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carry on.
racism, culture, appropriation, colleges, claremont, institutional, silencing
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everything is racism | hire a civil rights lawyer. youre a victim of racism.
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deport racism 2016 anti-racism t-shirts & campaign
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football unites, racism divides home
an anti-racist project that uses the power of football to educate society, and in particular young people, about the dangers of racism.
sheffield, football, futures, sufc, united, blades, club, wharton, coaching, training, volunteers, millennium, positive, arther, europe, racism, schools, education, soccer, sport, racial, resources, library, oppression, discrimination, harasment, england
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racism is bullying
an example of a group creating a conversation, watch the videos created. become a part of a community against racism.
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national coalition against racism in sports and media (ncarsm)
the national coalition against racism in sports and media (ncarsm) will educate and when necessary confront.
against, coalition, racism, media, national, racial, ingrained, ncarsm, hatred, disrespect, educational, fight, ignorance
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universitas press | books that make sense of the world.
gothic and racism isbn: 978-0-9939951-4-9 *collection of essays analyzing the various manifestations of racism in gothic narratives: literature, film, tv, architecture *essays range from traditional topics and interpretations of gothic as vehicle for racism to gothic as subversion and resistance to white, heteronormative privilege. contributors: avishek parui, meital orr, joanna wilson, jessica e. birch, mark henderson,
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bui's bootalicious blog
a blog about anything i like.
racism, bern, bernie, sanders, feel, white, privilege, reverse
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louis gossett jr.s eracism foundation
the mission of louis gossett, jr’s eracism foundation is to contribute to creating a society where racism does not exist. the answer to racism is “eracism.”
rights, gossett, eracism, civil, profit, prejudice, colorism, human, slavery, diversity, nations, louis, racism, foundation, world, united, peace, unicef
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clementine is black, get over it.
here for celebrating the walking dead games characters of color and defending them from typical fandom racism. "no sympathy for whitewashers. no sympathy for racists. no sympathy for blackfacers. no...
christa, kenny, racism, asks, anon
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racism is white supremacy | a site dedicated to counter-racism economics, education, and liberation
(click image to go to the bookstore) blank click here for the new archive page! (all the links to my previous posts on one page)  why this site was created racism is white was created to provide constructive education, economics, and information that will lead to black liberation and the elimination of the system
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fandoms hate people of color
this is a place for people of color to come and vent about racism in the media they watch and the racism in fandom. for a month long celebration of marginalized characters in the mcu please join us...
hannibal, tagging, squad, suicide, anonymous
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the phoenix hobbit
white, disabled, agender, trans, working class background, uk immigrant, queer, on the spectrum, dealing with mental health issues, and surviving. i am raising funds for my surgery. please consider...
racism, warning, image, moving
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ywca of olympia | eliminating racism. empowering women.
the ywca of olympia strives to eliminate racism and empower women, girls and families through education, advocacy, service and leadership opportunities.
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racism in america - exposing racism one article at a time
exposing racism one article at a time
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ywca charleston wv
at the ywca charleston we are dedicated to our mission: eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
racism, eliminate, homeless, ywca, elderly, child, development, domestic, violence, charleston
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healing racism in anchorage
healing racism in anchorage envisions a united anchorage based on trust, respect, and understanding.
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:: global watch - home ::
political and social activist, former robben island prisoner and anti-apartheid struggle veteran, mr tokyo sexwale, leads a global initiative aimed at the challenges arising from racism in sport
sport, nelson, global, mandela, watch, football, soccer, sexism, tennis, goals, qatar, tokyo, discrimination, sexwale, racism, apartheid, foundation, vision
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life after hate
life after hate was created by former members of the radicalized american far-right movement to educate people about the threats of violent extremism and racism
hate, racism, radicalization, skinhead, research, after, life, deradicalization, consulting, education, extremism, formers, compassion
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sara corning centre for genocide education - home
education, tcdsb, yrdsb, tdsb, holocaust, ontario, yrcdsb, rwanda, social, development, professional, equity, justice, canada, history, armenia, resources, lesson, classroom, armenian, human, rights, genocide, racism, discrimination, tolerance, ministry
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rhythm against racism - festival
festival, rhythm, farm, gewerkschaftsjugend, brandenburg, racism, against, 5bugs, klartext, finest, elke, flop, kantholz, neumann, maggies, kaeptn, frau, kopischke, fosbury, ginsengbonbons, jinx, called, werbung, design, calcatoggios, wankers, radiohavanna, berlin, boom, orchestra, karacho, strange, brit, musik, georgi, christian, loosavanna, traeger, livekonzert, rassismus
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ywca greater los angeles | eliminating racism. empowering women.
eliminating racism. empowering women.
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ywca of greater atlanta - eliminating racism. empowering women.
eliminating racism. empowering women.
