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mathworks - matlab and simulink for technical computing
mathworks is the world’s leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education
processing, image, systems, signal, simulation, control, compiler, matlab, mathlab, simulink, stateflow, mathworks
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the royal society of chemistry
advancing excellence, connecting chemical scientists and shaping the future of the chemical sciences for the benefit of humanity.
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crowdflower | people-powered data enrichment platform
our platform helps data scientists collect, clean and label data to make it more useful. using crowdflower, businesses can gain deep insight, develop predictive models, improve products, and automate data-driven processes.
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welcome to the university of delaware
the university of delaware, which traces its origins to 1743, offers over 100 academic majors; its distinguished faculty includes internationally known scientists, authors and teachers.
delaware, university, lewes, wilmington, georgetown, home, newark, college, blue, hens, institution
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the roaring earth | keep it wild
scientists have just discovered that greenland sharks can live up to 400 years (or more!) and don't reproduce until at least 150. the previous record for oldest
animal, videos, animals, wildlife, wild, scary, crazy, weird, african
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steve quayle - giants - dead scientists - gold metals - radio host
steve quayle - giants - dead scientists - gold metals - radio host
metals, radio, gold, host, dead, quayle, giants, steve, scientists
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antibodies, proteins, kits and reagents for life science | abcam
abcam, the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists. discover more from a range of 118, 000 antibodies, kits, proteins and other reagents
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federation of american scientists -
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the naked scientists online, science podcast and science radio show
the naked scientists, online, internet science radio show podcast. contains science articles, online science discussion forum, interviews with famous scientists, science book reviews and free mp3 downloads including internet science radio shows and subscription to the naked scientists podcasts.
science, scientists, naked, radio, forum, discussion, interviews, famous, with, show, scientist, online, podcast, public, understanding, technology, medicine, internet
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agu - american geophysical union
agu galvanizes a community of earth and space scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable future
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ucs: independent science, practical solutions | union of concerned scientists
the union of concerned scientists puts rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planets most pressing problems. joining with citizens across the country, we combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to create innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.
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academic, research and science jobs | academic positions
welcome to academic positions, the european career network for academics, researchers and scientists. find jobs within your research field.
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the society of petroleum engineers
the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.
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famous scientists - list and biographies of most famous scientists and inventors in history
the biggest resource on the internet, with the histories, biographies and achievements of the most famous scientists and inventors from all over the world. a
famous, scientists, history, their, discoveries, scientist, inventors, names, list, most
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vernier software & technology
looking for a dynamic way to teach science and stem? vernier puts easy-to-use data loggers, sensors, experiments and graphing/analysis software into the hands of students, helping educators develop the next generation of scientists and engineers.
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f1000 – faculty of 1000
faculty of 1000 is the publisher of three unique services that support and inform the work of life scientists and clinicians.
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biocompare | the buyer's guide for life scientists
find products, read reviews and hear about the latest technological developments on biocompare
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harris corporation
harris provides advanced, technology-based solutions that solve government and commercial customers' mission critical challenges. the company has approximately $8 billion in annual revenue and about 23, 000 employees - including 9, 000 engineers and scientists - supporting customers in more than 125 countries.
harris, corporation
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perkinelmer | for the better | home
perkinelmer helps scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals accelerate their science through its innovative detection, imaging, services, and informatics solutions.
environmental, life, sciences, science, home, better, perkinelmer
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home | acm siggraph
the acm special interest group on computer graphics and interactive techniques, bringing together scientists, engineers, artist, practitioners and entrepreneurs dedicated to the advancement of the computer graphics.
animation, special, effects, printing, graphics, interactive, techniques, computer
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bd biosciences - choose region
bd biosciences is a world leader in bringing innovative diagnostic and research tools to life scientists, clinical researchers, laboratory professionals, and clinicians who are involved in basic research, drug discovery and development, biopharmaceutical production, and disease management.
cell, reagents, antibodies, analysis, cytometry, flow, stem
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science 2.0 - ® the world's best scientists, the internet's smartest readers.
the world's best scientists. the internet's smartest readers.
science, physics, biology, evolutionary, evolution, materials, quantum, geophysics, carl, climate, wieman, pigliucci, earth, change, astrophysics, galileo, darwin, news, genetics, astronomy, critser, greg, massimo
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madscinet: the 24-hour exploding laboratory.
ask-a-scientist, and more, on the www
science, answers, experiments, demonstrations, home, fair, human, visible, physics, kitchen, sciences, education, scientists, scientist, biology, astronomy, earth, chemistry, computer
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asm international the materials information society - asm international
asm international is the worlds largest association of metals-centric materials engineers and scientists. we are dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community to solve problems and stimulate innovation around the world.
materials, society, material, heat, scientists, analysis, failure, test, phase, metallography, spray, thermal, tensile, diagrams, treating, international, information, properties, advanced, treatment, engineers
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bulletin of the atomic scientists
the bulletin of the atomic scientists informs the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences. through an award-winning magazine, our online presence, and the doomsday clock, we reach policy leaders and audiences around the world with information and analysis about efforts to address the dangers and prevent catastrophe. with fellowships for students and awards to young journalists, we help educate the next generation.
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agricultural scientists recruitment board
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startalk radio show by neil degrasse tyson | science, pop culture & comedy collide on startalk w/ astrophysicist & hayden planetarium director neil degrasse tyson, comic co-hosts, celebrities & scientists.
science, pop culture & comedy collide on startalk w/ astrophysicist & hayden planetarium director neil degrasse tyson, comic co-hosts, celebrities & scientists.
