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space, sensing, news, remote, universe, solar, system, environment, astronomy, comet, education, venus, galileo, rocket, astronauts, ariane, monitoring, navigation, exploration, probes, missions, mars, agency, moon, satellites, launchers, earth, observation, telecommunications, international, station, european
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te connectivity: connectors & sensors for harsh environments
te connectors and sensors are embedded in almost every device, where constant data, power, sensing and connectivity are required — even in the harshest environments.
tyco, electronics, harsh, environments, connectivity, connectors, electronic, components, sensors
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keyence global home
advanced sensing & measuring solutions for factory automation. including sensors, machine vision systems, bar code readers, measuring instruments & plcs. visit keyence corporation.
measuring, plcs, instruments, sensor, automation, keyance, sensing, factory, readers, machine, sensors, vision, systems, code, keyence
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4 - jobs in oil, energy, gas, geoscience, geosciences, geology, mining, geography, environmental science, environmental sciences, remote sensing, gis, earth sciences, climate, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, hydrology, hydrogeology, water, gas, ecology, conservation, conservation biology, plant science, oceanography, marine sciences, earth sciences, geophysics, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, computing, aquaculture, space sciences, astronomy, planetary sciences, forestry, agriculture, botany, refinery, remediation, contaminated land, reservoir engineering, petroleum engineering, petrophysics, seismic, well, drilling, sustainable development, management, recruitment, careers with earthworks uk, london, europe, usa, canada, australia, new zealand, nz, scandinavia, africa, south america, vacancies, vacancy advertising.
engineering, conservation, civil, computing, aquaculture, geotechnical, oceanography, geology, geophysics, space, astronomy, refinery, sustainable, development, horticulture, botany, planetary, forestry, agriculture, plant, biology, earth, climate, sensing, remote, geoscience, geography, environmental, atmospheric, meteorology, mining, ecology, jobs, hydrology, hydrogeology, water, energy
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copernicus, previously known as gmes (global monitoring for environment and security), is the european programme for the establishment of a european capacity for earth observation.
remote, sensing, monitoring, environment, earth, observation, copernicus
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nepal earth quake - national remote sensing centre
national remote sensing centre nrsc is a part of indian space research organisation isro with the mandate of providing earth observation data from satellite and aerial platforms to users, to develop technologies for the management of natural resources, support disaster monitoring and management and capacity building for utilization of earth observation data from indian remote sensing satellites including resourcesat 1, resourcesat 2, oceansat 2, oceansat 1, cartosat 1, cartosat 2, risat 1 etc. satellite remote sensing based forest fire monitoring in parts of nagarhole national park and bandipur wildlife sanctuary, karnataka
sensing, cartosat, remote, resourcesat, earth, quake, satellite, cyclone, risat, oceansat, indian, nrsc, centre, national, handbooks, publications, sensor, arial, aircraft, camera, custom, courses, training, ebook, special, data, uttarakhand, landslides, uttrakhand, feedback, obseravation, resources, antenna, online, order, projects, antarctica, disaster, hysi, nrsa
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gis lounge - maps and gis
gis news, articles, events, and jobs relating to maps, cartography, and geospatial technologies.
geographic, information, systems, mapping, maps, cartography, remote, sensing
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invensense | sensing everything
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muse ™ | meditation made easy
muse, by interaxon enables you to take the guesswork out of meditation with real-time feedback from muse: the brain sensing headband.
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monde geospatial - geomatics | gis| remote sensing| gps | surveying | arcgis | qgis
geospatial videos, news, articles and events relating to gis, cartography, remote sensing, gps, surveying, geomatics and geospatial technologies
qgis, tutorial, arcgis, geospatial, certificate, google, download, envi, erdas, cityengine, mastering, online, program, degree, national, intelligence, postgis, data, geofabrik, imagery, geomatics, server, geoserver, surveying, cartography, remote, sensing, mapserver, grass, news, cloud, geonetwok, videos, maps, mapguide, lidar, earth, esri
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asprs american society for photogrammetry and remote sensing
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micasense offers sensor technologies for unmanned aircraft systems / drones and cloud-based data processing, presentation, and analytics solutions.
camera, multispectral, precision, ndvi, rededge, parrot, sensing, sequoia, agriculture, drone, unmanned, remote
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x-io technologies | specialising in embedded sensing solutions
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remote sensing systems | providing the data you depend on
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zboard electric skateboards and motorized longboards
the one and only place to purchase the zboard - the weight-sensing electric skateboard.
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leica - four independent companies share the leica brand
four independent companies share the leica brand. leica camera, leica microsystems, leica biosystems and leica geosystems.
leica, sensing, total, laser, control, engineering, remote, trackers, stations, land, underground, mining, forestry, military, bridges, tunnels, construction, machine, guidance, automated, shipbuilding, cadastral, building, videogrammetr, accuracy, pavers, hydrography, azimuth, aerial, monitoring, dams, maps, road, geoid, elevation, fill, glonass, tachymeters, instruments, defence
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sensing architecture by maria lorena lehman - new ideas for the architecture of tomorrow
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the gis jobs clearinghouse
jobs, resumes, processing, image, remote, sensing
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nuit blanche
a blog about compressive sensing, computational imaging, machine learning. using priors to avoid the curse of dimensionality arising in big data.
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from gis to remote sensing
a blog that goes from gis to remote sensing, tutorials for open source software, land cover, and the semi-automatic classification plugin for qgis.
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sensorica: an open, decentralized and self-organizing value network, designing, producing, and distributing sensing and sensemaking solutions.
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adhesives, coatings, vibration and motion vontrol, sensing, and magnetically responsive technologies | lord corp
lord has a long history of developing breakthrough adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion control, sensing, and magnetically responsive technologies that improve the performance of our customers products around the world. we have provided solutions to aerospace, defense, automotive, oil & gas and industrial customer challenges for 90 years.
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racurs :: news :: home
mapping, sensing, remote, digital, photogrammetry, cartography, satellite, photomod, aerial, imagery, pushbroom
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eete analog design center
design resource, news, articles, focused on analog eda, audio and video, optical/wireless/rf, power management, sensing/conditioning/conversion.
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home | acrs 2016: the 37th asian conference on remote sensing
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international journal on smart sensing and intelligent systems
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azosensors - the a to z of sensors and sensing technology
the a to z of sensors, azosensors, is a free-to-access information portal with the latest news, articles, videos, equipment and interviews from the sensors community.
sensor, sensors
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geographic information science forum
forum for geographic information system (gis) and remote sensing users
geographic, software, ebook, paper, journal, download, webgis, geoeye, climate, weather, soil, landsat, ikonos, tutorial, spot, satellite, geology, multispectral, geoprocessing, stereoscopic, hyperspectral, system, sensing, information, ortho, spatial, cartography, remote, envi, erdas, photogrammetry, esri, geomorphology
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movidius | visual sensing for the internet of things
movidius | visual sensing for the internet of things page of movidius
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pci geomatics - pci geomatics
pci geomatics, founded in 1982, is the world leader in geo-imaging products and solutions. pci geomatics has set the standard in remote sensing and image processing tools offering customized solutions to the geomatics community in over 135 countries. pci geomatics is the developer of geomatica®- a complete and integrated desktop software that features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. geomatica® software enables users to apply imagery in support of a wide range of applications such as the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, defense, as well as in the oil and gas industries. pci geomatics is also the developer of the geoimaging accelerator (gxl), an automated, high performance, graphics processor (gpu) system for processing terabytes of imagery data. pci geomatics is a privately held canadian corporation headquartered in toronto, ontario and gatineau, quebec with worldwide facilities located
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complete sensing through light solutions | heptagon
heptagon has shipped over 2b units and has 20+ years experience in minuturizing and integrating complex lighting, sensing and 3d imaging systems.
