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fusion | pop culture. satire. news.
championing a young, diverse, and inclusive america with a unique mix of smart and irreverent original reporting, lifestyle, and comedic content.
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newsthump uk spoof news and satire
topical news satire from the uk and around the world. never letting the truth ruin a good story.
satirical, current, affairs, spoof, onion, news, satire
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der postillon
deutschlands größte satire-zeitung der welt
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the babylon bee | your trusted source for christian news satire.
christian. news. satire.
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newslaundry is india's independent news media and media critic platform
media, news, unbiased, satire, comics, laundry, sumit, logic, hawala, ownership, political, most, source, delhi, indian, anand, trehan, independent, madhu, sekhri, abhinandan, clothesline, newslaundry, watchdogs, watchdog, critics, ranganathan
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ich stelle mich vor
esoterik, pranger, tageskommentar, gold, inflation, fantasy, eonata, politik, winkler, humor, satire, thoras, michael
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popular nepali blog , it tips in nepali language , social media, literature, photos, satire, tourism, creation etc
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waterford whispers news irish satire news
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silence is consent | conservative political commentary
politcal humor, satire, parody, and conservative commentary on news, politics, and pop culture with graphics, art, ecards and more at
irony, ironic, american, wing, right, electronic, cards, silenceisconent, consent, silence, republican, conservative, satire, parody, funny, humor, jokes, design, events, politics, news, illustration, graphics, ecards
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the unreal times | indias favorite satire, spoof, parody and humour portal politics, cricket, business, governance, technology, foreign affairs and more
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live blogging the world of football | thick accent
one stop shop for all things transfers, skills, goals, pictures & satire!
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home - the beaverton - north america's trusted source of news
satire, news, canadian, humour, political, parody, canada, fake
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anime maru
anime news satire
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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eavisa - nyheter, humor og satire | humor og satire
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jesus and mo
religious satire from holy roomies jesus & mohammed in a weekly comic strip.
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the rising wasabi is japans only news satire publication.
japans premium bilingual news publication spreading a dose of satirical spice on the latest from the land of the rising sun and current events worldwide.
current, news, entertainment, satirical, funny, articles, politics, society, journalism, tokyo, magazine, world, events, satire, humour, humor, japan, newspaper, affairs, publication
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yet another fantasy gamer comic | your everyday, black and white, fantasy gaming satire webcomic
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the people's cube - political humor & satire
the people's cube brings you glorious political humor satire and correct opinions for progressive liberals from the original party organ of record
socialist, communist, conservative, progressive, elections, liberal, marx, lenin, propaganda, agitprop, gulag, ussr, soviet, bush, hillary, cartoons, spoof, jokes, cube, funny, editorials, humor, barack, obama, pics, pictures, parody
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teekhi mirchi - indias favorite news satire and humour website
teekhi mirchi is favourite indian news satire and humor website. we bring to you political and social satire from india and around the world that includes fake news, sarcasm, parody, spoof, humor, comic, meme and sometimes strong and provocative opinion.
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home page - real or satire?
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berlin - 7news - seven news berlin politisches berliner satire magazin
berlin nachrichten news kurzinformationen zur berliner politik, kritik und satire magazin mit berichten aus der deutschen hauptstadt 7-mal wöchentlich
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onlinewahn, lustige bilder, fun satire rtsel und funseiten
viele lustige bilder, rtsel-spass, fun-downloads und satire. auerdem schrge gags, wie z.b. der ausweis-generator!
lustige, funny, kuriose, humor, funstuff, schwachsinn, kurios, cool, nonsense, bescheuert, bescheuerte, spass, parodie, verrckte, weide, verrckt, spassseiten, unsinn, bloedsinn, bldsinn, spassseite, nonsens, interaktiv, lustig, witzige, satire, verarschung, witze, witzig, funpage, bilder, funpics, gags, pics, fotos, gifs, wahn, wahnsinn, onlinewahn, tierbilder
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the shovel - australias satire news website
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farzinews - leading indian satire and funny fake news humor site
leading indian satire and funny fake news humor site
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bob's blitz
bobs blitz - a blitzkrieg of sports, pop-culture, & stupidity. youtube videos before they go viral plus analysis & satire of all things media.
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retail hell underground
warped satire, twisted advice, and outrageous rants on the horrors of working in retail hell. skullheads, freddy, jason, and carolanne host the retail hell underground. mutilated shopping bags, retail balls awards, customer comeback lines, fitting room nightmares, carolanne's bitch dept, deperate mannequins, and a whole lot more crazy retail hell maddness! someone has to bitch about it so it might as well be us!
work, customer, store, retail, worker, saleswoman, salesman, salespeople, shopping, mall, satire, cashier, service, industry, business, sales, department, humor, retailing, selling, fashion, merchandise, management, labor
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die hausfrauenseite - frauenseite | familienseite | erfahrungsaustausch | küchentipps | alltags-satire | kinderkram | diäten |
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eye of the tiber
breaking catholic news so you dont have to
funny, humor, church, pope, news, satire, catholic
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home - digital banjara
travel, food, humour, satire, how to, how not to, this site has everything.
food, humour, satire, travel, home, banjara, digital
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31 - dont take things too seriously!!!
get the latest satire news in the world; latest celebrity news, latest gossip, celebrities, movies, lifestyle, fashion, music, events & more.
celebrities, music, movies, news, entertainment, satire
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patriot retort
conservative commentary and satire
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satira tribune
satira is latin for satire.