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this is singaporean chinese privilege
chinese privilege can be difficult for most in singapore to comprehend, but it does exist. this website documents minority experiences relating to chinese privilege and racism in singapore. it is...
submission, employment, privilege, chinese, racism, singapore
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ywca of brooklyn | eliminating racism. empowering women.
the ywca of brooklyn is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
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buddhists for racial justice | may all beings be free from harm
welcome to buddhists for racial justice. this is an online home for a multi-racial, cross-tradition response to racism on the part of buddhist teachers, monastics, priests, leaders, ministers, practitioners, and clergy. we invite you to sign the open letter on charleston and racial justice as an expression of your commitment to actively work towards ending racism. we hope you
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the conciliation project
a social justice theatre organization whose dramatic works promote dialogue about racism and oppression in america in order to repair its damaging legacy.
theatre, justice, group, social, reconciliation, dialogue, oppression, racism, conciliation
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ywca boston welcomes you!
ywca boston is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
health, impact, engagement, civic, care, bill, housing, loan, student, leadership, empowerment, economic, disparities, girls, racism, youth, affordable
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ywca boston welcomes you!
ywca boston is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
health, impact, engagement, civic, care, bill, housing, loan, student, leadership, empowerment, economic, disparities, girls, racism, youth, affordable
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a group of organizations in the north hills dedicated to serving the community. here you will find pnpp, nharc, and north communites.
north, peace, park, hills, racism, people, justice, pittsburgh, pnpp, lgbtqia, episcopal, universalist, uucnh, lesbian, equality, roman, elca, lutheran, catholic, muslim, dialogue, transgender, gandhi, king, luther, bible, christian, pacifism, violence, martin, social, questioning, queer, unitarian, intersex, ally, asexual, allies, bisexual, cranberry
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crrf this month - canadian race relations foundation
the canadian race relations foundation is canada's leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in canadian society.
society, racism, canadian, inclusion, relations, diversity, race
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realdude |
foreigner's reactions on indian sex problems will definitely shock you
facts, wife, girlfriend, about, racism, ranaut, kangna, known, kejriwal, kids, funny, rarely, video, indian, problems, india, people, dance, kangana, lady, condom, spoof, arvind, prank, delhi, best, minister, chief, parody, girl, woman, social, prankbaaz, women, make, stoy, your, material, jokes, struggle
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center for the study of white american culture - home
an organization that promotes cultural exploration and self-discovery of white americans with the goal to successfully integrate within a multicultural society.
white, race, social, racialness, activism, whiteness, privilege, identity, construction, relations, multiracial, introduction, purpose, awareness, mission, america, racism
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ywca mankato | help us with eliminating racism and empowering women at the ywca mankato
the ywca is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting womens leadership programs. our purpose is to build a stronger community in mankato by leadership development programs for women, girls and refugee women.
women, leadership, womens, development, immigrant, refugee, equality, gender, program, growth, volunteer, eliminating, mankato, racism, empowering, opportunities, ywca, programs
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ywca of yakima - eliminating racism | empowering women
ywca is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
womens, domestic, working, wardrobe, center, advocacy, crisis, resource, abuse, violence, yakima, education, women, ywca, safety, family
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new orleans loving festival
the new orleans loving festival is a multiracial community celebration and film festival that fights racism through outreach and education.
culture, virginia, mildred, richard, music, justice, activist, advocacy, performance, visual, equality, film, festival, loving, louisiana, orleans, multiracial, race, community, interracial, june, racism
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programs for empowering women in hartford ct
ywca hartford region is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. we believe that every woman, every girl and every child deserves the opportunity to shine at each stage of life.
hartford, women, ywca, childcare, literacy, daycare, empowering, eliminating, racism, financial
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star - students and teachers against racism
through education, we seek to bring the image of native americans into the present, to support the well being of native children in schools through the accurate depiction of history as well bringing recognition to the ongoing contributions of native peoples today, and to celebrate the varied and rich cultural traditions of all native people in the united states.
native, american, sports, depictiton, education, image, stereotypes, indian, people, mascots, racism
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#racismstinks - home
#racismstinks bringing people of all races together for family-friendly events and doing our part to break down the negative stereotypes americans deal with because of racial differences.
tulsa, events, north, oklahoma, racismstinks, riot, equality, race
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........ rosado consulting ........
rosado consulting for change in human systems is a consulting firm in workforce diversity, leadership, futures, unlearning racism, mentoring, holistic spirituality, for restructuring human systems.
consulting, action, affirmative, mentoring, management, small, violence, groups, compassion, diversity, spirituality, racism, spiral, futures, dynamics, memes
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things that suck | the hard truth
things that suck - official hub exposing tyranny, police brutality, corruption, racism, and more. join us
news, police, corruption, corrupt, judges, federal, bank, freedom, elite, system, reserve, government, tyranny, brutality, racism, prejudice, breaking, world, justice
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the fibreculture journal
media, race, visual, health, social, games, racism, studies, everyday, critical, colonialism, governance, neoliberalism, algorithms, videogames, australia, serious, systemic, platforms, viral, observation, satellites, earth, virtuality, habit, ravaisson, simulation, mapping, advocacy, propaganda, deleuze, memes, politics, justice, evidence, avatars
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dubuque community ymca/ywca - youth development, healthy living, social responsibility, eliminating racism, & empowering women
youth development, healthy living, social responsibility, eliminating racism, & empowering women
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ywca - stand against racism
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the racism online forums
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home - organizing upgrade
organizing upgrade: engaging left organizers in strategic dialogue
organizing, labor, capitalism, socialism, social, justice, upgrade, movement, rights, 21st, century, internationalism, supremacy, communications, strategy, sexuality, beyond, immigrant, community, imperialism, black, racism, racial, white
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carol, racism, adele, savage
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lolo diklo : rromani against racism
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orange ribbon run & walk – “race against racism
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the people’s institute for survival and beyond - undoing racism
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racism, lollicakes, liars, trolls, anonymous
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ywca of queens - empowering women, eliminating racism
ywca of queens: empowering women, eliminating racism
camp, queens, free, senior, korean, york, ywca, classes, choir, summer, community, competition, flushing, city, rights, womens, care, music
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ywca of oil city, pa | eliminating racism, empowering women
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asian, food, southeast, racism, nika, submission
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stop racism and hate collective | you can make a difference!