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understanding the 8 jungian cognitive processes (8 functions)
introverted, extraverted, intuiting, thinking, feeling, intuition, sensing, type, carl, theory, jungian, cognitive, jung, processes, psychological, linda, berens, mental, dynamics, perceiving, extraversion, mbti, introversion, judgment, perception, judging
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pressure transducers, transmitters & industrial sensors | setra
the leading usa manufacturer of premium high accuracy pressure transducers, transmitters, capacitive pressure sensors, and acceleration sensing devices.
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diary, inspiration, stuff {life is a fleeting thing and were sensing too much to remain silent} +/- chrischa venus oswald //
freud, portrait, life, poem
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grind gis-gis and remote sensing blogs, articles, tutorials
read and learn about gis and remote sensing blogs, articles, tutorials and maps. learn about different kinds of open source gis software and see different map
grass, arcview, arcgis, qgis, erdas, mapping, software, articles, blogs, maps, news, tutorials, remote, latest, learning, sensing, greatest
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airmar technology corporation the leader in ultrasonic transducers and sensing technology
airmar technology corporation is the leader in ultrasonic transducers and sensing technology.
underwater, sensors, marine, airmar, weather, station, transducer
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gis university gis university
gis and remote sensing education
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institute of oceanology
marine, oceanography, modelling, hydrodynamic, genetics, hydrography, ecology, remote, sensing, pollution, interactions, chemistry, optics, physical, oceanology, baltic, biotechnology, science, physics, acoustics, biochemistry
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spectroscopy solutions | spectroscopy applications & instruments | asd inc.
asd inc., a panalytical company provides spectroscopy solutions and spectroscopy instruments for remote sensing, mineral exploration, mining production and other spectrometer applications.
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sensing, remote, citra, satelite, jauh, penginderaan, geografis, informasi, geographic, information, system, sistem
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home | luna
luna creates breakthrough technologies that measure, monitor, protect, and improve critical processes for companies in the aerospace, automotive, composites, energy, defense, industrial, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries.
fiber, sensing, testing, optic, luna, distributed, technology, composite, test, monitoring, asset, health, maintenance, backscatter, instruments, structural, innovations, tunable, reflectometer, laser, odisi, computing, secure, refletometer, technologies, processes, shape, commercialization, improve, monitor, measure, protect, market, potential, telecommunications, defense, breakthrough, blacksburg, revolution, healthcare
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wearable sensor technology | shimmer | wearable wireless sensing technology and solutions
shimmer offers proven wearable wireless sensing technology and solutions that can be tailored to fit the application - for enterprise, research, education and end user applications
technology, sensor, wearable
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namria | the central mapping agency of the government of the philippines
charts, hydrography, sensing, remote, land, classification, geodesy, information, management, photogrammetry, printing, thematic, reprography, topographic, cartography, nautical, oceanography, philippines, mapping, satellite, image, data, digital, photo, aerial, maps
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owlstone - chemical detection and chemical sensing
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earsc: european association of remote sensing companies
the european association of remote sensing companies (earsc) is the european organization which – on a non-profit basis – coordinates and promotes activities of their members in the area of services based on the delivery of geo-information products on customer demand.
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luxcel biosciences
luxcel biosciences develops fluorescent based oxygen sensing probes for real time analysis of mitochondrial oxygen consumption. luxcel also develops monitoring tools for the enumeration of aerobic bacterial load in food, beverages and food processes.
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home – tinkerforge
easy-to-use open source hardware. control motors and sense the environment over usb, ethernet or wifi with c/c++, c#, delphi/lazarus, java, javascript, labview, mathematica, matlab/octave, perl, php, python, ruby, shell, visual basic .net or directly over tcp/ip.
ethernet, controlling, wifi, modular, blocks, building, sensing, controllable, source, open, hardware, bricks, bricklets, tinkerforge
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geoinformation online
share your information, use other researcher’s achievements, and prevent the cycle of reinventing the wheel. big data, geoinformation, remote sensing, gis.
erdas, envi, hyperspectral, multispectral, arcgis, arcmap, matlab, python, processing, image, geoinformatics, geoinformation, data, remote, sensing, lidar
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your gis jobs site @
free gis job postings and career opportunities. start your gis jobs search today.
jobs, processing, image, sensing, remote
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infi-zeal technologies | simplyfing technology | an iit delhi alumni venture
infi-zeal technologies - simplifying technology - an iit delhi alumni venture
hacking, training, gesture, security, mobile, sensing, hack, touch, augmented, forensics, cyber, workshop, motion, pentesting, reality, gaming, corporate, development, game, ecommerce, controlling, joomla, internet, multitouch, robotics, book, software, wifi, delhi, learn, drupal, arduino, summer, alumni, venture, mysql
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home - integrated sensing systemsintegrated sensing systems | precise, accurate measuring instruments
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ap sensing | fiber optic distributed temperature sensing - home
intelligent fiber optic distributed temperature sensing systems and solutions for fire detection, power cable monitoring, oil and gas up-/downstream, geo and hydrology, industrial process monitoring.
detection, monitoring, fire, power, cable, management, reservoir, linear, sensing, temperature, optical, measurement, distributed, heat
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sensing nature - home
sensing nature provides fun, florida nature experiences for conference attendees, family groups and youth. bringing nature to you, our award winning environmental educators and certified florida master naturalists guide ethical group eco-tours, provide en
nature, ecotours, wildlife, conference, sensing, ethical, store, conservation, education, environmental, birding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, viewing
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petroclear, a fram filtration company
series, particulate, removing, water, sensing, agricultural, fuel, filter, alert, phase, serties, dispenser, wate, separation, detection, clear, petroclear, filtration, petro
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sensitronics - manufacturers of the force sensing resistor and other force-sensing electronic components
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geo-k - geo-k remote sensing
remote sensing drones mapping neural networks precision farming sar
sentinel, meteo, cosmokymed, geoinformation, value, pollution, data, added, education, aerospace, neural, mapping, drones, sensing, networks, apps, farming, precision, observation, earth, remote
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free gis, remote sensing, spatial & hydrology data
download free gis remote sensing and spatial hydrology data which covers almost all part of the world. the remote sensing geographic information spatial hydrology is a centralized facility for all spatial data related activities also provides free gis data downloads and creates custom gis data for cad, mapping, and location based applications. such as aerial photos, agro, all key words in our acronyms, area calculation, basin, cad, cad, catchments, census, climate grids, data, dem, digital, digital, dlg, dog, dogg, drg, ecological, elevation, evaportanspotation, free gis data, free gis data, geo statistics, gis, gis, gis data, gis data, gisdata, global data, global remote sensing, ground water, groundwater, hydrology, land cover classification, land use classification, map, mapping, maps, model, modelling, moisture, national remote sensing, ndvi, nwi, precipitation, rainfall, reflectance, regional remote sensing, remote sensing, remote sensing applications, remote sensing curriculum, remote sensing data, remote sensing sites, remote sensi
remote, data, sensing, water, spatial, vegetation, free, digital, statistics, global, classification, satellite, land, mapping, salinity, rivers, imagery, savi, satellites, sensor, basins, river, applications, regional, reflectance, curriculum, sites, reservoirs, materials, training, sensors, soil, quality, balance, photos, watershed, wetlands, zones, zone, usgs
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sensing places – a creative technology agency
sensing places is a mit media lab spin-off that blends creativity and technology to develop state-of-the-art digital experiences for retail, architecture, advertising, and entertainment.