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this and that served with a dash of humour and sprinkling of satire.
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the science post science, health, satire.
science, health and satire
vaccination, school, science, degree, schedule, clinic, monsanto, roundup, vaccines
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the daily rash | all the news thats unfit to print
news, satire, spoof, obama, website, global, funny, thedailyrash, rash, daily, warming, headlines, politics, celebrity, humor, parody, weird, humorous, satirical, fake, hilarious
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bollog - la satire humoristique
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barelyadventist | adventist satire and humor
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newsbiscuit | uk news satire, parody and spoof news
newsbiscuit: the news before it happens. online satirical news from the website that the new york times declared was the british version of the onion. updated daily.
news, spoof, satire, christmas, brother, family, parody, celebrity, military, relatives, troops, marriage, waterboarding, visits, from, television, guantanamo, terrorism, torture, archives, reality, dinner, brief, qaeda, peake, space, travel, government, home, afghanistan, comedy, office, theresa, conflict
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skit hub
skit hub is an ideology where we entertain people with humour, satire and philosophical facts. a combined mixture of all these give best reading. experience
entertainment, skit, philosophy, satire, humour
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छट और बछर
टेक्नोलॉज़ी व हास्य-व्यंग्य हिंदी में technology and satire in hindi
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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think spin|finding the absurd in the ordinary
warning: mentally defective broad with attitude. a sassy spin on culture, life and whatever drops into my head.
culture, humor, commentary, satire
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eine zeitung - deutschlands dritt- oder viertgößtes satiremagazin nummer 1!
das schönste und beste satiremagazin in deutscher sprache. erste quelle für allgemeinbildung, humor, satire und schlechte witze für die elite.
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the spoof - spoof news headlines, parody and political satire stories
the spoof - spoof news, political satire, parody and more! write and publish your own satire and parody news stories.
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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tales from the top flight | daily british football satire
daily british football satire
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fmn malaysias satire website
malaysias satire site
news, satire, fake, malaysian, political, false, malaysia
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pophangover - entertainment news, tv recaps, and pop culture satire since 1999
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the studio exec movie satire
comedy and satire of the movie and entertainment world
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daily squib - spoof news, political satire, satirical newspaper
a great place for spoof news, uk political satire, satirical, predictive, and world news. est. 1862
news, satire, world, service, parody, future, journalist, humour, journalism, humor, reporting, predictive, breaking, opinion, joke, comedy, political, satirical, fake, spoof, celebrity, onion, british, accurate
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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punching, hippy, satire, humor, conservative
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the ronson writer
the ronson writer - satire, unqualified opinion, hearsay & the occasional half-truth on the worrying state of modern popular culture.
ronson, culture, writer, biscuit, review, news, newsbiscuit, amazon, books, onion, spoof, joke, funny, satire, modern, popular, film, music, jokes
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the rap insider
satire rap hip hop hollywood and entertainment news
comedy, memes, funny, hollywood, music, news, onion, fake, satire
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self deprecate political humor
frothy political comedy - funny political videos, cartoons, news, memes, political satire and more!
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inept owl
satirical news for serious people.
news, events, celebrity, sports, memes, politics, current, jokes, comedy, satire, mockery, mock, crude, humor
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the skunk | tasteless american satire for the ill-informed
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generally awesome:::funny photos, office, humor, videos, fake news, pirates, ny, t-shirts & more
generally awesome brings you daily funny features and cool content. ga features articles, photos, videos, satire, fake news, and humor. if you work in an office or live in a big city like new york, this is an entertaining and interesting source of unique content. also selling awesome products, from t-shirts to office chair mats!
photos, funny, office, chairs, comics, films, comedy, video, links, directory, york, short, spoof, news, headlines, fake, satire, videos, pirates, weird, original, hilarious, photoshop, humor, parady
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cap news | satire & parody
news satire and parody. are you in on the joke?
satire, news, jokes, political, humor, celebrity, entertainment, gossip, sports, tech, funny, fake, parody, comedy, obama
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where the hell was i? -
smartass, comedian, comic, boston, standup, rants, humor, articles, funny, satire, comedy
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the place to find out of the ordinary humor. a medley of militant irony, comedy, satire, parodies, pics, vids, funny news stories, and more.
news, strange, stuff, nottie, weird, hottie, life, krapsody, about, rants, thought, entertainment, free, hilarious, satire, pictures, funny, comedy, parodies, spoofs, humor, jokes, clips, video, games
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politics, news, satire and more @ gravelles daily scoff
political satire from a wisconsin libertarian conservative perspective. we scoff at the daily news and events.
libertarian, satire, news, politics
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australian values
australian values: australian lifestyle values, australian political values, australian prime ministers, australian religious values, australian cultural values, australian historical values, australian english values, aussie slang. everything you need to know.
australian, citizenship, values, slang, australia, fair, satire, religion, politics, test, aussie, news, value, immigration, security, government, english, detention, border, mateship, mate, mates, comedy, media, history, lifestyle, culture, standards, prime, ministers, priminister, dinkum, visa, worth, cost, spoof, political, humour, morals, principles
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restoring truthiness - political satire, political humor and political comedy that is often indigestible
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national nitwit
humor, satire, parody, news, weird news, funny news.
news, nicole, funny, bush, anna, iraq, parody, satire, commentary, amusing, weird, politics, jokes, political, retardation, democrats, george, gore, smith, humor
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by stu strang about healing, spirituality, awareness, church recovery, humor, love, new thinking real seeking for truth. told with cartoons satire.