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95 | servers, tech and kiwis against racism
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national consultative committee on racism and interculturalism (nccri)
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ywca of bellingham | eliminating racism empowering women
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home - ywca wichita | eliminating racism - empowering women
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ywca of greater lawrence eliminating racism, empowering women
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king kong, the white woman, and 2005: appropriating racism
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eliminating racism - empowering women | ywca southeastern massachusetts
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eliminating racism - empowering women > ywca of western massachusetts
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international action center - boston
protest racism and the war drive!
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| santa cruz county community coalition to overcome racism
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ywca vermont and camp hochelaga | empowering women and eliminating racism
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aloha & welcome! - ywca | hawaii island | empowering women | eliminating racism
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ywca of greater memphis | eliminating racism, empowering women - home
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prfc : partners for a racism-free community, grand rapids, michigan
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ywca | jamestown, new york - welcome
ywca is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
peace, women, justice, freedom, dignity, empowering, racism, jamestown, york, eliminating, ywca
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ywca wheeling | eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all
the ywca is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. the ywca wheeling is a member
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sexism in music
perez, mysogyny, ruben, devin, diiv, racism, feminism
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robert fantina | author of empire, racism and genocide: a history of u.s. foreign policy
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forum drama
someday youre going to die like everyone else
ignorance, hypocrisy, racism, justice, social
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justice for mike brown
videos, peter, liang, racism, ferguson, brutality, police
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united for intercultural action | european network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees
united for intercultural action european network against racism, fascism, nationalism and in support of migrants and refugees 
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.: zionism and israel on the web: history of zionism, facts on zionism, definition of zionism :.
zionism, antisemitism, jews, israel, peace, east, middle, racism, zionist, orthodox, judaism, traditional, jewry, andre, oboler, internet, online, christian, jewish, articles, timeline, history, state, resources, hate, israeli, maps
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apolitically incorrect | saying the things you are(nt) thinking.
feel confused, offended, disappointed, or uncomfortable with beyonce's new song & music video? too bad.
white, lives, people, police, matter, black, dehumanization, columbus, tolerance, brutality, blue, racism, talmbout, incorrect, apolitically, politics, dehumanized, supremacist, respectability, shit, privilege, wall, dear, racist, double, standards, goforth, pantaleo, daniel, casebolt, hickman, anderson, devon, eric, tensing, sandra, feelings, over, bland, samuel
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the sixth siren of pandora
warming, denial, global, racism, donald, trump, rape
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*something poetic*
22. nyc. welcome to wolfwars where i cry about things and make dumb jokes
here, fucking, cold, rickman, alan, racism, dont, come
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rhythm of the tide.
compulsive pathological mj love.
credit, jrgen, todenhfer, deserves, jackson, heart, racism, michael
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liz's bits
a space to share stuff i like mostly about the middle east, human rights and religion.
coexistence, gazaunderattack, israel, likud, racism
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ywca - tri-county area - dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
here, keywords, enter
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celebrating cultural diversity & promoting multiculturalism. immigrant services in campbell river include family support, interpreters, multicultural groups, classes, resource center. citizenship preparation classes.
citizenship, multicultural, interpreters, diversity, services, family, families, women, womens, groups, children, center, programs, events, activities, workshops, classes, preparation, assistance, help, resource, translating, island, multiculturalism, immigrants, vancouver, campbell, river, society, cultural, immigrant, translation, translators, ethnic, racism, education
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todays lesson, racism. if you see something written here that youve said or done, use it as an opportunity. take it as a wake up call and make the decision to grow, change and be conscious of your...
racismschool, comedy, beyonce
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dedicating your life to trolling and talking over oppressed and marginalized groups has consequences.
white, privilege, politics, respectability, racism, submission, plebcomics
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we dont tolerate intolerance
bullying, feminism, shutdown4chan, racism, 4chan
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satirizing african news till kingdom goes
corruption, chinainafrica, racism, mhareremkare, habare
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ywca lincoln | eliminating racism | empowering women | lincoln, ne
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välkommen! - restaurang cliff barnes - fuck racism and ewing oul
lika dåliga sedan januari 1995: lunch, middag och hiskeligt helgparty, the show must go on!!!
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the california conference for equality and justice
the ccej is a human relations organization dedicated to confronting bias, bigotry and racism through education, conflict resolution and advocacy.
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ellie, 26. teacher, rper, gamer. this is a fandom appreciation blog interspersed with personal posts. often nsfw.
mass, effect, important, racism, cute
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jampac | a new superpac for a new era.
justice, social, poverty, racism, healthcare, discrimination, super, progress, bernie, liberal, sanders, electon, progressive, left, democrat
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in case you missed it rss feed
news and commentary that you may have missed.
racism, afghanistan, military, rights, human, politics
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nope, not hope
pointing a finger and screaming racist is only valuable if you fight all racism. hope not hate have sold out to their paymasters.
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antoine speaks...
police, music, reviews, presenter, model, film, black, racism, current, discussion, trending, ladbible, buzzfeed, affairs, news, politics
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a blog ran by 9 mods of different racial backgrounds, gender identities and such. we are here to combat white supremacy and eradicate racism and other forms of oppression.
menstruation, mention, warning, yael, excellence
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antoine speaks...
police, music, reviews, presenter, model, film, black, racism, current, discussion, trending, ladbible, buzzfeed, affairs, news, politics
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antoine speaks...
police, music, reviews, presenter, model, film, black, racism, current, discussion, trending, ladbible, buzzfeed, affairs, news, politics
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antoine speaks...
police, music, reviews, presenter, model, film, black, racism, current, discussion, trending, ladbible, buzzfeed, affairs, news, politics
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ywca of kauai | eliminating racism. empowering women.
the ywca of kaua`i promotes peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.