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thermocouples & sensing solutions - cleveland electric laboratories
cleveland electric laboratories | temperature control products, advanced technologies group, fiber optic sensing solutions
temperature, structural, thermocouples, health, monitoring, aerospace, engineering, sensors, sensing, products, control, test, cells, fiber, optics
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hyperspectral remote sensing of vegetation - gamaya
hyperspectral remote sensing - we provide services of crops monitioring in precision agriculture, using drone-based hyperspectral camera.
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isa - intelligent sensing anywhere
isa – intelligent sensing anywhere, specializes in telemetry and m2m solutions for the oil&gas market, improving efficiency, logistics and processes for oil&gas customers being an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, dedicated to software and hardware, and provision of services.
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isa - intelligent sensing anywhere
isa – intelligent sensing anywhere, specializes in telemetry and m2m solutions for the oil&gas market, improving efficiency, logistics and processes for oil&gas customers being an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, dedicated to software and hardware, and provision of services.
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wally | smart home sensing & moisture detection
a revolutionary home sensing solution that detects and alerts you of water, humidity, & temperature changes within your home. connect your home with wally today.
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muse: the brain sensing headband
muse is the brain sensing headband that helps you do more with your mind with training sessions designed to reduce your stress and improve your emotional streng
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remote sensing - practical remote sensing products
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fiber optic sensing and cables for monitoring of structures
solutions for fiber optic sensing applications monitoring tunnels, railways, bridges, roads and security and for protected fiber in metal tubes.
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sensing transitions - relocation management for georgia's boomers and beyond
relocation management for georgia’s boomers and beyond.
relocation, specialist, sensing, senior, transition, move, sale, ctrs, estate, certified, space, planning, tina, mover, management, transitions, moving, manager, georgia, eldercare, retirement
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automation - motion - robotics - electrical control - vision - inspection - sensing - machine safety
for over 50 years, we've been serving the automation needs of our customers. we sell and support automation technology solutions such as factory automation, electrical control, robotics, pneumatics, safety and sensing systems.
systems, ross, engineering, banner, controls, turck, lion, exlar, omron, optex, control, electrical, automation, robotics, pneumatics, sunx, sensing, safety, factory
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sispl – gis-remote sensing-it: custom solutions & training services india | sispl
sispl – spatial it solutions pvt ltd india (sispl) offers:* custom application development services in gis, web and mobile software domains * gis mapping,
training, geospatial, sensing, remote, analysis, satellite, imagery, classification, interpretation, ilwis, mapping, services, online, quantum, grass
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neonode multisensing® technologies
neonode develops and licenses the next generation of multisensing®, proximity sensing and user interface solutions for some of the world’s largest consumer
sensing, touchless, infrared, optical, proximity, technology, multisensing, zforce, touch, neonode
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indepth research services ltd- ires - training and consulting in gis and remote sensing, data analysis, data management, statistical analysis, monitoring and evaluation , ict4d, mobile data gathering and emerging technologies
data, remote, training, analysis, sensing, statistical, stata, management, research, kenya, what, spss, processing, change, open, climate, mobile, software, development, disaster, risk, google, services, food, consulting, early, indepth, warning, security, systems, variables, eview, introduction, utility, adaptation, dessertation, monitoring, sensor, quantum, ires
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oakar services limited : geospatial solutions, training & services
oakar services is eastern africa’s leading gis & remote sensing (rs) consulting firm helping to deliver spatial solutions that enable our clients to become
kenya, survey, equipment, oakar, sensing, remote, hire, imagery, satellite, photogrammetry, topographic, engineering, mappetizer, total, solutions, geospatial, services, training, surveying, arcfm, stations, erdas
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infrared temperature sensing and gas sensing solutions by lumasense technologies - thermal imaging, pyrometer, fiber optic sensors, infrared temperature sensor.
lumasense’s temperature and gas sensing solutions are used in the most critical and complex environments imaginable. we offer an extensive line of robust temperature (pyrometer, thermal imaging) and gas sensing products that provide unprecedented control over environments, safety, productivity and reliability.
temperature, fiber, sensor, optic, infrared, measurement, sensors, ndir, lumasenseinc, technologies, lumasense, ventilation, monitoring, pyrometer, imaging, thermal
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funf | open sensing framework
an open source sensing framework.
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gp50 ny ltd | pressure, level and temperature sensing
gp50 is a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable pressure, level and temperature sensing instrumentation,
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your partner for airflow sensing & controls
latest news from the industry leader in engineered air flow and thermal solutions for critical industries.
flow, sensor, multiple, point, sensing, mass, velocity, airflow, technology, news
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wreckfinder: james whitaker - remote sensing, magnetometer, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler
james whitaker & associates - marine remote sensing services
sonar, scan, side, profiler, sensing, treasure, magnetometer, remote
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78 | gis, mapping, remote sensing, geospatial news
everything related to the geospatial industry
geodata, cartography, sensing, geomatics, remote, mapping, geospatial
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beni raharjo - nature, environment, remote sensing, gis, it and myself
nature, environment, remote sensing, gis, it and myself
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cratus home
cratus technology, inc. is a products and services company specializing in sensors, sensing technology and embedded sensor enabled systems catering to internet of things (iot) and internet of everything (ioe) markets. we design, develop sensors and sensing systems as our products and give services to our customers and clients for custom developments.
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kionix, inc. "sensing the future" mems motion sensing accelerometers, gyroscopes and sensor fusion products
kionix is a mems manufacturer of high quality microelectromechanical (mems) systems including accelerometers, gyroscopes and sensor fusion inertial sensor technology.
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gis jobs - free gis jobs and resume posting.
gis jobs and reuseme posting site.
jobs, remote, system, careers, sensing, employment, information, geographical, global, positioning, consultants, listings, environmental, resumes, australia, india, mapping, classified, internship, clearinghouse
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international lidar mapping forum, conference and exhibition - international lidar mapping forum | feb 22-24, 2016 | denver
international lidar mapping forum (ilmf) is the leading technical conference & expo for lidar and emerging remote-sensing technologies. feb 22-24 2016 - denver
lidar, sensing, remote, conference, data, collection, exposition, international, mapping, forum, ilmf
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catuav | uav services - home
uav services: orthophotos, topography, aerial thermography and remote sensing. drones custom projects.
aerial, remote, sensing, images, thermography, otrhophotos, topography, drones
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integrasia utama
integrasia utama integration brings value
dispatch, training, sensing, remote, mobile, raipdeye, rfid, webgis, digital, globe, android, distribution, kompsat, solution, system, management, fleet, utama, service, satelite, integrasia, imagery
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idahoview is a consortium of universities and colleges, local, state, federal, and tribal agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies working within idaho. the consortium is dedicated to bringing about the wide application of remotely sensed data, and other earth science data products within the remote sensing and gis communities of idaho.