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toledo tales
humor, satire, parody, toledo.
toledo, jeep, nicole, city, anna, ohio, humor, plant, parody, jokes, amusing, funny, schools, satire, smith, rust, glass, belt, information, jobs, people
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india satire
clean india news satire, sarcasm, humour, fun and parody blog portal. politicians, tycoons, bollywood celebrities, cricketers, personalities and more.
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hindi satire | hindi satire news portal | jocks in hindi
at hindi satire read jocks in hindi, indias best hindi satire news portal, we provide huge collection of hindi jokes, funny jokes at hindi satire website.
news, satire, indian, weird, comedy, fake, parody, nonsense, spoof, satirical, humorous, hilarious, bhopal, india, latest, political, headlines, hindi, funny, sarcastic
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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newslo - just enough news
satire, satire article, satire news, satire palin, satire politics, satirical news
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postcards from the pug bus
postcards from the pug bus is a satire site that is usually funny, sometimes profane, and always a few fries short of a happy meal.
satire, celebrity, gossip, pictures, dogs, postcards, pugs, humor, political, religion, religious, politics, sites
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cap news | satire & parody
news satire and parody. are you in on the joke?
satire, news, jokes, political, humor, celebrity, entertainment, gossip, sports, tech, funny, fake, parody, comedy, obama
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mouthwire -- fresh satire served daily.
mouthwire offers news with a facelift, churning out fresh satire on a daily basis. you like satire? youll love us. come visit every day for new satire!
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populiar | fools are my theme, let satire be my song. - lord byron
populiar, a mobile-enabled satire website dedicated to satirizing satire websites....err, no, satirizing people in the news.
foot, mouth, fame, images, funny, comedy, politics, celebrity, portfolios, satire
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the pirate
the pirate - a new home for global and local satire. you can create your own free local satire page at
satire, springs, free, steamboat, local, global, pirate, funny
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the india satire
the india satire is indias one of leading news satire, sarcasm, humour, fun and parody blog portals.
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news that matters not – award winning indian news satire & humour
a news satire, opinion, social commentary and general humour website from india. uses sarcastic humour, dark satire and critical observations, to target media,
news, youth, satire, humour, media, portal, platform, sarcasm, opinions, society, humor, fake, india, spoof, funny, indian, politics, site
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news that matters not – award winning indian news satire & humour
a news satire, opinion, social commentary and general humour website from india. uses sarcastic humour, dark satire and critical observations, to target media,
news, youth, satire, humour, media, portal, platform, sarcasm, opinions, society, humor, fake, india, spoof, funny, indian, politics, site
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tanay sukumar | homepage
founder of news that matters not, award-winning satire website. teach for india alumnus. author of 500+ pieces of work featuring satire and opinion since 2009.
quora, ntmn, satire, sukumar, tanay
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der dummerang
garantiert sinnfrei informiert: nachrichten-satire und glossen, humor, satire, witz
postillon, dummerang, witz, satire, humor
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the shrubbery -- humor, satire, comedy
humor, satire and entertainment web site with interviews, movie reviews, and some blogging going on.
blog, webzine, monty, python, funny, morrison, brandt, jokes, reviews, satire, comedy, contest, absurd, columns, music, movies, humor
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84 - satire 3.0
österreichische satire, cartoons, literatur, politik, spiele, wortwitz, rebus, unterhosenmänner und mehr...
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the dandy goat — moving forward faster
the dandy goat: fashionable thinking, smart looks.
satire, news, spoof, competitor, onion, conservative, fake, parody, humor, humour, funny
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pocho : ñews y satire
ñews y satire
pocho, satire, news, spanglish, opinions, humor, hispanic, chicano, latino
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der elephant | satire auf niedrigstem niveau
die online-version der beliebten internationalen satire publikation. bekannt aus dem internet. gleich lesen und ärgern!
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jaal desi satire ezine
jaal is the desi satire ezine. jaal is about the gossips and mirch masala in the indian society.
satire, political, indian, jaal, desi, ezine
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unconfirmed breaking news | updated daily at 7am est
political satire from a conservative perspective. humorous topical news articles on virtually every subject.
satire, column, blakes, advice, blake, conservative, grantham, articles, news, political, daily, photos, humorous
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paramantus - satire und mehr | satire macht frei
satire macht frei
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hit the woodline | political and military news satire
hit the woodline is a force12 media, inc. satire publication. all articles on this website are satirical in nature, meant for entertainment purposes.
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flushed online - das satire magazin aus der zukunft
das beliebteste satire-magazin des jahres 2030 (aeac-leserwahl). her bekommen sie immer die neuesten nachrichten aus den bereichen politik, sport und kultur
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viraler - satire geht viral
viraler ist eine satire-webseite. viraler wird dich unterhalten und zum nachdenken bringen.