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research science jobs or scientific postdocs in europe
find research and postdoc science jobs across europe with eurosciencejobs - the best job board in europe for research scientists.
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the geological society
the geological society of london is the uks learned and professional body for earth scientists, with over 10, 000 members worldwide.
london, lectures, society, geological, earth, science, geoscience, geology
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pgi compilers & tools
pgi high-performance optimizing parallel fortran 2003, c11 and c++11 compilers and tools for scientists and engineers
accelerator, openacc, cuda, openmp, fortran, compiler
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engineering for change - by engineers, for everyoneengineering for change | by engineers, for everyone
engineering for change provides a forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, ngos, local governments and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world.
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recruitment and assessment centre | rac, drdo
rac undertakes various recruitment programmes to induct scientists each year in variety of scientific and engineering disciplines relevant to drdo.
centre, assessment, recruitment
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the truth about cancer
133 doctors, scientists, and survivors from 27 countries across the globe finally unite and break their 'code of silence' about real cancer cures and proven preventions
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ghd is an international network of engineers, architects and environmental scientists serving clients in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.
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skcript - designing code since 2013
we are astronauts, scientists, technologists, and tinkers who believe in creating the best products for the world. though most people work for a company, we live for it.
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management knowledge, theories, methods and more
looking for practical summaries of methods and management models and information about scientists, consultants and academics? check
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international academy of science
the international academy of science is a membership organization that brings together scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world interested in the advancement of science and scientific education.
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>> scientific social community scientists, grants, conferences
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the bastards book of ruby
a ruby programming tutorial for journalists, researchers, investigators, scientists, analysts and anyone else in the business of finding information and making it useful and visible. programming experience not required, but provided.
visualization, data, scripting, ruby, programming
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energy sciences network (esnet)
esnet provides the high-bandwidth, reliable connections that link scientists at national laboratories, universities and other research institutions, enabling them to collaborate on some of the worlds most important scientific challenges including energy, climate science, and the origins of the universe. funded by the doe office of science, and managed and operated by the esnet team at lawrence berkeley national laboratory, esnet provides scientists with access to unique doe research facilities and computing resources.
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dna from the beginning - an animated primer of 75 experiments that made modern genetics.
discover the concepts and experiments that define the fields of genetics and molecular biology. this animated primer features the work of over 100 scientists and researchers.
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explore state-of-the-art in your research field - sciweavers
sciweavers is an academic network for scientists and researches that offers free online services that improves their productivity and visibility.
teacher, student, graduate, researcher, professor, librarian, engineering, science, computer, scientist, conference, network, social, preprints, proceedings, papers, research, download, academic
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labcompare | the buyer's guide for laboratory equipment -
labcompare is designed for scientists and researchers working in research and development |
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the principia | a school and college for christian scientists | home
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the glass scientists a comic by sabrina cotugno
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athena life sciences - clinically proven cosmoceutical products
a team of scientists, strategists, thinkers and doers, working together to expand the possibilities of everyday health, wellness and beauty!
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cra | uniting industry, academia and government to advance computing research and change the world.
the computing research association website is a premier resource for information related to computer science, computer scientists and computing researchers.
computing, award, outstanding, habermann, nico, service, undergraduate, grace, workers, cifellows, trends, hopper, distinquished, association, expanding, research, researchers, computer, scientists, pipeline, snowbird, sairam, survey, taulbee, jobs, departments
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we educate humans about our work with our nonviolent obedient-to-god eti, extraterrestrial intelligence, from the contiguous universe whose mission is to work with our scientists to bring zero point energy here for the purpose of extending life on our fragile earth. we fundraise with billionaires only, for carefully selected 501(c)(3)s who are transforming society.
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ait austrian institute of technology - ait austrian institute of technology
thinking, strategic, scientists, beyond, austria, excellence, driven, best, ingenious, institute, austrian, technology, applied, today, tomorrow, research, partner
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the research institute of molecular pathology (imp) - home
the imp is a basic biomedical research institute, largely sponsored by boehringer ingelheim and through research grants from various national and international funding agencies. our scientists are passionately committed to scientific discovery, seeking to unlock some of life’s fundamental mysteries.
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barcelona graduate school of economics | barcelona graduate school of economics
our key mission is to train the next generation of economists and data scientists by connected top researchers with talented students.
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project noah
project noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.
citizen, noah, science, animals, scientists, field, identification, classification, species, missions, plants, ecology, organisms, networked, project, habitats, nature, mobile, iphone, environment
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amigos da cura - troca de informaes a favor da vida
scientists, doctors, mestres, researchers, biologists, pharmacists, nurses, naturopaths, friends
tumor, cancro, cancer, parkinson, alzheimer, diabetes, cure, carcinoma, bladder
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american scientific affiliation
theology, morality, philosophy, religion, faith, morals, ethics, science, christianity, belief, spirituality, scientists
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fun science gallery - scientific experiments for amateur scientists and schools
fun science experiments for amateur scientists and schools, such as a glass-sphere microscope, a telescope, a sidereal indicator, a stereoscope, a herbarium, a stereoscopic microscope, experiments in electrochemistry, lexical analysis of texts, environmental exploration, panoramic pictures, observation of protists and other microorganisms, as well as links to other amateur sites.
science, toys, blood, cells, microscope, herbarium, stereoscopic, instruments, lenses, optical, sidereal, strereoscope, folk, pictures, panoramic, microorganisms, protists, protozoa, environment, exploration, electrochemistry, texts, analysis, lexicon, lens, telescope, fair, projects, homemade, education, scientist, nature, experiments, laboratory, amateur, hand, made, building, fabrication, construction
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the bitter southerner - great stories from the south
great southern musicians, chefs, farmers, artists, bartenders, scientists, innovators, writers: we're telling their stories. the bitter southerner exists to explore, from every possible angle, the duality of the southern thing.