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encouraging an informed polity
a moderately informed view on politics, religion, government, and technology.
baltimore, riots, racism, systemic, blacklivesmatter
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ywca home
the ywca of black hawk county is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
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this is my life, my choice
hey, my names diego. my friends call me sergeant d. brony and proud. 27. pro-life. atheist. libertarian. feminist. anti-racism. pro-sexual. ask me anything
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suffocating @ nu
one northwestern does not mean we are all on one page. lets stop discussing racism without acknowledging the racists in the room. submit at ask us a question...
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nature is nude
feminism, white, racism, intersectional, matter, black, lives
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we'll use the force!
call me teej. black. she/her. adulting. mostly just here for beyonce, hamilton, the walking dead, john boyega, and intersectional feminism. at some point, ill have to admit this has become a star...
finnrey, allen, west, flash, racism
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what's a ghost's favourite ice cream? booberry!
fe/20/uk they/them onion for mayor 2016 nav for mobile
mention, racism, rape, maybe, eating
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american white history month | white heritage, white pride, proud white american, white privilege, cultural marxism, reverse racism, hate groups, conservative politics
white, proud, americans, history, american, marxism, cultural, reverse, groups, politics, conservative, privilege, hate, racism, whites, peoples, people, caucasian, rights, sovereignty, heritage, folks, arians, pride
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đẹp trai // 1/5 of one direction
colonization, racism, french, gender, transphobia
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the micah movement | public morals and social issues awareness
the micah movement exists to secure justice for fellow human beings in our local communities, state, nation, and all over the world in accordance to the great heritage of the the wesleyan church.
wesleyan, life, protection, poverty, carolina, racial, racism, suicide, church, slavery, sanctity, north, reconciliation, movement, violence, east, domestic, adoption, addiction, district, foster, immigration, micah, trafficking, human, care, abortion
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sick sad world
(none of these pictures are mine unless otherwise stated. if you see your picture without credit, please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due.)
foxy, brown, racism, moana, blackface, music
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merf. thinking is hard.
tapir time, sewcial justice, fashion, race and racism, odds & ends of stuff
girls, magic, representation, black, beharie, attractive, ladies, nicole, food
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sing a song of how they tried
brett19/male/ncdcintjinterested in politics, public policy, economics, international relations and foreign policy, philosophy, and sociology
night, good, calm, racism
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eracce eliminating racism & claiming/celebrating equality — home
since 2000, eracce has been a growing resource for southwest michigan institutions interested in building authentic, just & accountable multicultural diversity.
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i went to africa and all i got were these pictures
so. you go to one of those fabulously elitist schools where everyone talks about privilege, classism, racism, sexism, etc. as if they dont practice it in real life. but in order to really see the...
third, world, what, appropriation, africa, satire, maasai
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pictures of me wishlist send a $15 giftcard to [email protected] and recieve lifetime access to my private blog. serial likers will be blocked. removing captions or reposting my photos will...
curvy, racism, xfiles, sexy
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welcome to - britain's leading south asian lifestyle & shopping portal is a celebration of asian life in the uk with an informative collection of in-depth articles on race, racism, asian culture, religion, food, curry, fashion and beauty, all written with an asian perspective. the sites covers news, views, money, business, entertainment, food and drink, health, style, sports, travel, culture and has interactive discussion groups, on-line chat, web based email and a comprehensive south asian restaurant directory.
asians, asian, curry, east, christianity, zoroastrianism, zoroastrian, jainism, buddhism, hinduism, islam, bollywood, chat, south, restaurants, takeaways, houses, india, currie, racism, race, lanka, lankan, nepal, pakistan, bengali, bangladesh, bangladeshi, nepalese, maldives, indian, africa, african, british, gujarat, gujarati, pakistani
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the daily dispatch | from
a song apropos of the day from david rovics
labor, community, politics, america, history, crisis, organizing, capitalism, analysis, theory, racism, economics, poverty, unity, greece, debt, european, left, popular, austerity, europe, syriza, education, hunger, groups, wobblies, terror, struggles, class, just, illinois, race, facts, pensions, activism, teachers, chicago, drones, wars, dirty
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ywca lancaster
the ywca of lancaster is a force for empowering women and eliminating racism to achieve peace, justice, freedom and dignity for us all.
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ywca of bethlehem | the ywca of bethlehem is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
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can peace iii
peace iii is an opportunity for communities in the carrickfergus, antrim and newtownabbey borough areas to build positive relations, address challenges and develop a confident and peaceful future, unhindered by sectarianism or racism.
