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vagabomb- most relatable and interesting content encompassing feminism, feminist, sexism, pop culture, fashion, beauty, health, food, drink, sex, relationships, dating, celebrities, bollywood, lgbt, human rights, lesbian, gay, homosexuality, friends & family, music, movies, career & educational pursuits, animals , current events and opinions, sports and more.
women, stories, indian, drink, relationships, food, health, fashion, beauty, dating, lgbt, lesbian, homosexuality, rights, human, bollywood, culture, celebrities, sexism, power, success, entrepreneurs, inspiring, contemporary, writing, issues, feminist, urbane, feminism, ambitious, opinions, motivated
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ultraviolet | equality at a higher frequency
ultraviolet is a community of women and men who fight sexism & expand women's rights. equality at a higher frequency-- that's what we're all about!
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i'm judging you
20-something bl lover living in the big mikan. editor by day, fangirl by night. all-around thing-doer for september scanlations. i dont tolerate rape apologia, sexism, racism, or homophobia of any...
subtitles, kagehina, haimyuu, haikyuu
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has thousands of links on racism, sexism, and other prejudices, with searchable databases and fascinating interactive exercises. very well done!
native, holocaust, antisemitism, plous, americans, american, psychology, speciesism, indians, heterosexism, stereotype, stereotypes, stereotyping, racism, slavery, presidents, segregation, discrimination, homophobia, ambivalent, sexism, prejudice
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contemptor | generally cynical. often profane. totally unfiltered
a website dedicated to unmerciful media criticism, loud political opinion and harsh pop culture commentary.
news, sykes, susan, word, last, charlie, lawrence, florida, party, jupiter, tony, sarandon, dokoupil, clinton, benenson, joel, kate, bolduan, wisconsin, sexism, hayes, chris, bernie, republican, sanders, hillary, barack, bolling, five, ticker, michelle, eric, cable, gutfeld, donald, trump, breitbart, fields, corey, stein
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goalden times
from platini to panenka, zico to zidane and world cup to world war we cover everything related to football romance.
football, baggio, buddhist, time, passer, didier, best, league, competitive, most, world, philanthropy, drogba, 1986, batistuta, sexism, gabriel, werner, dresses, timo, laisa, andrioli, miss, tight, penalty, zico, politics, culture, xavi
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men are better than women, by dick masterson
are men better than women? yes.
male, rights, women, modern, roles, advice, gender, relationship, issues, sexism, feminism, equal, equality
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peace and freedom party
the peace and freedom party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. we represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. we organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.
anti, left, color, equality, labor, platform, leftist, politics, progressive, choice, union, liberal, jones, peace, racial, people, wing, mother, revolutionary, women, rights, slave, womyn, worker, yippie, class, working, wage, utopia, amendment, second, marx, socialism, socialist, unionist, civil, spanish, radical, hippy, california
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✿ chubby bunnies ✿
this blog is for women, girls, non- binary babes and other chubby bunnies to share their photos, stories and experiences. a place to discuss racism, sexism, body positivity, bullying, feminism and...
woman, submission, cute, love, chub, confident
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asshole of the day
asshole of the day finds the public figures who are the biggest assholes each day
sexism, sexist, racist, racism, asshole
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i once had a guy tell me...
please read the faq
sexism, sexual, harassment, assault, misogyny
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ruining everyone you love forever.
tw: racism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, transmisogyny, sizeism, ableism, monosexism, binarism, ace hate, rape apologism, slut shaming, domestic violence, abuse... all posts are tagged...
sexual, assault, rape, abuse, sexism, gervais, ricky
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13 | act against sexism
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the everyday sexism project
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home | national organization for men against sexism
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sexism, flowers, fashion, stock
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augsburg, sexism, chemnitz, sexismus, ultrapeinlich
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meryl streep on sexism in hollywood: "we have to be made equal" - ny daily news
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sexism in music
perez, mysogyny, ruben, devin, diiv, racism, feminism
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sexistential questions
i identify as a person. [email protected]
women, feminism, fucking, sexism
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feminist? fuck yeah!
sexism sucks.
lgbtqia, intersex, rhimes, shonda, intersectional, feminism, tgit
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purl gurl net
choctaw language lessons, american indian life, naturist lifestyle, music, sexism and controversy!
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s.h.e, social, health and empowerment feminist collective of transgender women of africa ~ s.h.e acknowledges diversity, advocates equality and pursues dignity and non-sexism
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lily cato of parlour tricks shares her take on sexism in the music industry, new york city, tom waits, and being labeled “vintage”. interview by tj kliebhan...
waster, roll, rock
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misandry mermaid
this is a feminist blog that strives toward intersectionality and inclusiveness of all people who experience systemic gender oppression. please note there is a permanent trigger warning for this...
racist, sexism, sexist, misogyny
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illustrations of a woman's place
this blog is nsfw and contains fantasy vignettes of abuse, dominance, and sexism. if any of this offends you, or if you are not 18+ years old, please leave. i write things here that i am not able to...
asks, vignettes, captions, erotica, perfectworld
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i went to africa and all i got were these pictures
so. you go to one of those fabulously elitist schools where everyone talks about privilege, classism, racism, sexism, etc. as if they dont practice it in real life. but in order to really see the...
third, world, what, appropriation, africa, satire, maasai
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ultraviolet | campaign videos
ultraviolet is a community of women and men who fight sexism & expand women's rights. equality at a higher frequency-- that's what we're all about!