view, sensing, remote, idahoview, idaho, america
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gis people - down to earth gis professionals
gis people cater for all your geospatial needs, offering gis consulting, software development, training and remote sensing services for australia and
remote, sensing, australia, brisbame, courses, training, consulting, software, development, geospatial
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ecognition | trimble
ecognition is the original object-based image analysis software. and it’s remained the solution of choice for industry leading data providers, value adders and remote sensing professionals for nearly a decade. ecognition is the most advanced image analysi
radar, lidar, imagery, digital, satellite, hyperspectral, multispectral, agriculture, landcover, urban, forestry, observation, earth, definiens, analysis, image, software, remote, sensing, binnig, gerd, geospatial, ecognition
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sensing technologies driving tomorrow's solutions | sensors expo
sensing technologies driving tomorrows solutions.
expo, sensors
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airmar technology corporation the leader in ultrasonic transducers and sensing technology
airmar technology corporation is the leader in ultrasonic transducers and sensing technology.
underwater, sensors, marine, airmar, weather, station, transducer
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home - optical oxygen probes
pyro science is a manufacturer of high-precision optical oxygen sensors.
oxygen, sensor, optical, optode, optrode, sensing, microsensor, micropro, micromanipulator, fiberoptic, probe, laboratory, equipment
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nansen environmental and remote sensing center | doing climate and environmental research and education
the nansen center is an independent non-profit research foundation affiliated with the university of bergen, norway. the nansen center conducts basic and applied environmental and climate research.
sensing, remote, research, climate
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global e-photonics solutions-haphit ltd
haphit ltd. is a fast growing private limited company, specializes in providing high quality and reliability fiber optical & photonics components products and sensing products in application of communication, fiber laser, amplifier, sensing, medical, millitary, equipment, etc; and global e-photonics solutions services.
pulse, optic, accelerometer, optical, laser, fiber, haphit
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sensorik automation sdn bhd - sensing and control automation components supplier malaysia, johor bahru (jb).
automation providing sensing and control solutions for factory process and control automation., sensorik automation sdn bhd, johor bahru jb malaysia
automation, control, johor, bahru, malaysia, factory, providing, suppliers, supplier, sensing, solutions, process, supply, sensorik
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gesture recognition & computer vision control technology & motion sensing systems for presentation & entertainment
learn more about gesturetek’s computer vision, gesture recognition & motion sensing technology and motion control interfaces for immersive advertising and digital signage, virtual gaming & entertainment, surface computing, interactive displays and presentation systems.
touch, motion, gesture, interactive, holographic, reality, display, virtual, projection, entertainment, gesturetek, sensor, touchscreen, signage, advertising, less, displays, vision, computer, recognition, sensing, screen, presentations, touchless, free, immersive
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aerometrex - digital aerial mapping specialists
aerometrex supply quality digital aerial photography, remote-sensing and photogrammetric mapping to various industries in australia.
aerial, digital, photogrammetry, mapping, imagery, orthophotography, geospatial, models, photography, virtual, city
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invensense | sensing everything
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welcome to sst website | sst sensing
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lasso technologies gps, sensing, and telemetry
gps asset tracking, gps sensors, gps telemetry, gps strain gage, gps temperature sensing, gps environmental, gps construction equipment, gps tractor trailer, gps rental equipment, gps occupancy sensing, gps sos, gps family, gps shipping, gps thermocouples, gps humidity barometric temperature, gps, pressure, gps dropped, gps bicycles, gps motorcycles, gps vehicle, gps solar power, gps long life, gps sirfstariv, gps sleep mode, gps geofence, gps works site efficiency, gps preventive maintenance, gps run-idle time abuse speeding, gps timeline, gps black box, gps remote control, gps industrial
sensing, equipment, temperature, power, works, site, efficiency, geofence, mode, sirfstariv, sleep, preventive, long, life, remote, control, industrial, black, timeline, solar, time, abuse, speeding, maintenance, bicycles, environmental, construction, tractor, trailer, gage, strain, asset, tracking, sensors, telemetry, rental, occupancy, barometric, pressure, dropped
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earth imaging journal: remote sensing, satellite images, satellite imagery
earth imaging journal is a bimonthly magazine covering a range of earth observation and geospatial technologies and applications.
satellite, mapping, lidar, magazine, geospatial, observation, remote, sensing, imagery, earth
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commonwealth heritage group - cultural resource management, archaeology, archaeology consultants
commonwealth heritage group is a full-service cultural resource management (crm) consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. we specialize in large- and small-scale crm and historic preservation projects.
commonwealth, sensing, cultural, group, remote, compliance, litigation, terrestrial, planning, marine, archaeological, ccrg, heritage, resources, resource, services, management, historical
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welcome to sensing wellness - ct self healing
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taidii | sensing, communicating
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yuktix | sensing solutions
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ambigate | motion sensing
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prysmex - sensing a better life
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bircher reglomat:home | bircher reglomat ag. sensing the future.behr bircher cellpack bbc group
bircher reglomat ag. sensing the future.
sensor, door, safety, activation, hercules, dw40, motion, primetec, switch, standard, aaadm, microwave, machine, sensors, pedestrian, industrial, training, ansi
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punjab remote sensing centre
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hhsensing | human horse sensing
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2d3 sensing | imagery. information. intelligence.
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system sensing & control laboratory
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droneyard: experiments in uas and remote sensing
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cedes ag for system engineering
problemlösungen für optosensorik, spezial-optosensorik, sicherheitssysteme, informationssysteme, industrielle rechner und steuerungen, eigene entwicklung, produktion und verkauf.
safety, cedes, light, sensing, optoelectronic, photoelectric, screen, industrial, door, opto, conveyor, presence, specific, client, control, passenger, equipment, assembly, medical, care, development, production, escalator, photoswitch, measuring, infrared, proximity, safeguard, guards, machine, screens, safeguarding, machinery, sensors, automation, photo, optosensor, protection, prevention, accident
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infrared thermopile detectors | dexter research - infrared thermopile detectors
since 1977, we have provided infrared thermopile detectors for science and industry. nothing performs better than a dexter detector.
detectors, thermopile, dexter, film, sensing, complete, subsyste, customized, infrared, research, solutions, thin
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welcome to milleredge :: sensing solutions for motorized doors
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hqinc | wireless sensing systems & design
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jayich lab | nanoscale sensing mechanics photonics
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sensera systems | simple. remote. sensing.
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aleph-usa | we are the innovative choice in sensing devices
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hasc - human activity sensing consortium
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ventura photonics
ventura photonics provides research and consulting services and develops products for remote sensing, optical sensors and nonimaging optical devices. research has included an extensive analysis of global warming that shown no effect on climate from co2.
light, research, services, consulting, solar, concentrators, analysis, stray, sensing, sensors, hitran, warming, illumination, tools, global, optical, remote
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distributed acoustic sensing | real time decision ready data | decision ready data | improve asset performance | reduce cost
world leaders in distributed acoustic sensing - helping our customers improve asset performance by providing real time decision ready data.
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holistic intuition society - welcome
the holistic intuition society helps people to use the power of the mind to seek the truth and do good. some use devices to enhance their abilities, as in healing, divining, dowsing, and radiesthesia. we seek to correlate the laws of science with philosophies and metaphysical deductions, and to understand and develop the sensing abilities of individuals.
intuition, holistic, diviners, dowsers, psychic, metaphysic, mind, healing, technology, kinesthetic, brain, exorcism, parapsychology, feng, questing, divining, dowsing, shui, radiesthesia, bobber, pendulum, paranormal, sensing
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african association of remote sensing of the environment - home
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welcome to optex europe, leading manufacturer of sensing technologies
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skytruth | remote sensing and mapping for environmental conservation
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african association of remote sensing of the environment (aarse)
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lios technology - distributed temperature sensing solutions
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riko-the leading manufacturer of sensors for sensing technology.