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exploring and tackling racism: a compilation of popular education activities | popular education south africa
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syabm - to inform, educate, and entertain
black guy from the caribbean, just fyi. i yell at idiots, mostly social justice ones. sometimes i yell at other people. sometimes i dont yell at all. not fowl, nor fish, nor mra, nor feminist....
said, they, sjws, racism, hypocrite
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i swear, on this dead crow...
she/hers | 22 | jewish hamilton and cartoons and art and bones and my apologies for this mess icon by whispwill mobile: header by cafe1999 | desktop: siderbar by birdloaf
racism, avatar, hamilton, miscalculated, queue
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espaa roja, urea y prpura
espaa roja, urea y prpura; tribuna patritica para restaurar la repblica espaola
social, rights, animal, derechos, justice, igualdad, justicia, equality, espaa, racism, immigration, immigrants, human, monarchy, republicanism, patriotism, fascism, antifascism, liberation, egalitarianism, joblessness, unemployment, collectivism, spain, america, latin, poverty, poor, republic, world, revolution, reform, unequality, distributive, third, colectivismo, antifascismo, fascismo, inmigrantes, inmigracin
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the cranky conservative
young female canadian, apparently. radical pessimist. law school hopeful. former house of commons rat. recovering liberal. letting the bridges i burn light my way and keep me warm.
anti, feminism, byrnes, racism, jessica, antifeminism
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new creation iccc in fairview, nc
new creation iccc progressive inclusive christian worship, focused on love, equality, hunger, homelessness, mass incarceration, non-violence, dismantling racism.
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reconciliation ministry - christian church (disciples of christ)
reconciliation ministry celebrates the power of gods love to bring people together and supports efforts to heal the brokenness caused by the sin of racism.
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national adjunct walkout day
on february 25, 2015 adjuncts across the country came together to raise awareness about adjuncts in higher education and insist on fair wages and better working conditions.
social, justice, featured, racism, confederate, flag, afternawd
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sidewalk bubblegum political comic cartoon strip by clay butler
alternative political editorial cartoons about war, racism, sexism, capitalism, worker rights, human rights, the environment and consumerism
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ywca of lewiston, id - home
the ywca is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
awareness, women, ywca
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christopher copywriter delivers extra stuff
"all aspects of brand communications have an essential common element, a uniquely compelling story..." ccbc writing professionally for over 14 years in public relations, advertising copywriting, ...
racism, marketing, sexism, davidbowie, ripdavidbowie
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cartoon politics
you are cordially invited to laugh, fume, or shake your head in sheer disbelief at the antics of our elected elite in the best of each days political cartoons.
republican, racism, trump, donald, cartoon, politics
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100% customer dissatisfaction rate
23, science/literature/history geek, cis bisexual woc, fanfiction writer hobbies include singing, feminism, and alcohol currently crying over: mad max daredevil bucky fucking barnes avengers and...
model, domestic, abuse, role, women, violence, against, racism
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rad race – stop racism. start raceism.
wir haben keinen bock mehr auf langweilige und schon tausend mal gesehene radsportevents. wir wollen schnelle und radikale rennen in ganz europa an den start bringen. crazy, fast, radical. rad races.
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fuck no video games
fnvg is an independent blog keeping you up-to-date on toxic behavior and offensive content (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and more) in the games industry. if youd like to submit a tip or...
harassment, reblog, stopgamergate2014, boost, gamergate, signal
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just stop.
i share my opinions on social justice, nonbinary people, feminism, racism, self diagnosis, and plenty of other topics. **be warned: my opinions are offensive.** i track the tag fuckyourcisphobia....
back, whos, same, here, anon, guess, again, shayne, admin
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what bigots post
formerly facebooksexism submission based blog to shame bigots who are flagrantly bigoted. also general sj, feminist, anti-terf, pro-fat stuff. submit is only open the first few days of each month to...
racism, misogyny, sexism, queue, submission
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kitten says fuck you
age 20, gender-experimental, gender-critical, pschology-skeptical sparkly glamdrogynous reactionary. anti-racist, anti-ableist and misandrist. im one of "those people" and proud of it. native and...
binary, whiteness, racism, privilege, oppression
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ramblings and things
my name is viv and im a rookie graphic designer / illustrator who lives in australia. i love blogging about tv and movies, plus life in australia and general funny stuff! sometimes i make masterposts...
representation, feminism, racism, artists, talented, funny
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gateway ywca | eliminating racism. empowering women.
the ywca of winston-salem transforms the lives of women and girls, helping them reach their full potential. visit the ywca today and make a difference!
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feminism and comic book media | asocialjusticeleague
intersectional feminist with an mfa in creative writing blogging about social justice and pop culture. teacher, tutor, bisexual neurodivergent fat white geek girl with she/her pronouns. anon is on, i...
dceu, deadpool, matters, representation, issues, racism, queer
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white "people" said what?
we are not this is a safe space for poc to talk about our everyday experiences with racism, from blatant offenses to micro-aggressions. this is a space only for poc. not white people....
whitepeoplesaidwhat, submission, queenkhalifah
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center for social inclusion
the center for social inclusion (csi) is a national policy strategy organization whose mission is to dismantle structural racism.
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impact press -- a quarterly socio/political magazine featuring aggressive journalism, biting commentary, humor and indie music reviews - articles on government conspiracy, the war on drugs, human rights, animal rights, racism, equality, homosexuality, corporate crimes and more>
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eracism erasers
eracism erasers goal is to educate with our products to stop racism. our eracism erasers carry a small message with a huge impact.
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getequal - home
grassroots organization that seeks to empower the lgbtq community and our allies to take action to demand full legal and social equality, and to hold accountable those who stand in the way.
trans, gender, lgbt, liberation, getequal, transgender, lgbtq
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sexism! as seen on facebook
submission based blog to shame bigots who are flagrantly bigoted! (submit closed until early feb.) also general sj and feminist stuff. read faqs before sending an ask or submission! faqs required...
transphobia, ableism, racism, submission, queue
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town called dobson
tcd is a strip about living a blue life in red america which can be annoying as hell. if you want to drop me a line, comment about town called dobson, yell or express your indignant outrage over...
racism, comic, comics, cartoons
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international socialist organization
the international socialist organization, publisher of the daily news web site, is an organization with branches across the u.s. committed to building a left alternative to a world of poverty, racism and war.