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ibiology: bringing the worlds best biology videos to you
ibiology: free online biology videos by the worlds leading scientists. includes full-length seminars.
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society for research in child development srcd | for developmental scientists & professionals
the society for research in child development is a membership association that advances developmental science & promotes its use to improve human lives.
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all the news on the earths largest environment.
delivery of ocean science as it occurs through the eyes of 7 scientists: all the news and oddities of this planets largest environment.
biology, ecology, marine, oceanography, deep, ocean
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rescale | cloud hpc simulation platform
rescale is a cloud simulation platform that helps engineers and scientists build, compute, analyze, and scale simulations with high performance computing (hpc) in the cloud
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social science space | a space to explore, share and shape the issues facing social scientists
a space to explore, share and shape the issues facing social scientists
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jobs for r programmers, data scientists , statisticians, etc.
programming, listings, learning, statistics, machine, freelance, research, jobs, data, science, academia
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stand up to cancer this is where the end of cancer begins
stand up to cancer raises funds to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking research that can get new therapies to patients quickly, facilitating collaboration among the best and brightest scientists and physicians. su2c draws on the entertainment community to build public support for this effort.
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nova - science for curious minds
take a new look at science with nova: science for curious minds, a website created by a dedicated team of science geeks and backed by australia’s best scientists
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perkinelmer | for the better | home
perkinelmer helps scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals accelerate their science through its innovative detection, imaging, services, and informatics solutions.
environmental, life, sciences, science, home, better, perkinelmer
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home - hudsonalpha institute for biotechnology
a nonprofit institute where scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs translate the power of genomics into real world results.
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67 - resources for amateur scientists :)
resources for amateur scientists, aquarists, and radio and electronic designers
calculator, toroid, online, calculators, coil, weather, hamcalc, winding, seattle, radio, antenna, aquarium, meter, electronic, scientist, controller, amateur, planted
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search scientists | modern adwords management and optimization
at search scientists, we help great small businesses grow with honest, effective adwords optimization and management. where your roi, our skills, and communication converge.
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firebrowse allows scientists to gain access to terabytes of data and close to a thousand reports
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home | wildlife conservation film festival
the wildlife conservation film festival (wcff) is an organization made up international wildlife conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, scientists...
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principia college | a college for christian scientists
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geosyntec consultants - engineers and scientists
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home | microbiology society
the microbiology society is a worldwide membership organisation for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology.
microbiology, society, eukaryotes, prions, protozoa, prokaryotes, amoeba, algae, micro, microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, news, events, conferences, education, grants, microbes, microbiologists, viruses
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video protocols and video platform for scientists | benchfly
produce, host, and distribute your video protocols on the premier science video platform. believe in video, the most powerful tool in science.
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ipdps - ieee international parallel & distributed processing symposium
ipdps is an international forum for engineers and scientists from around the world to present their latest research findings in all aspects of parallel computation. in addition to technical sessions of submitted paper presentations, the meeting offers workshops, tutorials, and commercial presentations & exhibits. ipdps represents a unique international gathering of computer scientists from around the world. now, more than ever, we prize this annual meeting as a testament to the strength of international cooperation in seeking to apply computer science technology to the betterment of our global village.
ieee, computer, technical, committee, processing, society, distributed, parallel, ipdps, architecture, 2006, sigarch, international, symposium
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american society of plant biologists
american society of plant biologists - to promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant scientists in general.
biology, plant, genome, molecular, research, scientists, societies, membership, biotechnology, food, environment, botany, associations, american, education, bioenergetics, nature, agriculture, science, biologists, aspb, physiology, physiologists, metabolism, biophysics, energetics, cell, biochemistry, genetics
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insight data labs - advanced workshops for data scientists and engineers
data labs
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scientific computing world - for scientists, researchers and engineers using computing at work.
for scientists, researchers and engineers who use computing in their work.
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scholar universe - database of scholar profiles for published academic faculty, medical researchers and scientific experts
scholar universe is the largest database of searchable academic expert profiles for corporations, r&d organizations, publishers, journalists, media researchers and academic libraries. this expert locator tool will help you find published consultants, researchers, scientists, authors, reviewers, and other academic faculty in the international medical / scientific fields and other academic communities.
scientific, medical, academic, libraries, journalists, communities, international, scientists, consultants, publishers, authors, researchers, corporations, database, expert, universe, find, published, scholar, experts, faculty, organizations
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indian association of life skills education for social scientists, educationists, scientists, practitioners etc.