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terabee - home
remote and proximity sensing solutions
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radar and radiometer systems for environmental sensing - prosensing, inc
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mll design lab - sensing architecture by maria lorena lehman
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home - presens precision sensing gmbh
fiber optical sensor technology - presens offers a wide range of o2, ph and co2 sensor systems.
sensors, meter, oxygen, fiber, optrodes, technology, precision, sensing, optical, presens, optic
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the glen dash charitable foundation: surveying for archaeology
the glen dash foundation conducts surface and subsurface surveys at archaeological sites including egypt's valley of the kings and the giza pyramids. we use ground penetrating radar, resistivity and magnetometry in our remote sensing surveys.
ground, sensing, penetrating, radar, egypt, remote, kings, giza, pyramids, valley, archaeology
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the glen dash charitable foundation: surveying for archaeology
the glen dash foundation conducts surface and subsurface surveys at archaeological sites including egypt's valley of the kings and the giza pyramids. we use ground penetrating radar, resistivity and magnetometry in our remote sensing surveys.
ground, sensing, penetrating, radar, egypt, remote, kings, giza, pyramids, valley, archaeology
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the glen dash charitable foundation: surveying for archaeology
the glen dash foundation conducts surface and subsurface surveys at archaeological sites including egypt's valley of the kings and the giza pyramids. we use ground penetrating radar, resistivity and magnetometry in our remote sensing surveys.
ground, sensing, penetrating, radar, egypt, remote, kings, giza, pyramids, valley, archaeology
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home - grss | ieee | geoscience & remote sensing society
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solar powered irrigation, solar powered lighting, wireless flow sensing
control tech usa, inc. website home page
controls, flow, repair, solar, rain, irrigation, controller, power, landscape, lighting, sensing, maxicom, master, remote, denver, bird, service, electronics, lightning, wireless, protection, industrial, metro, meters, powered, installation, irigation, remotes, control, irrisoft, technology, superior, electronic, meter, colorado, light, supplies, data, emco, radios
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symbiosis institute of geoinformatics
learn gis development, map analysis, remote sensing, photogrammetric mapping. from the best gis institute in india . symbiosis institute of geoinformatics in pune
pune, symbiosis, colleges, geoinformatics, institutes, india, programs, college, masters, information, institute, admissions, geographic, remote, systems, sensing
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sensing place
a blog about social justice, hidden heritage, and planning.
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muse brain sensing handband | improve your meditation practice easily
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:: centre for remote sensing & geographic information services - cersgis, ghana
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silicon sensing - high precision mems inertial sensors and systems
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quantum signal signal and image processing technologies for intelligent sensing, data analysis, and visualization
we develop mathematics-based software and algorithms for forensics & biometrics, robotics, video analytics, and simulation.
video, analysis, face, processing, shots, enhancement, remote, vehicle, control, technology, surveillance, detection, facial, skin, human, ground, unmanned, custom, algorithm, software, engineering, signal, solutions, intelligent, sensing, vision, robot, simulation, gaming, quantum
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sensing tex smart textiles
sensing tex develops and commercializes smart textiles. be surprised by our technology, sensor and lighting textiles with the ability to transform environments and provide intelligence to your products.
smart, pressure, mapping, lighting, fiber, optics, fabric, electronics, textiles, printed, stretchable, cover, line, luminous, objects, cities, intelligent, inks, film, thin, area, sensitive, touch, optical, electroluminescent, organic, large, decor, illuminating, flexible, curtain
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sensing vitality | words about nature and feldenkrais® to enliven the body, mind and soul
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mercury consulting: gis mapping and remote sensing services
survey, transmission, management, bands, production, planning, route, training, projects, generation, advertise, contour, tail, geovisualization, support, assessment, aster, models, resources, geographic, farm, database, lahore, research, gujranwala, satellite, precision, consulting, solar, wind, application, pipeline, design, pakistan, head, irrigation, water, spatial, analysis, environment
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coastalcoms environmental monitoring beach and near-shore video remote sensing and video analytics solutions
coastalcoms environmental monitoring beach and near-shore video remote sensing and video analytics solutions
zone, surf, beach, risk, services, force, service, safety, break, tidal, management, platform, lifeguard, multiplier, monitoring, wave, reporting, analytics, video, cameras, reports, forecasts, coastal, observation, managed, prediction, surveillance
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h2scan | hydrogen leak detection sensor gas process monitoring sensing systems valencia ca usa
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why shoes are perfect for remote sensing and photogrammetry projects
my shoe and clothing diary
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sofradir - sensing your future
focuses on the infrared detector business for military, space, and commercial applications.
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我们自主研发的dataexpressengine实时数据自动采集引擎(数递d2e)是基于rfid和传感器技术开发的有源wisp系统(wireless identification & sensing platform);数递d2e系统由多项自主专利技术组成
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icaros - geospatial solutions
precise, photogrammetric, aerial, imaging, remote, sensing, software, photogrammetry
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specializing in sensing & motion control technologies!
eas is a manufacturers sales agency that focuses on providing sensing & motion control solutions that will play the essential role in helping you achieve your machine design and manufacturing automation objectives. our years of experience and product synergy are an unbeatable combination. we would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you!
actuators, motors, connectors, systems, drives, servo, automation, feeders, gantry, vibratory, heavy, laser, measurement, glands, cable, suppression, duty, feeding, photoelectric, screws, beltdrive, roller, motion, linear, stepper, cordsets, proximity, ultrasonic, encoders, gearmotors, background
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home - musst
musst is a sound, technology and experience design studio specialized in sensing spaces, intelligent objects and immersive design.
design, sound, technology, experience, studio, immersive, sensing, spaces, intelligent, objects, musst
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dtec - inertia & brake dyno (dynamometer) kart, rc, bike & car. diy, tech articles, temperature sensing and acquisition
dtec- quality products & free diy tech articles. inertia & brake dyno system kit for kart, bike, rc & car. temperature sensing. data acquisition. serving the diy & home made industry
thermocouple, amplifier, chassis, motor, engine, temperature, sensor, dtech, dteck, data, aquisition, bike, motorbike, dynamometer, dynos, dyno, inertia, dynamometers, kart, motorcycle, made, home, dynertia
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on world, internet of things market research
business intelligence on internet of things markets.
wireless, sensor, research, sensing, business, networks, intelligence, technology, solution, mems, marketing, home, things, mobile, data, zigbee, internet
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innovation by design : trumeter
global designer, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated measurement products, innovative sensing and led technologies.
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gilden photonics, manufacturer and supplier of optical spectroscopy products
established in 2005 providing customised designs, oem design, manufacturing and value added resell of optical spectroscopy products for industrial machine vision and spectral analysis, remote sensing and scientific application. products include fluorimeters, monochromators, light sources, optomechanical components, imaging spectrographs and hyper-spectral systems.
components, optomechanical, sources, imaging, spectrographs, systems, light, monochromators, spectral, spectroscopy, analysis, remote, fluorimeters, sensing, optical
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nuit blanche
a blog about compressive sensing, computational imaging, machine learning. using priors to avoid the curse of dimensionality arising in big data.