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politische satire - kabarett-theater distel berlin
das legendäre kabarett in berlin unterhält mit bissigem satire-theater und viel live-musik. und das seid 60 jahren! 030 - 204 47 04
live, comedy, musik, variete, satire, shows, theater, berlin, berliner, show, kabarett
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parody report
news satire aggregator/parody news and commentary
news, satire, parody, website, commentary, aggregator
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bongo news satire
obama thanks lehman brothers bongo news - satire. parody. jokes. published weakly since 2001
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news, onion duh progressive, conservative satire, liberal satire, political satire, libertarian satire, conservative humor, libertarian humor, political humor, libertarian onion, conservative onion duhprogressive, onion too liberal, duhprogressive onion, duh progressive vs the onion, duhprog iowahawk duhprogressive, democratsduhprogressive, republicansduhprogressive, snobbish onion duhprogressive, duhprogressiveonion-style humor, top conservative blogs, top libertarian blogs, iowahawkduhpro, top political blogs, top conservative humorists, top conservative satirists, top political satirists, top conservative sites, top political satire sites, top political humor sites, top libertarian satire sites, top libertarian humor, progressive humor blogs, progressive blogs, top progressive comedians, top progressive humor blogs, top progressive satire sites, top progressive humor sites, duh, duhpro, duhprogressive, duh duh duh duh, jon stewart duhpro, bill maher duhpro, stephen
humor, conservative, onion, libertarian, satire, political, duhprogressive, blogs, sites, progressive, liberal, cube, satirists, iowahawkduhp, freakingnewsduhprogressive, onionduhprogressive, cnnduhprogressive, humorists, msnbcduhprogressive, newsduhprogressive, republicansduhprogressive, duhprog, iowahawk, democratsduhprogressive, snobbish, iowahawkduhpro
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the lanx | satire news - the lanx
the lanx is a news and review site for all things satire. is your source for satirical videos and late night television content.
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the garlic, university of minnesotas finest news source
your truest satire news source!
bernie, sanders, funny, parody, media, through, news, politics, social, change, satire
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political satire, musings, and artwork | political humor blog |
what thor told me displays an impressive host of political satire, thought provoking commentary, poetry about life, and inspiring artwork.
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isatire | do you even satire, bro?
do you even satire, bro?
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island crisis - mauritius number 1 blog network
island crisis is the most popular blog from mauritius talking about science, health, technology, internet, odd things, and life hacks.
mauritius, satire, blog, mysteries, discover, health, science, news, technology
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gelderak - skuespillere, satire, comedy
gelderak er et bureau for danmarks mest kaotiske og majesttiske skuespillere: gelderne.
skuespiller, workshop, satire, foredrag, comedy, booking
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bad satire today - the best of todays worst viral satire.
the best of todays worst viral satire.
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drunkenews - latest satire news worth sharing!
drunkenews is a latest news satire website that publishes fake & fictional news reports and multimedia contents. only for entertainment & comedy purposes in journalism style.
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eulenspiegel-laden - der online-shop für satire und humor
im eulenspiegel-laden finden sie alles über satire und humor. neben dem satiremagazin eulenspiegel, bieten wir ihnen poster, bücher, kalender, kabarett-cds und fan-artikel die es in sich haben.
eulenspiegel, satire, funke, poster, arno, martin, evers, frischer, horst, sonderausgaben, dieter, wandkalender, kabarett, wind, nuhr, priol, probeheft, dagobert, wieczorek, lustig, rabatt, gewinnspiel, thomas, perscheid, kostenloses, postkartenkalender, rolling, stones, politik, gerhard, stein, karikaturen, cartoons, titanic, humor, verlag, satiremagazin, weihachten, ostalgie, politische
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the strident conservative
conservative opinion and satire thats politically incorrect and always right
conservative, opinion, satire, religion, politics
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the pan-arabia enquirer | the finest satire from the middle east
satire from the middle east
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t-shirt wetter - t-shirt druck ratgeber und satire-wetter
t-shirt wetter hilft beim t-shirt gestalten & druck mit dem großen shop vergleich. als bonus gibts den lustigen satire-wetterbericht, schau rein!
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american irony | politcal humor, conservative humor, conservative art, news, pop culture, art, funny, parody, satire, graphics, ecards and more at
humor, satire, parody and art blog with jokes, illustrations, graphics, ecards, video. all from a conservative center-right point of view.
right, republican, conservative, politics, wing, american, cards, electronic, ironic, irony, events, news, satire, funny, humor, jokes, parody, illustration, graphics, design, ecards
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111 - front - schworb - der schweizer wochenrückblick
nebelspalter goes video: erstmals präsentiert die erste und letzte satire-instanz des landes einen wochenrückblick im bewegtbildformat. in farbe. und mit ton.
erstmals, erste, video, goes, vers, bild, nebelspalter, letzte, farbe, news, nachrichten, bewegtbildformat, landes, einen, gedicht, lyrik, unterhaltung, spass, kultur, comic, satire, cartoon, witze, reim, zeichnungen, prosa, politiker, politik, geschichten, gesellschaft, humor
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satire und satiremagazin | fehldruck
fehldruck das satire und satiremagazine - zeitung die fast nicht lügt ✅. was wahr ist muss nicht wahr sein und erst recht nicht richtig sein.
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the spoof - spoof news headlines, parody and political satire stories
the spoof - spoof news, political satire, parody and more! write and publish your own satire and parody news stories.