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because finance is boring
wall street reform is not always the sexiest topic. in fact, wall street depends on the intimidation people feel when hearing words like "derivatives" in order to continue to gut safeguards to protect...
education, bill, maher, department, corinthian, racism, cfpb
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(what a day)
i tag so that you can tumblr savior me, which mean by fandom and pairing or as signal boost (depressing reblogs), do you hear the people sing (happy reblogs), witnesssss! (responses, random...
adventures, matters, cowriting, racism, media, boost, fury, road, signal
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oberlin microaggressions
our blog is primarily for students who have been marginalized at oberlin. we welcome submissions by marginalized students who wish to speak about their lived experiences. if you see or hear racist, ...
center, submission, racism, lewis, edmonia, college, oberlin
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end racism in our lifetime | within our lifetime
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internal acceptance movement
my name is daniell, and im the person behind the internal acceptance movement (i. a.m.), an online space that aims to foster self-acceptance, empowerment, mental wellness, and healing.
viola, davis, important, racism, reminder
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celty radfem
im a radical feminist. im a white woman in my early twenties. thats all the personal details im willing to give. anti porn/prostitution/bdsm. anti racism, sexism, homphobia, colonialism, etc. anti...
radfem, celty
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star wars frontman john boyega
teej. she/her. cis. bi. john boyega (brigade), finnrey, bey, richonne (twd), westallen (the flash), black women, & calling out bs. #particularlyblackandangry2k16.
drama, fandom, theyre, racist, garbage, racism, talks, about, hollywood, teej
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all the news & views of the mixed-race experience
interracial, hapa, biracial, multiracial, identity, people, dating, relationships, mixed, multi, children, friends, racism, racial, migente, ideas, inter, marriage, meet, latino, world, married, census, kids, child, eurasian, magazine, peace, heritage, multicultural, family, half, families, cultural, diversity, caste, mulatto, transracial, adoption, parenting
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appetite for equal rights | a blog for the modern feminist
a blog for the modern feminist.
abortion, homophobia, racism, rape, sexism, womanist, feminist, race, lesbian, gender, women, beauty, queer, equality, feminism
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official home | leonard pitts, jr
in a career spanning 35 years, leonard pitts, jr. has been a columnist, a college professor, a radio producer and a lecturer. but if you ask him to define himself, he will invariably choose one word.
writers, racism, culture, american, african, pitts, journalism, leonard
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home - iris filmsiris films | iris films media in service of community
social issue documentary films about reconciliation, tolerance, transitional justice, race, racism, affirmative action, human rights, and civil rights.
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the racial slur database
racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!
ignorance, oppression, hate, neighbor, prejudice, bigotry, ethnic, racism, slurs, slang, dictionary, pejorative, stereotype, racial
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race matters
race matters is intended to encourage and provide inspiration and tools for racial reconciliation, seeking divergent viewpoints and providing evaluation.
valuing, diversity, segregation, integration, reconciliation, racism, racial
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geek & misandry
i am feminism. i am geek. i. am. misandry!
ableism, feminism, slurs, gendered, racism, about
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soulforce works to end the political and religious oppression of lgbtqi people through relentless nonviolent resistance.
intersectional, lgbtq, lgbt, lgbtqi, nonviolence, queer, qtpoc, qpoc, lesbian, intersex, black, bisexual, lives, matter, justice
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and we're the triggergrumps!
trigger grumps!! a place to screen game grumps episodes for each other to make the fandom experience more pleasant and accessible for everyone. please read the faq before asking questions! run by...
warning, friday, 13th, racism, food, grumps, ableism, game
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a festa mais racista da cidade
voc acha que o racismo acabou? sabe de nada, cara plida! tumblr criado com fim de denncia de festas racistas, como "nigga high as shit" e "hey nigga" carta aberta:...
racismo, white, people, stop, racism, nigga
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. anti-semitism, pro-jewish, philo-semitism, positive jewish issues & unique jewish identity | monitoring, exposing & fighting against anti-semitism and racism
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comd: committee opposed to militarism and the draft
an antimilitarism organization: challenges the institution of the military, its impact on society, and the racism, sexism and homophobia inherent in the armed forces and selective service system.
military, draft, peace, service, social, school, rights, militarism, environment, corps, marine, intervention, student, racism, homophobia, newspaper, force, disobedience, civil, gandhi, teach, equal, access, navy, army, asvab, careers, software, free, buttons, choices, peacemaking, community, products, comd, students, spending, sexism, antiwar, first
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amherst soul
amherst soul attempts to capture the scope of the amherst college experience. in addition to written reflections and poetry, we also showcase photography, studio art, dance, spoken word, music, and...
college, racism, amherst, activism, race, student, reflection
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mind the edge
anti-sj blog descriptions can be so unreal, you honestly just have to laugh at them. this is the place to post real blog descriptions from any anti-justice blog, be they white nationalist, ...
pride, racism, white, submission
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212 interviews so interactive they seem human
uses a unique interactive technology that listens and responds much like a human interviewer would. amazing!
university, wesleyan, advertisement, plous, social, network, psychology, personals, interviewing, interviews, einterview, vegetarian, meat, personal, racism, interview
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theblacklist pub - for all points-of-the-view.
curating grassroot news & divergent views from africa & her diaspora in service of africans w/o borders in a world that works for everyone.
nationalism, afrika, reparations, racism, moving, packing, marcus, caricom, caribbean, race, diaspora, mosiah, news, african, garvey, slave, brutality, police, slavery
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st. gertrude catholic parish
we value community, family, work, and spiritual nourishment as ways that draw us closer to god. we also struggle with such things as crime, racism, family stress, underemployment, and materialism, all of which make it more difficult to live peaceful lives. if you share our values or our struggles, then join us at one of our weekend services. if you prefer, give us a call. we will be glad to hear from you!