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x-band eos, modis, hrpt, ahrpt, dmsp, lrd, lrit, hrit and gvar reception systems - dartcom
dartcom is one of the leading manufacturers and integrators of weather satellite and remote sensing ground stations worldwide. we offer solutions for receiving x-band eos, modis, hrpt, ahrpt, dmsp, lrd, lrit, hrit and gvar data.
station, ground, weather, satellite, remote, eumetcast, himawaricast, sensing, dartcom, gvar, hrpt, modis, ahrpt, dmsp, hrit, lrit
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sensing malaysia temperature | humidity | pressure | air velocity | flow | infrared | sensor | controller | transmitter | switch | hvac | singapore | thailand | indonesia
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sensor hubs and fusion algorithms | pni sensor corporation
sensing beyond the limits of expectation
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secure heat | home heat monitoring and sensing systems
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the human powered home - choosing muscles over motors
what if i could harness this energy? the question might have occurred to you while exercising—sweating and generating heat, sensing your body as an engine.
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topworx home
emerson topworx is a global leader in valve control and position sensing for the process industries.
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entry bell
know when your door is opened. wireless entrance alert chimes, magnetic and motion sensing. 1000 foot range. expandable to multiple doors and rooms.
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sm waypoint | precision remote sensing
sm waypoint is a flight services company providing remote sensing solutions utilising our team of certified pilots and fleet of professional unmanned aircraft (aka
services, company, drone, satellites, digital, index, rpas, cambodia, detection, exploration, spot, normalized, inspection, difference, unmanned, satellite, flight, systems, commercial, aircraft, airbus, terrasar, pleiades, blackbridge, demand, pilots, rapid, planet, rapideye, labs, radar, advanced, service, farm, analytics, geospatial, processing, image, large, plantation
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home -
geospatial news: web maps, spatial databases, remote sensing, gps, location-based services and everything geospatial-related.
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temp-pro inc.: standard and custom engineered thermocouples, rtds, thermowells, protection tubes, and other sensors, products, and accessories in northampton, ma
temp-pro inc. builds standard and custom-engineered temperature sensing equipment, including thermocouples, rtds, thermowells, protection tubes, and other sensors, products, and accessories in northampton, ma.
thermocouples, protection, temperature, custom, thermocouple, thermistor, tube, tubes, enclosure, sensors, kosha, rtds, wire, thermowell, thermowells, sensing, electrical
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promess incorporated - sensing systems for manufacturing
promess incorporated is a worldwide leader of sensing systems for manufacturing. systems include servo presses, force monitoring, position monitoring, and torque testing systems.
press, monitoring, assembly, systems, testing, force, servo, signature, motor, gauging, manufacturing, torque, linear, electric, position, promess, ball, screw
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compact membrane systems
advanced materials company enabling solvent recovery, olefin/paraffin separation, gas sensing and other industrial applications via membrane technologies
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igarss 2015 | 2015 ieee international geoscience and remote sensing symposium | 13-18 july 2015 | milan, italy
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igarss 2016 | 2016 ieee international geoscience and remote sensing symposium | 10-15 july 2016 | beijing, china
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igarss 2016 | 2016 ieee international geoscience and remote sensing symposium | 10-15 july 2016 | beijing, china
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specialists in gas detection - calibration technologies
new- two (2) year warranty on all gasguard sensing elements and transmitters. includes nh3 sensors, co2 sensors, and r22 sensors among
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igarss 2017 | 2017 ieee international geoscience and remote sensing symposium | 23-28 july 2017 | fort worth, texas, usa
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make your team a dream team - employee sensing
engagement surveys only measure things once a year. get real-time feedback and actively improve the way you work together every week.
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eon systems
systems, programming, imagery, canal, geography, data, satellite, remote, information, geographic, panama, maps, sensing
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welcome to wib integrated sciences
specializing in lidar, aldis (airborne laser with digital imagery surveying), precise topographical and scientific, geophysical, remote sensing, geodetic, earth modeling, airborne video, plantation science, supplies and other geomatic services.
modeling, airborne, earth, geodetic, sensing, video, plantation, geomatic, services, other, supplies, science, remote, scientific, laser, aldis, lidar, with, digital, topographical, specializing, precise, imagery, geophysical
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analog microelectronics gmbh
analog microelectronics - your competent partner in sensing and signal-conditioning with more than 20 years experience.
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dehydration, hydration, sensor, testing, sports, measurement, heat, sensing, novel, science, diagnostics, biodefense, life, saliva, environmental, military, geriatric, pediatric, firefighters, first, responders, healthcare, near, ncaa, medicine, collegiate, professional, institute, gatorade, health, home, skilled, patient, nursing, facility, living, assisted, osmometer, illness, sample
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douglas c. brown, international consultant in geography, geographic information systems (gis), remote sensing, and information systems for natural resource management
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snupi - sensor network utilizing powerline infrastructure
snupi technologies, makers of wallyhome, is an ultra-low-power, wireless sensing platform that is easily used by leveraging existing wiring as a whole home antenna.
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start [remote sensing]
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tepper aviation
tepper aviation, inc, bob sikes airport in crestview, fl. founded on research, development, test and eval, remote sensing, exploration, faa part 145 repair
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poes-weather ltd ab remote sensing
poes-weather ltd sample hrpt imagery
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190 - homepage - welcome!
your gateway to the world of hydrologic modeling, gis, gps and remote sensing.
watershed, hawaii, michigan, management, mapping, assessment, evaluation, restoration, modeling, spatial, hydrologic, data, drainage, decision, hydrology, grants, glossary, jobs, books, funding, conferences, hardware, warehouse, free, seminars, treatment, watersh, support, systems, download, muskingum, financial, software, models, organization, research, centers, articles, sensing, hydrograph
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we provide the latest products for geomatics including training in gps and land surveying, topographical accessories, remote sensing, gis and machine control systems. trimble, tds and spectra surveying products distributor
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aidrones - aidrones gmbh - professional drone systems
we offer innovative unmanned aerial multicopter and helicopter systems. our uavs are used for remote sensing applications with a wide range of cameras and sensors.
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muse ™ | meditation made easy
muse, by interaxon enables you to take the guesswork out of meditation with real-time feedback from muse: the brain sensing headband.
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muse ™ | meditation made easy
muse, by interaxon enables you to take the guesswork out of meditation with real-time feedback from muse: the brain sensing headband.
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steinert sensing systems
we revel in developing disruptive products for hunters and shooters. our products all have attributes that make them unique and first of their kind.
disruptive, hunter, shooter, target, electronic, shooting, chronograph, bipod
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conservation science partners: advanced analysis & research for conservation projects
specializing in geospatial and remote sensing analysis, ecological and population modeling, statistics, conservation planning / design, and education
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raspberry pi ai
raspberry pi ai is devoted to cataloging the efforts to create a artificial intelligence using a raspberry pi with many features. current features include face/speech recognition, poetry generation (creativity), motion sensing.
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beagle sense inc. | beagle sense | unleash a healthy indoors
smart home sensing made easy. improve your health with beagle sensors to protect you from unsuitable levels of air quality, humidity, noise, and more.
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welcome to microsens sa
microsens sa specializes in miniature semconductor sensors and systems. our main products are isfet ph sensors and sno2 gas sensors as well as integrated sensing solutions based on these sensors.