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political satire, social parody, fake news, sheer bedlam
political satire, social parody, liberal humor, sheer bedlam
humor, news, satire, fake, dark, comics, liberal, social, political, parody
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say something funny | on-the-spot comedy and satire
on-the-spot comedy and satire (by t.m. lindsey)
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the truth with a twist | serving satire since socrates
serving satire since socrates
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you make the news...we report it! | you make the news...we report it!
satire world is one of the most interesting and funny sites on the web, with thousands of articles from a conservative slant. also, its pretty much the only conservative satire website in the history of the world
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the salutatorian - almost the most respected name in college sports
established in 2013, the salutatorian produces some of the most accurate satirical college sports content, comedy and humor available on the internet this
college, sports, satire, ncaa, basketball, comedy, football, salutatorian
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the barbed wire satire thats sharp, twisted, & to the point
satire thats sharp, twisted, & to the point (by e. williams)
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from the abyss | comics and satire
comics and satire
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troupe strozzi
we are a small troupe of talented actors, singers, and musicians who proudly perform bawdy, comedic, satire. laugh first, be offended later!
theatre, geneva, charles, batavia, festival, fringe, valley, laugh, theater, local, performers, performances, comedic, comedy, satire
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einziges museum für komische kunst in der region berlin-brandenburg - cartoonmuseum brandenburg und die sammlung_museum für humor und satire der cartoonlobby in luckau
humor, satire, klassiker, eulenspiegel, cartoonlobby, cartoonmuseum, karikatur, komsiche, kunst, pressezeichnung, cartoon
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derf magazine
cincinnati, funny, news, humor, satire, party, events, satirewire, derf, sites, hilarious, internet, onion, stories, entertaining, media, ohio, jokes, sarcasm, local, entertainment, fnwire, theonion, pics, nightlife, parties, magazine, hour, fake, happy, bars, restaurants, photos, humour, concerts, bands, music, parody
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the spudd - your untrusted source of science news for over 0 years.
your untrusted source of satire health news for over 0 years.
pharma, medicine, toxinx, vaccines, health, news, satire
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ഇല്ലാ ന്യൂസ്‌ | illa news | the first malayalam satire news website
the first malayalam satire news website
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aktuelle nachrichten -
online-dienst mit informationen, kommentaren und manchmal auch satire.
kraftzeitung, hartz, grundeinkommen, gesellschaft, wissen, unwissen, politik, hartziv, hartz4, antiatom, fukushima, tschernobyl, chernobyl, kerkraftwerk, wahrheit, zeitgeist, peace, ukraine, frieden, montagsdemos, fefe, snowden, glosse, posse, satire, unterhaltung, bayern, piraten, news, kommentare
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mehta kya kehta? | satire/infotainment/unconditional hate
satire/infotainment/unconditional hate (by aditya mehta)
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smashing life - no satire, just smashing news.
smashing life - bringing you the best real news that you wont believe from around the world. no satire - just smashing news.
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tenno clock news - news, analysis, and satire for warframe.
news, analysis, and satire for warframe.
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werberevolution | das satiremagazin rund um werbung
die werberevolution ist das erste unabhängige und objektive online-satiremagazin rund um werbung und marketing
werbung, satire, neue, marketing, nachrichten, magazin, werbe, medien, witzige, lustige
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131 - satire & reales aus der welt der nachrichten
satire & reales aus der welt der nachrichten
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utterpants: refreshingly different
humour, satire, short stories, parody and feminine logic.
humor, stories, humour, funny, adult, jokes, serious, parody, short, fiction, satire, articles
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barnyard animal satire
cartoon animal wisdom from the barnyard
animal, cartoons, chicken, barnyard, satire
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satire news & parody website. daily dose of humor
satire news & parody website. daily dose of humor. humor, satirical, comedy, parody, fake news & entertainment. by comedians so you know it is hilarious.
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top democrats vow 'to fundamentally change america' while bypassing congress
president obama aims to end income disparity through wealth redistribution program nicknamed obamashare
satire, care, taxes, raise, high, obama, rate, rule, election, federal, government, skinnyreporter, sarcasm, liberalism, president, politics, democrats, individual, redistribution, communism, marxism, wealth, equality, income, inequality, lies, obamacare, unaffordable, obamashare, affordable, grants, mandates, supporters, waivers
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136 - dəqiq, vicdanlı, ləzzətti
azerbaijani news satire portal, satirik xeber portali, yalan xeber, deqiq, vicdanli, lezzetti
incesenet, dunya, gundem, fali, edebiyyat, lezzetti, vicdanli, deqiq, deqiqe, ulduz, siyaset, satirik, portal, satire, news, xeber, portali, idman, qazzetti, qzztt, azerbaijani
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satire - the sage news - snn
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satire - the sage news - snn
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mazis humour & satire - mazis humour & satire
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bühnenhelden – satire und humorfestival
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142 is an online media portal dedicated to promote music, events, videos, artists, brand awareness on social media, entertainment talents and any other activity relating to entertainment in ghana and africa as a whole. we create and implement powerful social media marketing campaigns that drive traffic to businesses, promote brands and create sales. nb: most of our news are satire. call: +233-547-880-107 email: [email protected]
admin, satire, most, news
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venus island girl | celebrating the beauty of the lost islands of carnipelago
a fictional mens magazine featuring sexy 3d renders of model characters and disco-era satire. models in various forms of dress, bikini, swimsuit, implied nude, naked, and occasionally accompanied by equally attractive male rendered models.