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polyticks: a secular humanist manifesto.
examines class privilege, aggressive war, racism and rigid religious ethics as remnants of pre-industrial thought to be defeated by secular humanism, militant, and triumphant.
right, wall, berlin, keep, arms, bear, psychohistory, wave, secular, nature, human, humanism, fundamentalist, third, turning, fourth, politics
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ruining everyone you love forever.
tw: racism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, transmisogyny, sizeism, ableism, monosexism, binarism, ace hate, rape apologism, slut shaming, domestic violence, abuse... all posts are tagged...
sexual, assault, rape, abuse, sexism, gervais, ricky
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marilyn chin wins anisfield-wolf award
poet marilyn chin won prestigious anisfield-wolf national award for hard love province, her latest book, that confronts racism and examines diversity.
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ring in love
building, sexual, spiritual, life, harassment, prejudice, discrimination, racism, orientation, homophobia, sexism, team, love, ceremonies, cycle, coaching, inspirational, speaking, workshops, bridges, development, diversity
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because you aren't autistic
this is a blog about neurotypical and allistic privilege. neurotypical what most people call "normal, " and allistic just means not autistic. dont come on here and deny white, male, cis, able-bodied, ...
white, privilege, treatment, ableism, racism
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michael parenti political archive
michael parenti is an internationally known author and lecturer. he is one of the nation's leading progressive political analysts. parenti's writings cover a wide range of subjects: u.s. politics, culture, ideology, political economy, imperialism, fascism, communism, democratic socialism, free-market orthodoxies, conservative judicial activism, religion, ancient history, modern history, historiography, repression in academia, news and entertainment media, technology, environmentalism, sexism, racism, homophobia, venezuela, the wars in iraq and yugoslavia, ethnicity, and his own early life.
history, media, technology, environmentalism, entertainment, parenti, politics, academia, news, sexism, racism, iraq, yugoslavia, ethnicity, wars, homophobia, venezuela, repression, historiography, communism, democratic, socialism, fascism, imperialism, ideology, political, economy, orthodoxies, ancient, michael, modern, religion, activism, conservative, judicial, culture
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asian raceplay and cuckold captions
captions are by me unless otherwise stated. this is just a fantasy, and real racism is abhorrent.
raceplay, cuckold, caption, captions, asian
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prude inc. - home
we are happy to introduce prude inc.s new webpage. we are not affiliated with any other site.
adult, cultural, discrimination, education, programs, learning, john, brunswick, women, saint, newcomers, school, presentations, racism, awareness, diversity, elimination, together, come, racial, newcomer
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community anti terrorism training: c.a.t. eyes 609-448-9655 - community anti-terrorism training
worldwide anti terrorism training program developed to eliminate racism through educating and empowering the average citizen to defend against terrorists
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anne frank
the anne frank center usa, a partner of the anne frank house, uses the diary and spirit of anne frank as unique tools to advance her legacy, to educate young people and communities in north america about the dangers of intolerance, antisemitism, racism and discrimination, and to inspire the next generation to build a world based on equal rights and mutual respect.
more info collapse
first things first 2014
we, the undersigned, are designers, developers, creative technologists and multi-disciplinary communicators. we are troubled by the present state of our industry and its effects on culture and societies across the world.
first, things, sexism, racism, gchq, working, privacy, hours, inclusion, activism, ethics, design, 2014, designers, developers, 2000, technology, manifesto
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beacon - ministries / grace bible fellowship
we teach the word of god according to the
dispensationalism, division, right, grace, bible, reconciliation, ultimate, sign, baptism, dispensationalist, trinity, gifts, government, charts, studies, rapture, universalism, racism
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lovelyti | all the latest breaking news on social media
black, african, skin, gossip, lives, celebrity, news, drama, matter, police, colorism, love, hate, self, curvy, light, women, nigerian, american, lovelyti2013, lovelyti2002, racism, lovelyti, dark, hair, natural, youtube
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the barbie science fair experiment
the barbie science fair experiment
skin, censorship, amendment, first, color, children, thielen, hispanic, black, speech, experiment, fair, science, boulder, schools, freedom, racism, race, barbie
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daga index
cyber resource of the documentation for action groups in asia
theology, conflict, peace, human, racism, justice, militarization, rights, mission, management, building, transformation, activism, democracy, debt, imperialism, asian, religion, struggle, movement, ecumenical, pluralism, research, globalization, society, civil, asia
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tim scott's holocaust presentation - put out the flame. the holocaust, its relevance today
putouttheflame, flame, scott, racism, teasing, bakke, norman, bullying, wisconsin, medford, hammond, timothy, richmond, holocaust
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minneapolis sexual harassment discrimination lawyer lori peterson
minneapolis based attorney lori peterson is a passionate prosecuter of those who harm others through sexual harassment, racism, or any form of discrimination.