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coburg - air compressors | reciprocating air compressors | piston air compressors | air receiver tanks
cobcat - we are the leading manufacturers & suppliers of piston compressors, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, vacuum pumps, refrigeration dryers, drain valves, filters, air receiver tanks in coimbatore, tirupur, chennai, bangalore, cochin, secunderabad, tamilnadu, kerala, andhra, telangana, karnataka, india
compressor, manufacturers, drain, compressors, filter, valve, suppliers, screw, level, coburg, sensing, electronic, tank, equipments, auto, receiver, timer, dryer, pump, vacuum, piston, reciprocating, refrigeration, dryers, valves
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radiometer physics gmbh - one of the leading suppliers for remote sensing, millimeter wave, sub-mm and thz instrumentation and components - rpg radiometer physics gmbh
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angelic guidanceguys - home
angel/guide artistry, angel/guide/intuitive reading, psychic readings, aromatherapy, aura photography, aura sensing, card reading, tarot, color therapy, house clearings, house blessing, energy healing, psychic galleries, psychic gallery
psychic, house, aura, reading, clearings, blessing, energy, healing, gallery, moorman, greg, galleries, tarot, aromatherapy, readings, artistry, photography, sensing, color, card, therapy
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omron indonesia beranda
selamat datang di omron indonesia. omron bangga telah menjadi yang terdepan di dunia dalam otomatisasi mutakhir, teknologi sensing dan kontrol, serta perawatan kesehatan di rumah.
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retail sensing: retail intelligence from the leaders in video people counting
over 98% accurate even in the busiest of positions. measure usage of retail space. real-time integration with pos database. gain retail intelligence and analytics.
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lifevibes speech & sensing software makes devices smarter || nxp software | smarter listening. better conversations.
through our expertise, consumer insights and partnerships across the mobile eco-system, we enabe exciting new use cases for tomorrow’s smart devices.
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rodolfo mari photography
seeing, sensing and exploring have been the greatest joys and motivators in all of my past and present pursuits. rodolfo mari graduated from parsons school of design with a bfa in photography. 42 washington street, mystic, ct 06355, united states
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pvl ltd pressure switch | switches | flow switch | pressure transducer | level switch & sensor / sensors | vacuum switch | transducers | atex pressure switch | uk distributor for the hydraulics, pneumatics & processing industries
pressure vacuum level ltd: click here to view the pvl range of pressure, vacuum, level, flow, temperature & atex : switch / switches, transducer, sensors, meters, indicators, solenoids, valves, gauges & handhelds
switches, pressure, level, flow, vacuum, sensing, seawater, acids, emco, hydraulics, hydraulic, beck, bedia, elettrotec, greisinger, electrotec, balem, fantini, transducers, transducer, gauges, factory, oems, pneumatic, pneumatics, processing, riko, martens, metal, sensor, sensors, solutions, flowmeters, switch, solenoid, float, temperature, capacitance, conductive, plastic
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pangaea information technologies, ltd.
pangaea information technologies provides highly specialized professional services for environmental, remote sensing, gis, public health, and infrastructure management issues through the application of advanced technologies.
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industrial safety controls, inc. - machine safety, sensing and control specialists
safety, machine, buttons, controls, switches, industrial, safeguarding, stop, control, light, center, signaling, emergency, monitoring, rees, stack, machinery, robotics, ansi, physical, lights, gate, interlocks, door, guarding, osha, regulations, sales, reliability, products, safe, tape, edges, assessment, risk, horns, visual, buzzers, standards, audible
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mobilize | mobilizing for innovative computer science teaching and learning
computer science teaching and learning project using participatory sensing to educate and engage students in computational thinking and data analysis.
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esp global - home
esp is the most experienced provider of vehicle emissions testing equipment and service.
emissions, vehicle, inspection, motor, remote, testing, accuscan, sensing
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micronoptics - a world leader in optical solutions and services
an established leader of innovative optical components and laser-based equipment that advance the quality of optical measurements, allowing the sensing, imaging and telecommunications industries to make critical measurements
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evergreen church | a united methodist community in leesburg, va (meeting since 1999)
we welcome you to get to know us at evergreen church.  it is our deep desire that you feel welcome coming as you are, and that after spending some time sensing the presence of god through the evergreen family, you will be more aware of gods love for you and gods profound purpose for your
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emisense technologies, llc: smart sensors - clean emissions
misense, emissions sensors, technical ceramics, clean combustion, innovate!, ceramatec, directdigitalâ™, zirconia, noxtracâ®, nox, pmtracâ®, particulate matter, closed-loop controls, oxygen sensor, o2, wbo2, wideband, lambda, afr, uego, wraf, pm sensor, nox sensor, asic, htcc sensing elements, cool egr, intake uego
sensor, uego, lambda, wideband, wbo2, wraf, cool, intake, elements, sensing, asic, htcc, oxygen, controls, clean, combustion, innovate, ceramics, technical, emissions, sensors, ceramatec, matter, particulate, zirconia, emisense
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aviation technology, inc.™
helping to prevent hypoxia. the revolutionary alt alert® wearable sensing device monitors cabin pressure-altitude and provides early audible and visual warnings of potentially dangerous aircraft cabin altitudes, delivering an important back-up to factory installed cabin pressure warning systems.
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innoviz technologies
enabling the driverless car revolution innoviz is developing the key technologies of autonomous driving - smart 3d sensing, sensor fusion and accurate mapping
driverless, solid, state, autonomous, innoviz, lidar
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home page-brolis semiconductors - brolis semiconductors
mid-infrared laser sources for security, sensing, medical and research applications. high-power laser diodes, tunable single-mode laser diodes and gain chip
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job search - ebr #1 for gis jobs australia and spatial jobs specialists! | sydney | melbourne | perth
ebr is australias #1 gis and spatial jobs specialists. our core strength lies in the gis/spatial industry, so if you are looking for a career in professions such as land & hydrographic surveying, cartography, gis (gis officer, gis analyst), mapping, remote sensing and photogrammetry...
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eyesight | eyesight | we make awesome user experiences
bringing machine vision to every device - the worlds leader in computer vision software delivering sensing, gesture recognition & user awareness solutions
recognition, gesture, hand
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harris aerial | custom heavy-lift drone solutions
we manufacture uavs or drones capable of carrying heavy payloads for geospatial surveying, inspections, thermal imaging, emissions sensing, and photography.
lift, multirotor, suas, heavy, geospatial, robotics, lidar, drone
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home page
e e systems group, inc. is a leading edge product innovator and technical solution provider with extensive r&d capabilities over 27 years for digital sensing & energy saving related products. has been providing advanced world’s 1st pure digital solar/hybrid led lighting engine-eleding.
ezapper, estreet, epir, eleding, eesgi
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advanced prosthetic limb socket technology | prosthetic limb sockets | 5280 prosthetics
the smartpuck™ system uses advanced socket technology with on board computers & sensing sysytems to improve the fit & performance of prosthetic limbs.