nude, implied, swimsuit, naked, affect3d, bikini, attractive, dresses, renders, model, characters, satire, sexy
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lard biscuit enterprises
d. trull's online portfolio of essays, pop culture analysis and other lard rendered by me. sit a spell, take your shoes off, and have a heapin' helpin' of philosophy, satire, tirades and manifestos.
lard, trull, biscuit, movies, samurai, phantom, prequels, love, menace, chicks, smith, lardy, goodness, nicole, anna, wars, plumpers, admirers, entertainment, humor, satire, wacky, writing, writer, donald, lardbiscuit, enterprises, nutty, zany, culture, criticism, commentary, essays, autobiography, star
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isenberg institute of strategic satire
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परन बसत
व्यंग, व्यंग्य vyang, satire
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147 | hindi news satire
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148 - the obscure | ufo | paranormal | satire
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#unethicalhacks | these are satire. dont be a sociopath, k?
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ഒചചപപട - my voice! a platform for satire.
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underground magazine | london satire
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- niko formanek — satire & kabarett
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die scherbenlnder von niels rudolph
die humorvolle fantasy welt vom autor niels rudolph. karten, stories und infos rund um die satire in den chroniken der scherbenlnder finden sie hier.
scherbenland, krise, kiste, magie, humor, infos, ebook, bcher, buecher, finden, humorvolle, weberin, niels, rudolph, stories, karten, scherbenlaender, autor, fantasy, stadttor, chroniken, satire, scherbenlnder
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iphone savior
wildly popular iphone news, app reviews and satire. daily iphone rumors, accessory reviews and apple news.
iphone, cases, savior, wallpapers, rumors, apple, accessories, phone, reviews, news, satire, humor, jesus
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welcome to gumgod - home of the best pro-wrestling satire and dvd reviews on the web
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die schmiere | kabarett und satire seit 1950
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junktechie! | news, trivia, facts, satire!
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satire bilderberger
keyword2, keyword1
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159 is political satire/commentarytm © since 1999
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you hear me, barack?a repository of conservative satire
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recoil magazine | news satire you can trust
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potsdamer kabarett obelisk
potsdamer kabarett obelisk - die bühne i potsdam für kabarett, satire, comedy, kleinkunst, lesungen, konzerte, rock, live und andere sachen. ein ort für familien- und firmenfeiern, weihnachtsfeiern mit buffett, mit dem club charlotte und kneipe koschuweit
fensch, helmut, zieger, andreas, sommerprogram, weihnachtsfeier, charlotte, club, koschuweit, firmenfeier, schulze, gretel, lesungen, variete, kleinkunst, comedy, satire, konzerte, rockmusik, berlin, brandenburg, potsdam, live, kabarett
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der postillon
deutschlands größte satire-zeitung der welt
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tominthebox news network - religious humor/satire
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subah ho gayi mamu bengals first satire news
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the latest stuff
the joe bloggs times has spoof and satire for everyone
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comedy and music by bowser and blue featuring funny songs, downloads, cds and dvds
bowser and blue official site, bowser & blue canada's favorite comedy duo, from political satire to impersonations to funny songs this famed comedy duo does it all.
bowser, blue, satire, impersonations, club, political, blog, videos, comedy, music, songs, downloads, lyrics
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| വാര്‍ത്തകളുടെ കാണാപ്പുറം!
first malayalam satire news portal
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169 - news when you dont need it
gothamfm new york city satire
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nation wants to know | indias leading satire, parody and humour portal
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futgossip | celebrity gossip, satire news & rumor center
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smile sumo - offbeat news stories, weird news, viral videos, funny pictures, satire stories
offbeat news stories, weird headlines, viral videos, funny pictures and satire stories
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surrey scoop | 100% authentic genuine satire news, none of this fake muck!
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video, wetenschap, satire, lifestyle, dieren, gezondheid, bizar
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neo imaginations
has a range of articles from poems to reviews, philosophy to facts and comedy to satire.
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end evil: politics, satire, stories, rants, quotes, game and film reviews
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smile sumo - weird news, viral videos, funny pictures, satire stories
smile sumo - weird news, viral videos, funny pictures, satire stories
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farlion inside
deutschlands beliebtester verbalterrorist und straßengrabenphilosoph
satire, medien, merkel, politik
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award-winning political animation that uses humor and satire to bring current events alive! mark fiore's famous cast of cartoon characters led the wall street journal to call him “the undisputed guru of the form.” brilliant, funny animated political cartoons.
political, cartoons, cartooning, cartoonist, iraq, environment, warming, afghanistan, climate, middle, marriage, cheney, east, sudan, global, darfur, mark, bush, news, terrorism, obama, satire, animation, animated, economy, economic, humor, humorous, funny, cartoon, recession, politics, fiore
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die weltpresse deutschlands internationale nachrichtenquelle - kritische satire durch parodien, interviews, ratgeber und cartoons
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vote - elbow point
vote - elbow point - elbow point
funny, pics, troll, news, satire, comedy, meme, engineering, political, software, student, hindi, telugu, desi, indian, vote
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dfl duluth exposed - a view of a one political party city dfl duluth and progressive liberalism, one news story at a time, with a hint of satire.
a view of a one political party city dfl duluth and progressive liberalism, one news story at a time, with a hint of satire.