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wavemetrics - scientific graphing, data analysis, curve fitting & image processing software
technical graphing and data analysis for macintosh and windows. igor pro creates publication quality scientific graphics used by scientists and engineers around the world.
analysis, data, fitting, graphing, curve, scientific, science, igor, processing, image, signal, macintosh, nonlinear, regression, global, peak, acquisition, numerical, environment, engineers, line, command, scientists, animation, earth, education, program, modelling, neuroscience, finding, dynamic, systems, electrophysiology, nclamp, university, numerics, software, statistics, neuromatic, life
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philip emeagwali - a father of the internet - biography supercomputer computer
philip emeagwali - a father of the internet - biography - pioneer of the supercomputer. african american inventors - black scientists inventions - iq facts family childhood quotes inventors inventions timeline african american nigerian black history month speakers - african-american inventors, scientists, inventions, books for kids children online 4th 5th 8th 6th 2nd first graders teenagers young adults teens middle school - contributions development computer -
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web of stories
watch videos of famous scientists, authors, movie makers and artists telling their stories and be inspired to record and share your own.
famous, people, learn, share, stories, video, notable, makers, physicists, scientists, doctors, artists, film, great
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the ultimate resource for laboratory scientists home | american laboratory
a practical resource for lab professionals about modern laboratory equipment and instrumentation home
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spiritual science museum, a creation of pyramid spiritual societies movement, india. a collection of world wide spiritual gurus, masters, yogis and scientists from ancient age to modern age. idea congregated by brahmarshi subhash patriji.
spiritual, patriji, gurus, masters, scientists, yogis, subhash, brahmarshi, science, museum, pyramid, societies, movement
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the institute of science in society
farming, food, scientists, organic, agriculture, sustainability, virus, public, modified, genetic
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asian american supersite asian american
korea, corea, india, japan, china, filipino, vietnamese, vietnam, nahm, masayoshi, gangnam, style, korean, chinese, demographics, actors, personalities, stereotypes, identity, american, success, people, asians, business, scientists, biotech, transpacific, athletes, jeremy, asian
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88 in-text citations for scientific publications helps scientists and researchers track in-text citations to their published works across the world
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scientific illustration for the research scientist. improve your science communication with effective illustrations.
we help publishers and research scientists to improve their scientific communication with effective scientific illustrations.
scientific, science, communication, scientists, research, illustration, publishing
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the young scientists club - award-winning science kits for kids!
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interviewing doctors, researchers, scientists, bloggers and more. | the livin la vida low-carb show
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terracon | consulting engineers and scientists
consulting engineers and scientists
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openbiome offers miocrobiota preparations for clinical use in fecal microbiota transplantations (fmt). we also offer resources for learning, collaborating and advancing the field for clinicians, patients, scientists and more.
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goodfestival | the worlds biggest celebration of sustainable innovation
think of goodfestival as a backstage party where you hangout with artists, entrepreneurs, scientists - the “doers” who are building a better world.
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brown and caldwell | home
brown and caldwell engineers, scientists, consultants and constructors help municipal, private and federal agencies solve complex environmental challenges.
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data science dojo | data science dojo
learn data science and data engineering from a company that has trained over 1400 aspiring data scientists from more than 100 companies globally.
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latest science news & scientific research updates | laboratory news
read all the latest science news, analysis & detailed technical articles at laboratory news. the uks leading magazine for laboratory scientists since 1971
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stroud water research center: our focus is fresh water
since 1967, stroud water research centers scientists and educators have been focused on one thing — fresh water. at the heart of the organization is an interdisciplinary team of scientists whose research efforts are dedicated to understanding the ecology of streams, rivers, and their watersheds — both pristine and polluted.
research, rivers, streams, education, watershed, programs, students, teachers, basic, communities, scientific, knowledge, global, freshwater, stewardship, groundbreaking, water, fresh, applied
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academic, research and science jobs in the uk
welcome to academic positions, the european career network for academics, researchers and scientists. find jobs within your research field.
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home - ideacity
ideacity is an eclectic gathering of artists, authors, cosmologists, designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, musicians, scientists & technologists
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oa publishing - oapl (uk)
oapl (uk) is an independent open-access medical and scientific london-based publishing house committed to providing a platform to outstanding researchers and scientists to exhibit their findings for the furtherance of science to provoke debate and promote learning and education.
scientists, findings, their, furtherance, exhibit, learning, education, promote, debate, science, provoke, researchers, platform, medical, independent, scientific, oapl, providing, committed, publishing, house, outstanding
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azonetwork - home
azonetwork is a free-to-access information provider for scientists, engineers, technologists, researchers and anyone with an interest in the latest science and technology developments.
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witts (world improvement through the spirit ministries)
witts, a group of engineers/scientists/servants of god and humanity, with real solutions to critical issues of earth: energy, water, food, waste, etc.
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scientists of sound
scientists of sound new music blog - (swansea, uk). daily updates of the indie, synth, pop variety.
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esocsci social science new zealand network
esocsci connecting social scientists in new zealand through networks, seminars and social science blogs
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stem cell revolutions - welcome to a documentary made by filmmakers and scientists
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expand or contract a multimedia magazine for discerning minds
this multi-media interactive international magazine and online salon is comprised of thinkers, doers, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, local and
news, travel, culture, politics, magazine, contract, multimedia, expand
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islam,science and muslims
muslim scientists and their contribution in the field of science
scientist, muslims, science, islam
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sfl | scientists for labour
scientists for labour (sfl) is an organisation open to members or supporters of the labour party who are interested or involved in uk science and technology. since its establishment at labour party conference in 1994, it has become a strong political voice for science.
labour, scientists, party, scientists4lab
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homepage | more than scientists
more than scientists is a growing community of climate scientists sharing our personal views and feelings about climate change.