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rsa, inc.: the right solutions for automation...every time.
rsa is a midwestern automation solutions provider. we specialize in industrial motion and machine control, product and machine vision/sensing, machine safety,
vision, machine, handheld, cognex
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women in aerospace - expanding women's opportunities - home
women in aerospace (wia) is dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community. our membership women and men shares an interest in a broad spectrum of aerospace issues, including human space flight, aviation, remote sensing, satellite communications, robotic space exploration, an the policy issues surrounding these fields. as part of its program to provide a forum for discussion of national policy related to science, space, aeronautics and technology issues, wia sponsors frequent meetings at various times of day and locations throughout the washington, dc area. speakers include senior representatives of the administration, members of congress, industry leaders, scientists, educators, and international aerospace experts. topics cover current developments in science and technology policy. networking is one of the benefits of joining women in aerospace. wia has had local chapters in several us citie
aerospace, space, issues, policy, science, technology, national, forum, exploration, discussion, aeronautics, networking, flying, washington, robotic, sensing, leadership, community, opportunities, airplanes, human, women, satellite, remote, aviation, flight, communications
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agratronix | leading manufacturer of moisture testing equipment for grain and hay
agratronix is the leading manufacturer-supplier of digital hay, grain and wood moisture sensing instrumentation. agratronix private labels their products for
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real-time location sensing and analytics | leantegra
rapid implementation of b2b and b2c solutions in mobile marketing automation, operational intelligence, location-based safety and security
tracking, asset, ibeacon, beacons, indoor, proximity, marketing, bigdata, navigation, parking, smart, analytics, data, internet, intelligence, business, things, rtls
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plessey semiconductors
plessey are leading experts in the development and manufacture of semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and control applications. plessey's products are found in a wide range of markets including communications, manufacturing, medical, defence and aerospace.
sensors, epic, electric, potential, devices, image, hbleds, hall, effect, cmos
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motion sensors - speed sensing solutions
motion sensors, inc. has provided custom speed sensors and engineering services since 1970. speed sensors for the aerospace, military, rail and flow metering industries.
sensors, speed, motion
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gis & it services| cad services| gis solutions | data services
quantum asia, an iso 9001:2008 certified company is a leading geospatial, it & cad services provider.located in hyderabad, india and offices in usa.
services, sensing, statellite, image, spatial, processing, remote, data, technology, geospatial, solution, outsourcing, servicves, hyderabad
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grayhill, inc. | home page | grayhill, inc
standard products include optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and pushbuttons; all with finely tuned haptics. grayhill specializes in creating ergonomic panels and product shells that integrate various interface technologies, including displays, touch technology and motion sensing.
catalog, about, where, solutions, interface, devices, products, custom, human
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custom sensing solutions for mission critical applications
kavlico, a brand of custom sensors & technologies (cst), has more than 50 years of experience in the design of innovative pressure, position, force and other specialty sensors and transducers for mission critical applications in harsh environments for transportation, building equipment, energy & infrastructure, food & beverage, medical as well as aerospace & defense markets.
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mesh provides leading-edge technology to safeguard people and facilities from chemical and biological hazards
chemical, standoff, detection, vehicle, ftir, mounted, remote, condimentum, massa, tempor, passive, aenean, sensors, mesh, sensing, mcad, imcad, engineering, block, porthos, services
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amaterra environmental inc.
summary of environmental consulting services for the continental united states (conus) including archaeology, historic resources, biology, nepa, wetlands
archaeology, national, nepa, marine, environmental, policy, sensing, remote, prehistoric, magnetometer, geophysical, endangered, conus, austin, archeology, species, systems, information, geographic, history
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tabateq: industrial wireless | radio telemetry | data transfer
supply of specialist industrial wireless products & solutions for sub-saharan africa.
temperature, heating, infrared, wireless, sensing, elements, telemetry, systems, runner, sensors, measurement, process, control, thermocouples, controllers
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biomedical optics and new laser systems
laser, biop, processing, image, proxessing, data, systems, center, biomedical, optics, imaging
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the pocketlab | wireless sensor for stem education and makers.
pocketlab - the wireless sensing and analytics platform for science experiments. a portable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use science laboratory for students, educators, and citizen scientists.
science, drones, robots, labs, wireless, stem, robotics, hobbies, fair, experiment, sensors, acceleration, physics
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237 - hartelijk welkom in de wereld van huishoudelijke apparatuur van whirlpool!
ontdek het complete assortiment van whirlpool: wasautomaten, droogautomaten, ovens, koelkasten, afzuigkappen, magnetrons... whirlpool. sensing the difference!
whirlpool, filters, voor
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twin otter international
twin otter international buys twin otters, converts them to 'vistaliners', and leases them with full parts and technical support to airlines and tour operators throughout the world.
remote, platform, scientific, researth, sensing, imaging, nadr, port, camera, sensor, airborne, surveillance, vistaliner, dehavilland, stol, aircraft, survey, sightseeing, airplane, otter
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the global ocean forum for ocean technology and marine science - oceanology international
at oceanology international 2014 the marine technology and ocean science community will discuss strategies for measuring, exploiting, protecting and operating in the oceans.
radar, remote, sensing, satellite, marine, geophysics, engineering, oceanography, offshore
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te connectivity: connectors & sensors for harsh environments
te connectors and sensors are embedded in almost every device, where constant data, power, sensing and connectivity are required — even in the harshest environments.
tyco, electronics, harsh, environments, connectivity, connectors, electronic, components, sensors
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natural health associates
naturopathic family practice in hamden connecticut
natural, healthcare, health, james, sensing, matthew, medicine, robinson, connecticut, mouth, chimileski, associates, hand, foot, disease, holistic
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double sheet detection, sensors and controls, prime controls
double sheet detection controls, leak detection sensors, metal sensing solutions for the can making, automotive, appliance and metal forming industries.
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open source gis
linux and gis and geographic information systems and open source
systems, open, jump, geoserver, mapserver, esri, source, research, arcims, arcserver, arcmap, arcinfo, institute, environmental, remote, postgis, opengeospatial, opengis, services, free, geographic, mapping, linux, data, spatial, information, sensing
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te connectivity: connectors & sensors for harsh environments | te connectivity
te connectors and sensors are embedded in almost every device, where constant data, power, sensing and connectivity are required — even in the harshest environments.
tyco, electronics, harsh, environments, connectivity, connectors, electronic, components, sensors
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te connectivity: connectors & sensors for harsh environments | te connectivity
te connectors and sensors are embedded in almost every device, where constant data, power, sensing and connectivity are required — even in the harshest environments.
tyco, electronics, harsh, environments, connectivity, connectors, electronic, components, sensors
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progreen irrigation | toronto lawn sprinklers
pro green irrigation provides you with lawn and garden sprinkler systems in toronto. contact us for additional details at (416) 917-0909
irrigation, sprinklers, rotors, sprayheads, valves, landscape, raincheck, service, installation, products, devices, lighting, controllers, residential, rainbird, lawn, green, commercial, contractor, hunter, quality, sensing
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エヴィクサー株式会社 - evixar inc. | 誰もやらないことが誰にもやれないことになる。実りあるアウトプットを創出する。
エヴィクサー株式会社(evixar inc.)のサイトです。弊社では、acr(自動コンテンツ認識)技術と総括されるaudio/image fingerprint(音・画像のフィンガープリント技術)、audio watermark(音響透かし)の開発・提供、ip-pbx(ソフトフォン)やリモートコントロールの
evixar, bioacoustics, sensing, stac, japan, watermark
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248 - the most popular gis jobs website - offering jobs listings, resumes, salary survey, gis resources, and more!
jobs, geographic, resumes, listing, classified, remote, processing, image, sensing, spatial, survey, salary, careers, gisjobs, systems, information, geography, want
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rithmio gesture recognition for wearable technology
rithmio’s gesture recognition software is used by motion-sensing products like wearable technology fitness trackers, smartwatches or smartphones to learn, track and analyze motion. products powered by rithmio enable accurate and personalized gesture-based experiences.
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on this site you will get learning material related to geology, remote sensing and geographic information system. you can freely download the software and other material. your suggestions are most welcome.
system, topographic, learning, maps, toposheet, numbering, software, geological, geographic, information, geology, material