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geezer guff | feisty and funny senior citizen humor
funny comments, humor, satire, and guff from the geezer, an eccentric senior citizen. give em guff, geezer!
geezer, guff, funny, satire, citizen, humor, senior
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the happy hospitalist
a collection of original medical humor, satire, memes and e/m coding lectures for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
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hier lesen sie seriöse nachrichten aus der welt des wahnsinns.
wortwitz, gedichte, leben, wahnsinn, humor, satire
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michael stone's blog
radio, broadcast, dj, personalities, humor, satire, music, singer-songwriter, writer, chronicler
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the happy hospitalist
a collection of original medical humor, satire, memes and e/m coding lectures for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
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let's put da
a digital subtitute for a spirited conversation
government, lampoon, puns, cricket, satire, politics, india, humour, humor
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truth and satire | truth tastes better with humor
truth tastes better with humor (by truth and satire)
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znn | news et satire | zapping news networking
news et satire | zapping news networking
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berliner herold
satirische nachrichten aus den bereichen politik, wirtschaft, sport, wissenschaft und technik.
unterhaltung, satire, witz, humor
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kate bello
writer of fiction, nostalgia, dark humor and satire. author of short story collection, emotional machines.
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trendingnow is a blog of real news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.
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trendingnow is a blog of real news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.
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comics a-go-go! comics, movies, music, news & more! | comics a-go-go! comic books, movies, music, news with humor and satire
comics a-go-go! comic books, movies, music, news with humor and satire (by
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satire~rape~ mark seavey american legion director~likely to commit rape in future says judge
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could be worse || webcomic
webcomic featuring mythical creatures, sharp political satire and other hilarious non-sense!
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the habanero of texas a texas "news source" peppered with satire
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untrue news
humor, news satire. est. 1997 -- we're nothing but a big joke.
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the very best of the worst of professional basketball.
satire, parody, basketball
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das satiremagazin - eulenspiegel
zeitschrift, magazin, satire, eulenspiegel
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radio free babylon - listen between the lines
radio free is the communications arm of radio free babylon, llc, commonly known as rfb, featuring the popular facebook comic called coffee with jesus. we enagage in topical satire, religious humor, parody news, essays, social programs, comics, music from our house band, radio free babylon, and other things we'll add and then subtract. welcome. be a resistor
free, babylon, romans, rock, radio, label, babylonian, independent, record, satire, science, patriotic, talent, summerland, folk, funk, geometry, telegraph, canyon, search, lyrics, with, jesus, saturated, coffee, programs, american, music, social, street, scenes, comics, comatose, jetpack, indie, llama
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championing a young, diverse, and inclusive america with a unique mix of programming that includes original reporting, investigative journalism, coverage of pop culture, satire and comedy, as well as...
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the grist mill
a humor / humour, satire, fun, entertainment blog dealing with india / indian politics, religion, society, personal relationships by giribala joshi
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funny pictures, jokes - - trivia, funny billboards, cards, fallacies
funny pictures, images, funny billboards, photos, jokes, scott roeben, trivia, dribble glass, greeting cards, satire, spoofs, funny signs
jokes, fallacies, funny, facts, greeting, cards, articles, news, strange, useless, phobias, trivia, dribbleglass, images, amusing, pictures, billboards, photos, roeben, scott, satire
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garten literarischer wirrungen / garden of literary confusion
a literature blog with poetry, poetry translations and some humor/satire.
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believe me - now available on dvd, blu-ray, and digital hd
believe me - now available on dvd, blu-ray, and digital hd. critics say it "may be the most important film about church youll ever see."
comedy, satire, riot, studios, christian, movie, believe
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the miscellany news
news, multimedia, opinions, sports, travel, satire, blogs, arts, crosswords, features, humor, advertise
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need not fret - home
dealing with theology and pop culture from a conservative evangelical perspective.
satire, devotions, issues, social, politics, theology
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badasschick magazine™ | insights for chicks and guys
entertainment, relationship, health, satire, drink recipes, reviews, and more - this web site is for bad ass chicks and the men who love them!
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211 - astrocoaching blog - a blog combining astrology, personal development, philosophy and psychology to help you make the most of your sun sign. theres also cartoons, flash fiction, photography and
astrocoaching blog - a blog combining astrology, personal development, philosophy and psychology to help you make the most of your sun sign. theres also cartoons, flash fiction, photography and satire.
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the moonmont chronicle - home
all the news you donamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;#39;t want, on a site youamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;#39;ve never heard of
city, mikael, page, york, satire, comedy, politics, news
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the indiagent news times
latest updated information, funny pictures cartoons jokes, speeches, political satire, and reviews medicine narendra modi rahul gandhi congress
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the radionewz blog | blog of champions, satire/parody/spoof, smack, newz, opinion & lack of opinion, social media smack/commentary & crime forum snark
blog of champions, satire/parody/spoof, smack, newz, opinion & lack of opinion, social media smack/commentary & crime forum snark
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sports mashups - satire parody funny shirts by fans
the easiest way to show off your teams pride, whether its your local beer league team or your kids little league.
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216 | the webs best satire.
funny people, funny videos, and funny pictures, all intended to make you think. from fusion.