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scientists for 9/11 truth
science professionals seeking new and independent investigations into the attacks of september 11, 2001.
truth, scientists
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the naked scientists online, science podcast and science radio show
the naked scientists, online, internet science radio show podcast. contains science articles, online science discussion forum, interviews with famous scientists, science book reviews and free mp3 downloads including internet science radio shows and subscription to the naked scientists podcasts.
science, scientists, naked, radio, forum, discussion, interviews, famous, with, show, scientist, online, podcast, public, understanding, technology, medicine, internet
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emerald cloud lab
a web-based life sciences lab, developed by scientists for scientists
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datasama leader du recrutement de data scientists
datasama est le seul service de recrutement de data scientists fondé et dirigé par des data scientists comprenant vraiment vos besoins.
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scientists and researchers network - i am in science - iscience - i am in science - researchers network
scientists' and researchers' network for interaction and content sharing. i am in science. researchers and scientists network - fastest growing community
scientists, researchers, science, society, community, technology, biologists, chemists, biomedical, experts, medical, biotechnology, research, students, group, interaction, graduate, chemistry, biology, physics
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j1 waiver lawyers for physicians and scientists
a guide to immigration law for qualified doctors, scientists, and professionals seeking work in hospitals and universities in the united states.
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117 - the culture of science in fiction & fact is dedicated to the portrayal and perceptions of science culture – science, scientists and laboratories - in fiction, the media and across popular culture. the site is intended for non-scientists as well as scientists, and the goal is to inform, entertain and surprise.
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home - science from scientists
our mission is to improve the attitudes & aptitudes of 4-8th graders in stem. we send real, charismatic scientists into classrooms to teach hands-on lessons.
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society of wetland scientists professional certification
the society of wetland scientists professional certification program, serving the public's need to identify qualified individuals to assess and manage the nation's resources.
soil, hydrologists, consultants, educators, scientists, ecologists, swspcp, certification, scientist, wetlands, professional
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coaching for scientists
we prepare scientists for leadership, management and business.
business, leadership, management, spectacles, hicks, scientists, john, coaching
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forensic services - forensic scientists | forensic equity
forensic equity is a leading forensic services provider. our internationally recognised forensic scientists provide independent forensic expertise to the defence or prosecution
forensic, pathologist, evidence, scientists, services
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whats in johns freezer? | treasures that scientists keep on ice
treasures that scientists keep on ice (by john of the freezers)
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history of universe, history of the planets, star, scientists
history of universe, history of the planets, star, milky way , black holes, galaxies, scientists, quantum mechanics, gravity, spectroscopy, gravity, scientists
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science education | childrens learning | nutty scientists
since 1996, children around the world have benefited from the nutty scientists method for learning through experimentation, participation, and most of all –
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e&m labs: toys for thinkers
we make creative construction toys for hands-on play inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and makers. scientists and engineers are made wh
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premier life science marketing agency
marketing agency that develops demand generation and branding campaigns for scientific products based on a model of how scientists make purchasing decisions. author of persuading scientists.
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german rocket scientists
scientific contributions of german rocket scientists to aerodynamics, jets, rockets, helicopters.
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why-sci - building a forum for the what and why of science why-sci
why - sci fostering communication between scientists and the public
science, share, learn, scientists, public, inform, educational, sharing, membership, blog, educate
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science is so sexy...
science blog for non scientists explaining kitchen, beauty, everyday science facts. requests welcome. inviting scientists to guest blog.
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scientific method 9/11
scientific papers on the events of september 11, 2001.
truth, scientists
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adventurers and scientists for conservation - adventurers and scientists for conservation
we recruit, train and manage skilled volunteers, saving our conservation partners time, money and effort.
adventure, conservation, science, volunteer, outdoor, management, project, citizen, adventurers, scientists, scientific
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home - scientists for eu
welcome to scientists for eu
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hydric soils — florida hydric soils scientists
florida hydric soils scientists
hydric, scientists, soils, service, environmental, florida, soil
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wiss, janney, elstner associates, inc. | engineers, architects, and materials scientists
wje is a firm of engineers, architects, and materials scientists specializing in the investigation, testing, and design of repairs for buildings, bridges, and other structures. providing solutions for the built world.
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comfable | consulting engineers & scientists
consulting engineers & scientists
comfort, thermal, acoustic, visual, monitoring, measuring, environmental, studies, professional, applications, advanced
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atlas of science | another view on science
atlas of science is made by scientists for scientists. the aim of the project is publishing laymans abstracts of research articles.
publication, science, news, summary, scientific, report, abstracts, article
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smithsonian science news featuring our scientists and their discoveries.
featuring our scientists and their discoveries.
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scientists supporting religion foundation
learn about science and religion. the goal of scientists supporting religion is to provide the scientific information necessary to allow any individual to decide for themselves whether or not science supports religion.
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home | coastal environments, inc. - houston, louisiana
coastal environments, inc. (cei), a baton rouge-based company, has provided environmental services in the areas of applied science, planning and cultural resources since 1972.
scientists, consulting, litigation, spill, response, restoration, characterizations, monitoring, environmental, ecological, coast, wetland, regulatory, gulf, compliance, investigations
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scitizen, a collaborative news publishing initiative by scientists, for everyone.
scitizen is a collaborative news publishing initiative by scientists for everyone.
stem, iter, power, fusion, cells, climate, energies, future, change, nanobiology, nanoscience, dark, discussion, research, scientist, energy, extrasolar, bird, planets, science
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edu ranking
worldwide professional university rankings, international council of scientists, world universities rankings, universities rankings, international classifier for fields of science and educational programs, international council of scientists, global world communicator (gwc).
international, rankings, science, programs, educational, world, universities, council, scientists, foundation, fields, education, communicator, global, classifier, university, professional, teaching, services, worldwide
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equinox graphics :: :: science and engineering 3d graphics
science and engineering 3d animation and illustration - we deliver the art of science. our graphics are produced by scientists for scientists.