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jen sorensen | cartoonist, writer, cultural panopticon
elections, inequality, finance, campaign, voter, plutocracy, democracy, corruption, 2016, tanf, citizens, united, voters, doctors, bombings, without, borders, hospital, policy, foreign, racism, race, alabama, kansas, reform, safety, supreme, court, corporations, holidays, commercialism, business, shopping, consumerism, contracts, arbitration, lgbt, economic, transgender, poverty
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alto arizona! - home page
alto, arizona, puente, racism, norte, jornaleros, secure, communities, racial, profiling, legalization, reform, immigrant, immigration, blog, movement, sb1070, clanedstino, chao, west, manu, 1070, ndlon, cornel, pearce, russell, brewer, action
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common sense blog
common sense is not so common. common sense is instinct. enough of it is genius.
lies, religion, speech, news, hate, racism, bill, hannity, limbaugh, child, media, politics, sense, political, religious, common, abuse
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new ruskin
iraq taxes bush kerry schwarzenegger genetics cho bioterror racism rush limbaugh hannity imus mcgurk oreilly beck franken savage nation address weiner address morgan factor clinton
rafael, knew, ksfo, police, marin, county, bridge, california, address, savage, inflation, global, corruption, oligarchy, clouds, artificial, warming
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dr. dan mcmillan - how could this happen: explaining the holocaust
site presents a book which explains why the holocaust happened, by providing the first comprehensive analysis of the causes of the holocaust, including racism, anti-semitism, the devaluation of human life in world war i, and several other factors.
kristallnacht, solution, genocide, german, reich, third, final, mcmillan, nazi, hitler, nazism, holocaust
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detroit riots 1967
the detroit riot of 1967, the great rebellion, was detroit's defining moment. forty-eight years later, what have we learned?
detroit, civil, police, rebellion, 12th, street, rights, racism, 1960s, unrest, urban, history, kerner, report, riots, 1967
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the books of antonio casimiro lopes
here you can purchase the ebooks of judging the judges and life after death by antonio casimiro lopes. easy checkout via paypal for instant download.
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ukraine human rights
ukraine human rights - informing about the devastating human rights situation in ukraine.
execution, prison, weapon, army, civilians, nationalism, racism, dead, torture, infos, rights, human, informations, situation, killing, death, ukraine
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the bronx health link
the bronx health link, inc. is a one-stop source for consumers and health and human service providers on health issues facing the bronx. our focus is on improving the health of bronx women and their families. we do this through: * community education and outreach * distribution of health promotion information * community-based research * policy work * community review of academic research, and * advocacy.
health, infant, research, community, breast, care, child, lactation, environmental, safety, insurance, education, bronx, board, green, carts, racism, maternal, homes, issues, ethics, healthy, reform, equity, promotion, market, farmers, immigrants, mammogram, weight, birth, managed, medicaid, medical, institutionalized, immunizations, home, imri, mortality, consent
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241 in indianapolis, in creates unique and trendy clothes. in indianapolis, in creates unique and trendy clothes that help others understand that accepting each other for our differences makes your life all the more fulfilling.
stop, apparel, retail, activism, acceptance, clothing, stereotypes, indianapolis, racism, imjustme01com
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vcs inc - home
vcs is a non-profit agency providing accessible and affordable counseling services and family support programs in rockland county, ny
counseling, rockland, county, bereavement, training, professional, domestic, lgbt, sexism, racism, violence, anxiety, health, services, support, family, parenting, volunteer, groups, couples, mental, education, parent, depression
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243 - european roma rights centre - european roma rights centre - challenging discrimination promoting equality
rights, roma, activism, human, romani, romanies, racism, romany, policy, litigation, advocacy, discrimination, gypsy, gypsies, interest, public
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black and pink : : supporting our lgbtq family in prison
black & pink is an open family of lgbtq prisoners and "free world" allies who support each other. our work toward the abolition of the prison
prisoner, church, revolt, boston, writing, queerness, reviews, movies, abolition, ministry, queer, radical, pals, complex, industrial, prison, jason
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zionism & israel
israel, zionism, history, zionist, isreal, zion, racism, maps, leaders, zionists, jews, movement, famous, news
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orlando smart-powell - home
folsom on fire - 2012 cmn novel of the year. available in paperback and ebook at
orlando, civil, author, race, rights, racism, edgerton, amazon, bullying
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interfaith action of greater saint paul  
we unite the people, resources, and voice of the faith community to build a more just, safe and livable east metro for all.
interfaith, american, racism, race, hunger, poverty, homelessness, homeless, action, community, congregation, youth, religion, social, churches, paul, saint, justice, indian, peace, education, african, spacc
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white squad – professional white advantage services
white squad is a team of carefully selected white people who help people of color enjoy white advantage.
white, system, prejudice, appearance, bias, racism, race, squad, privilege, advantage, services
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welcome to "in search of the heroes"
in search of the heroes is an award-winning educational video series. the lives of historical figures are used to educate youth about decision-making, history, life issues, and much more.
history, videos, educational, keller, helen, holocaust, susan, racism, american, anthony, frank, anne, education, heroes, search, thomas, films, edison
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political cow - the right view on news and politics | the right view on news and politics
survivalist, lagniappe, isis, cake, preppers, trump, news, election, rino, walmart, hypocrisy, retired, economy, recession, elderly, grexit, louisiana, debt, crisis, world, policy, movies, star, wars, entertainment, business, marketing, google, sniper, online, race, baiting, afghanistan, kunduz, foregin, obama, politics, racism, discrimination, victim