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explore #thefudge out!
satire, india, politics, media, sarcasm, memes, desi, thefudge
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mom news daily
breaking news for female parents
humor, parenting, satire, moms, news
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football is ridiculous
a blog chronicling footballs characters and antics. too callous to be thoughtful content, not hip enough to be satire. any and all mockery is done out of love! (and sometimes hatred)
paul, pogba, money, liverpool, this, fernando, torres, ignore
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religious freaks
religion, hinduism, buddhism, athiests, ethics, morality, satire, humor, spirituality, koran, islam, bible, jesus, christians, christianity, muslims, judaism, jews, belief
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binkie mcfartnuggets' mansion of mania
comedy satire parody humor knowledge learning education entertainment film disturbing prodigious dildos farts interesting facts current events
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blog - digital mugwump - are you awake?
a humorous look at the world of today. rooting through all newsworthy topics.
blog, hottest, games, technology, humor, current, events, satire
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soccer gods | news. pop culture. satire. | fusion
the ultimate roundup of the most interesting stories from the wonderful world of soccer brought to you by people who are obsessed with the game, but not in a creepy way.
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news thing - some of the news, some of the time.
hilarious uk news satire and spoof website, with stories so funny theyll make your eyes burst.
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de rechtzetting
de rechtzetting - wij schrijven wat u leest
rechtzetting, satire, humor, mediakritiek, media
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home | trs triathlon is the #1 website for truth-seeking triathletes & fans of pro triathlon racing. get the latest triathlon news, analysis, opinion & satire.
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home | trs triathlon is the #1 website for truth-seeking triathletes & fans of pro triathlon racing. get the latest triathlon news, analysis, opinion & satire.
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all facts reported herein are made up and presented for entertainment and satire. if any facts posted by this site are true, it is only by mistake. now you cant sue me.
chess, television, theater, home
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political satire | news parody | the specious report
spreading rumors, half-truths and misinformation since 1789
stupid, warning, labels, bush, economy, fuel, shore, osama, laden, jersey
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breaking burgh - a satirical blog serving western pennsylvania and beyond
comedy and satire blog out of the steel city covering everything from national politics to sports to tv. oh, and some yinzer stuff for the locals.
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blog of awesome
mike cronis, funny, satire, comedy, sarcastic, ironic, critique, rush, music, guitar, colorado springs, colorado, fountain, humor, fun, madox
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uk parody, satire and spoof news | bfnn
the uk’s most up-and-coming satirical news website, focusing on current affairs, politics and topical news. read fresh.
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congregation rodef shalom | home
plotkin art editorial illustration political cartoons custom portraits
artist, designer, watercolor, park, highland, satire, amusing, illustration, palitical
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i went to africa and all i got were these pictures
so. you go to one of those fabulously elitist schools where everyone talks about privilege, classism, racism, sexism, etc. as if they dont practice it in real life. but in order to really see the...
third, world, what, appropriation, africa, satire, maasai
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squib news
your favorite news source!
funny, news, satire
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an eccentric life
an eccentric life is website dedicated to thoughts on tech, culture, inspiration, fascinating facts and satire.
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breaking obama, breaking billary & the trump card! - political satire!, enemy list card & bumper stickers!
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evilhow : homepage
the comprehensive online resource for evil supervillain education online
satire, evil, wiki
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abril uno
we deliver daily news - keeping you up to date with social, political and controversial events.
parody, satire, commentaries, political, social
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armcomedy – ավելի քան 80% ճշմարտություն
armenian satiric news website
armcomedy, armenia, satire, comedy, yerevan, armenian
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carrot on a stick - videogames. serious business.
carrot on a stick is the internets leading videogame outlet for satire.
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satire, comedy, newspaper and media spoof |
a spoof of british tabloids, newspapers and media
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winedale publishing
winedale publishing is a small literary press, publishing creative nonfiction--like old friends, by leon hale--as well as medical memoir and selected fiction by texas writers.
cancer, prostate, fiction, dysfunction, mexico, smith, book, satire, hale, leon, literary, literature, nonfiction, writing, writers, read, memoir, reading, author, writer, authors, text, excerpt, winedale, chat, hoffman, horsley, david, talk, discuss, gift, gifts, group, publish, publisher, novels, essay, survivor, life, sexual
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stil allüre - kreative kleinigkeiten zur diy-manie gepaart mit der liebe zum wort! satire, kreative handarbeit, rezepte, nähen, basteln
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der kabarettist volker pispers. - start
homepage des politschen kabarettisten volker pispers. programme, spielplan und gästebuch.
neulich, comedy, satire, kabarett
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der kabarettist volker pispers. - start
homepage des politschen kabarettisten volker pispers. programme, spielplan und gästebuch.
neulich, comedy, satire, kabarett
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planet moderan
homepage featuring writing, music, and art.
humor, black, comedy, sports, reporting, humanity, duty, parody, satire, horror, fiction, lovecraft, mythos, commentary, social, science
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nasty, zine, guides, capital, satire, religion, capitol, articles, news, meme, viral, aardvarks, film, humour, politics, reviews, aggregator
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menschenrechte, hetze, grundgesetz, extremismus, fuer, islamophobie, kultur, religionen, terrorismus, christaleban, ausland, literatur, peinliches, sache, verschiedenes, eigener, humor, diskriminierung, doppelmoral, satire, absurdes, integrationspolitik, stuff, good, deutschland
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neue rheinpresse
facebook testet derzeit eine funktion, die täuschend echt wirkende nachrichtenmeldungen diverser satire-portale entsprechend markiert. die erkennung funktioniert so gut, dass nun auch artikel aus dem springer-verlag als „quatsch“ eingestuft wurden.