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critter camp by the young scientists' league - critter camp by the young scientists' league
a summer camp in atlanta and decatur, ga which uses a safe, hands-on approach to discovering science with reptiles and amphibians. a unique approach to science based summer camps.
science, camp, turtles, snakes, frogs, lizards, salamanders, league, young, amphibians, herpetology, decatur, atlanta, camps, georgia, summer, school, friends, reptiles
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cast is a nonprofit organization responsible for the publication of task force reports, commentaries, special publications, and issue papers written by scientists from many disciplines. cast addresses issues of animal sciences, food sciences and agricultural technology, plant and soil sciences, and plant protection sciences with inputs from economists, social scientists, toxicologists or plant pathologists and entomologists, weed scientists, nematologists, and legal experts.
science, agricultural, food, environment, biofuels, crop, water, quality, energy, research, biotechnology, animal, technology, plant, soil, safety, cast, nutrition
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home: fourth international conference on multifunctional, hybrid and nanomaterials: 9-13 march 2015, meliá sitges, spain
the main objective of the fourth international conference on multifunctional, hybrid and nanomaterials conference is to bring together, at a truly international level, people with shared interests in hybrid materials. visit website to learn more.
materials, chemists, scientists, hybrid, conference, polymer, physicists, biomaterials, colloid, engineers, 2015, nanomaterials, international, multifunctional, zeolite, mesoporous, broad, microporous, composites, state, fourth, organic, inorganic, solid
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arctos - arctic marine ecosystem research network
the arctos research network was established in 2002 after the initiative from scientists at the norwegian college of fishery science/university of tromsø (uit), the norwegian polar institute, unis (the university centre at svalbard) and akvaplan-niva. later, scientists from the institute of geology (uit), the institute of marine research and bodø university college have joined, as well as scientists in several other institutions in norway. arctos is organized with a secretariat at uit, and with part of its administrative activities localized at unis, akvaplan-niva and imr.
researchers, oceanography, ecology, biology, network, science, arctic
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caws | connecticut association of wetland scientists
connecticut association of wetland scientists (caws)
stormwater, pool, vernal, civil, environmental, ecosystem, engineering, database, quality, connecticut, association, wetland, water, scientist, caws
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homepage - apsih
association of professors and scholars of iranian heritage
iranian, scientists, southern, california, scholars, professors, science, association, group
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the mygrid team have produced and continue to develop a suite of tools designed to help e-scientists get on with science and get on with scientists. the tools support the creation of e-laboratories and have been used in domains as diverse [...], mygrid, taverna, workflow, dataflow, escience
dataflow, escience, workflow, taverna, mygrid, home
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catlin engineers and scientists home page
catlin engineers and scientists specializes in providing quality service in the fields of environmental, civil, geotechnical engineering and consulting.
catlin, environmental, testing, associates, carolina, consulting, engineering, storage, tank, richard, aboveground, engineers, fuel, federal, contractor, construction, management, contracts, navy, surveying, underground, terminals, rick, groundwater, georgia, south, scientists, business, small, civil, geotechnical, north, assessment, remediation, soil, brownfields, landfills, vibracore, investigations, design
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the vilcek foundation -
the vilcek foundation honors and supports foreign-born scientists and artists who have made outstanding contributions to society in the united states.
vilcek, artists, immigrants, prize, promise, creative, scientists, foundation, marica, rick, kinsel
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the rocket scientists #thrcktscntsts ist eine agentur für zeitgemäße kommunikation mit sitz in düsseldorf. wir entwickeln strategien, konzepte und ideen für unsere kunden und setzen diese gemeinsam mit ihnen um. wenn sie mehr erfahren möchten, besuchen sie bitte unsere weiteren angebote oder setzten sie sich direkt mit uns in verbindung. the rocket scientists contemporary communication ronsdorfer str. 77a 40233 düsseldorf t: +49-211-73775713 m:+49-173-5616579
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scientists as citizens| activist scientists|kathy barker
kathy barker blogs on scientists as citizens, about activism beyond the lab bench.
science, funding, health, arctic, climate, drilling, barker, care, shell, bellingham, scientists, foss, seattle, change, experimentation, kayak, shellno, winner, award, design, ethics, academics, japan, militarism, global, warming, congress, military, budget, yakima, militarization, environment, grouse, sage, techies, poverty, activist, silicon, valley, neuroscience
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nutrition journal | home page
we invite scientists and physicians to submit work illustrating how commonly used methods and techniques are unsuitable for studying a particular phenomenon, as well as clinical trials that fall short of demonstrating an improvement over current treatments. the aim of the journal is to provide scientists and physicians with responsible and balanced information in order to improve experimental designs and clinical decisions.
nutrition, clinical, journal
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geo jolly - a digital scientists blog
a digital scientists blog
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home - northwestern association of forensic scientists
the northwest association of forensic scientists is a nonprofit organization that was formed to encourage the dissemination of information within the fields of forensic science and discuss problems of common interest, to foster friendship and cooperation among forensic scientists and to stimulate research and development of new techniques within the field.
forensic, science, forensics, crime, jobs, investigator, scientist, what, laboratory, scene, analysis, analyst, studies, investigation, information, training, investigators, technician, about, 2015, conference, investigations, toxicologist, evidence, photography, technicians, scientists, pathology, criminal, detective, research, ballistics
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1st-mile institute - 1st-mile institute
1st mile institute- home of nm broadband for all and scientists/artists research collaborations
broadband, science, design, complexity, ecosystems, first, networking, mile, arts, research, mexico, sarc, scientists, artists, collaboration
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welcome - australian institute of medical scientists
aims is the professional association representing medical scientists in all disciplines of pathology working predominantly in hospital and private medical laboratories in australia.
medical, laboratory, pathology, scientist, science, biology, immunology, transfusion, clinical, chemistry, haematology, blood, aims, collector, scientists, patient, biomedicine, serum, specimens, platelets, anaemia, plasma, anatomy, cells, hormones, immunohematology, hematology, test, phlebotomy, laboratories, haematoma, biomedical, scientific, equipment, homeostasis, coagulation, treatment, biochemistry, genetics, gene
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cosee florida home page
cosee florida works to bring scientists, educators and people of all ages together reaching out to the public to educate and inform them about the marine ecosystem.
ocean, ecosystem, marine, research, institution, science, community, florida, educators, scientists, cosee
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the chopra foundation by deepak chopra
the chopra foundation by deepak chopra, home of sages and scientists
chopra, sages, scientists, foundation, medication, spirituality, deepak
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global young academy | the voice of young scientists around the world
the voice of young scientists around the world
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k-inbre home
k-inbre, kansas idea network of biomedical research excellence, is a 10-campus collaborative network in the state of kansas that fosters a community of scientists. funding opportunities for research and an annual symposium support this mission.
cell, network, developmental, biology, collaborative, scientists, research, kansas, community, biomedical
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why is science important? - a collection of thoughts from leading scientists, public figures, ...and you.
a collection of thoughts from leading scientists, public figures, ...and you.
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engineers, designers, planners, geologists, geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, land surveyors, special inspectors, and more | laco associates: engineers, designers, planners, geologists, environmental scientists, special inspectors, and more
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think tank media
progressive rock production company and record label offering cd, dvd and download titles. our major artists are lana lane, erik norlander and rocket scientists. international online secure credit card processing is available.
rock, lane, rocket, lana, stick, chapman, scientists, erik, citron, neil, norlander, guitar, mellotron, electronic, melodic, symphonic, music, hammond, moog, synthesizer, keyboards, progressive
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score | online reputation company for scientists, doctors, professors, researchers
score is the best reputation management service provider for the scientists, professors and many research scholars
branding, company, reputation, online, management, self, personal, promotions, individual
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home - glenridge at garden villas
glenridge at garden villas, a community of christian scientists within a full-service retirement community. we are located in suburan st. louis, just minutes away churches and the principia school.
community, retirement, christian, gardens, scientists, delmar, garden, science, glenridge, villas
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mop top the hip hop scientist
mop top the hip hop scientist celebrates african-americans in the sciences, an educational website.
american, scientist, african, mascot, scientists, educational, charles, sites, george, johnson, mark, cralle, dean, alfred, philip, emeagwali, jarvis, grant, matzeliger, benjamin, eric, banneker, evan, martin, luther, king, obama, barack, children, moptop, anderson, mascots, website, forde, morgan, carver, carson, bessie, shop, coleman
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so much science, so little time | a blog about strange diseases, surprising findings, scientists and society, and more
a blog about strange diseases, surprising findings, scientists and society, and more
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nhanrs the new hampshire association of natural resource scientists nhanrs - the new hampshire association of natural resource scientists promoting the responsible use of natural resources and the natural resource science professions in new hampshire
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the fisheries blog | five fish scientists discuss fun and interesting topics about fish.
five fish scientists discuss fun and interesting topics about fish.
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i can has science? | its not just for scientists.
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welcome to our lab! - the travel scientists
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boswell engineering | engineers planners surveyors scientists | new jersey |bowell engineering | engineers planners surveyors scientists | new jersey
boswell engineering
planning, surveying, engineering
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scientist live | science news, opinion, interviews and product reports for scientists across all disciplines.
science news, opinion, interviews and product reports for scientists across all disciplines.
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young scientists journal
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survival blog for scientists
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responsible scientists
welcome to
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mtl consulting | engineers and scientists
mtl consulting | engineers and scientists
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crastina – science communication for early career scientists – a networking platform
science communication for early career scientists – a networking platform
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horizon specialty - innovative laboratory tools and instruments
horizon specialty is a manufacturer of innovative laboratory tools and instruments that provide cost-effective solutions to scientists requiring higher sample throughput and better ergonomics.
immunology, biology, molecular, government, genomic, clinical, metabolism, drug, university, biotech, instruments, tools, laboratory, innovative, scientists, sample, pharmaceutical, ergonomics, throughput, unique
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scientists in school, science education, elementary
scientists in school is a canadian non-profit charitable organization dedicated to inspiring an excitement for science education and technology in children of all ages.
math, mathematics, workshops, programs, canada, program, elementary, science, schools, charitable, organization, curriculum, canadian, experiments, kids, education, school, classroom, hands, technology, scientists, demonstrations
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water quality scientists
we are a water quality laboratory that can perform various field and laboratory studies pertaining to toxicity testing, biosolids, watershed diagnostics, gis, and field surveys.
water, watershed, tests, toxicity, geographic, electrofishing, sampling, field, magna, information, indianapolis, pollution, monitoring, scientists, laboratory, indiana, daphnia, systems, minnow, wetland, delineation, study, quality, mussels, fathead, ceriodaphnia, biosolids, pathogens, macroinvertebrates, dubia
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miller engineers scientists :: sheboygan, wi
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southern association of forensic scientists
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speeding scientists siegen | startseite
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social scientists | curious set of people!
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society of asian scientists and engineers
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日本科学者会議 - the japan scientists' association (jsa)
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remediation services, phd scientists | reston, va
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welcome to cliffers
scientists' cliffs association
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productivity for scientists | olga degtyareva, phd
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performance analysis for computer scientists
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serving christian scientists insurance
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tenacre - a ministry of christian scientists
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crystal impact - software for scientists
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ifs - international foundation for science - home
the international foundation for science is a not-for-profit organization giving research grants to young scientists in the developing world.
developing, world, young, scientists, awards, grants, foundation, science, research, international
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trx2® | the only hair regimen by oxford scientists
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national academy of future scientists and technologists
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dplot graph software for scientists and engineers
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southwestern association of forensic scientists - swafs
southwestern association of forensic scientists - swafs
scientists, swafs, forensic, association, southwestern
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taste - the archives of scientists' transcendent experiences
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honest career advice for young scientists!
honest career advice for young scientists!
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mdbio foundation | inspiring the next generation of scientists
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professional soil scientists association of texas
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society of wetland scientists (sws), an international organization
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home | california association of professional scientists
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promoting open research among future scientists.
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science donors - crowdfunding science - public science donations - citizen science
science donors is a science crowdfunding website that helps the public make science donations to the science project they want to get funded. scientists can get
science, crowdfunding, support, scientists, funds, donations, donors, citizen, crowdfund, donate
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the principia | a school and college for christian scientists | home
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got science? take the quiz to find out - union of concerned scientists
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architects, engineers and building scientists | h.l. turner group
architects, engineers and building scientists | h.l. turner group
turner, group, scientists, engineers, building, architects
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aarst - the american association of radon scientists and technologists
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papss | pennsylvania association of professional soil scientists
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volunteer scientists in dc-metro schools | reset online
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discover the worlds greatest scientists - superstars of science
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association of polar early career scientists - home
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union of concerned scientists: 20/20/20: 20 days, 20 ways, 20% less carbon
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faess | florida association of environmental soil scientists
florida association of environmental soil scientists (faess)
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engineers, scientists, surveyors
consulting & surveying services
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afsti - association of food scientists and technologists (india)
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world association of young scientists | science, remixed.
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scientists center for animal welfare website - home
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scientists discover how to reverse diabetes without drugs or insulin
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triangle fraternity | engineers, architects, and scientists | "in order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men." herb scobie minn32
| engineers, architects, and scientists | "in order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men." herb scobie minn32
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home - vedsur, your data scientists, mumbai, maharashtra, india
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fehily timoney & company|consulting engineers and environmental scientists
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mediabrain studios | brilliant audio and video production by mad scientists
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scientists, doctors and researchers warn of fluoridated water dangers
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symphony of science - scientists become rock stars // a project by melodysheep
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the secret laboratory - hands-on science adventure for budding scientists.
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frontier scientists: presenting scientific discovery in the arctic and beyond
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the wolverine foundation - a non-profit organization comprised of wildlife scientists with a common interest in the wolverine.
a non-profit organization comprised of wildlife scientists with a common interest in the wolverine.
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safmls - the society of american federal medical laboratory scientists
society of american federal medical laboratory scientists (safmls)
laboratory, safmls, medical, science, medicine, technology, clinical, officer
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fun programs for christian scientists plus a bible lands park! - cedars camps
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hellenic bioscientific association of the usa
facilitating interactions between greek scientists in greece and usa
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about scsjournal
studies of changing societies: online journal for social scientists
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equipment for scientists in developing countries to conduct life changing research.
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microbetv | science shows by scientists
the latests episodes in the network
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biography of scientists
biography of scientists.
biography, scientists
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colins beauty pages - a cosmetic scientists beauty science blog where he shares his news and views on beauty products and the science behind themcolins beauty pages | a cosmetic scientists beauty science blog where he shares his news and views on beauty products and the science behind them
a cosmetic scientists beauty science blog where he shares his news and views on beauty products and the science behind them
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exclusive! scientists have created a mask that puts an end to all skin problems: from acne to wrinkles and stretch marks
the most effective formula for skin rejuvenation that scientists have ever found! revolutionary face and body body with with snail slime, caviar extract and sheep placenta will make your skin young and smooth, will heal scars and stretch marks! you too can benefit!
mask, roots, tree, meristem, marks, stretch, wrinkles, acne, water, sheep, extract, caviar, slime, placenta, hyaluronic, deep, acid, snail
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mann associates ltd
comprising a team of hse engineers, scientists, technologists and social scientists with core expertise in engineering and mangement consultancy services including: environmental monitoring, statutory compliance measurement, technical auditing, loss control and facility management services.
management, training, certification, safety, services, hemp, technical, frsc, project, hazard, hazid, risk, service, compliance, fire, waste, systems, audits, techniques, control, leadership, loss, 14001
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the australian paradox: a critical analysis | sydney scientists shonky sugar study
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247 | physician-scientists examine the sometimes ugly truth behind beauty product claims
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electric collective | scientists of sight and sound
wichita based psychedelic raves.
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fifteen minutes with... | extraordinary actors, artists, writers, musicians, athletes, scientists
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spaceport sheboygan | inspiring the next generation of scientists, technicians, engineers, explorers, & mathematicians