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feminist and gender equality ideas, news and comics feminist faq e-book now on pre-sale!browse posts by month
girl, power, sexist, sexism, feminist, feminism
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my rage will end worlds
where i hate things. male, 27, netherlands. raging at religion, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, any other form of discrimination, and all you idiotic tumblr teenagers with your "identities". i talk...
oppression, olympics, dysphoria, transsexual, america, transgender
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sidewalk bubblegum political comic cartoon strip by clay butler
alternative political editorial cartoons about war, racism, sexism, capitalism, worker rights, human rights, the environment and consumerism
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dan golding
im dan golding, writer and academic. heres my twitter, my journalistic writing, and my academic stuff. this tumblr is for things that dont go anywhere else.
french, revolution, composers, ubisoft, sexism, creed, unity, assassins
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christopher copywriter delivers extra stuff
"all aspects of brand communications have an essential common element, a uniquely compelling story..." ccbc writing professionally for over 14 years in public relations, advertising copywriting, ...
racism, marketing, sexism, davidbowie, ripdavidbowie
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fuck no video games
fnvg is an independent blog keeping you up-to-date on toxic behavior and offensive content (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and more) in the games industry. if youd like to submit a tip or...
harassment, reblog, stopgamergate2014, boost, gamergate, signal
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what bigots post
formerly facebooksexism submission based blog to shame bigots who are flagrantly bigoted. also general sj, feminist, anti-terf, pro-fat stuff. submit is only open the first few days of each month to...
racism, misogyny, sexism, queue, submission
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rasenth / japan feel free to call me razzy! im an artist who likes drawing my half-animal characters and other random fanart!! check out my homepage for other sites im on. flavors homepage webcomic
yesallwomen, utapri, sexism, original
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fanny åström | kom i kontakt med ditt inre hat
radikalfeminist och kommunist. studerar statskunskap. skriver om feminism, relationer, normer och ideologi. debatterar inte med folk som använder god ton™
sexism, kommunism, feminism, relationer, normer
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miss treated is devoted to exposing medical sexism or gender bias in the medical field.
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index page: the backlash!
the backlash! against tyranny.
rights, sexism, inflation, hyperinflation, deflation, depression, collapse, economic, divorce, feminist, johnson, gary, paul, libertarian, money, feminism, economy, silver, gold, androphobia
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sexism! as seen on facebook
submission based blog to shame bigots who are flagrantly bigoted! (submit closed until early feb.) also general sj and feminist stuff. read faqs before sending an ask or submission! faqs required...
transphobia, ableism, racism, submission, queue
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celty radfem
im a radical feminist. im a white woman in my early twenties. thats all the personal details im willing to give. anti porn/prostitution/bdsm. anti racism, sexism, homphobia, colonialism, etc. anti...
radfem, celty
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appetite for equal rights | a blog for the modern feminist
a blog for the modern feminist.
abortion, homophobia, racism, rape, sexism, womanist, feminist, race, lesbian, gender, women, beauty, queer, equality, feminism
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comd: committee opposed to militarism and the draft
an antimilitarism organization: challenges the institution of the military, its impact on society, and the racism, sexism and homophobia inherent in the armed forces and selective service system.
military, draft, peace, service, social, school, rights, militarism, environment, corps, marine, intervention, student, racism, homophobia, newspaper, force, disobedience, civil, gandhi, teach, equal, access, navy, army, asvab, careers, software, free, buttons, choices, peacemaking, community, products, comd, students, spending, sexism, antiwar, first
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cincinnati now - welcome
cincinnati now - cincinnati chapter of the national organization for women.
women, domestic, cincinnati, kentucky, northern, sexism, abuse, issues, violence, feminist
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you are not entitled to us
massive trigger warnings for this entire blog include sexism, abuse, and violence. a blog for women of all backgrounds to share stories about violence and any various forms of bullshit faced because...
harassment, sexual, assault, rape
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ring in love
building, sexual, spiritual, life, harassment, prejudice, discrimination, racism, orientation, homophobia, sexism, team, love, ceremonies, cycle, coaching, inspirational, speaking, workshops, bridges, development, diversity
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michael parenti political archive
michael parenti is an internationally known author and lecturer. he is one of the nation's leading progressive political analysts. parenti's writings cover a wide range of subjects: u.s. politics, culture, ideology, political economy, imperialism, fascism, communism, democratic socialism, free-market orthodoxies, conservative judicial activism, religion, ancient history, modern history, historiography, repression in academia, news and entertainment media, technology, environmentalism, sexism, racism, homophobia, venezuela, the wars in iraq and yugoslavia, ethnicity, and his own early life.
history, media, technology, environmentalism, entertainment, parenti, politics, academia, news, sexism, racism, iraq, yugoslavia, ethnicity, wars, homophobia, venezuela, repression, historiography, communism, democratic, socialism, fascism, imperialism, ideology, political, economy, orthodoxies, ancient, michael, modern, religion, activism, conservative, judicial, culture
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first things first 2014
we, the undersigned, are designers, developers, creative technologists and multi-disciplinary communicators. we are troubled by the present state of our industry and its effects on culture and societies across the world.
first, things, sexism, racism, gchq, working, privacy, hours, inclusion, activism, ethics, design, 2014, designers, developers, 2000, technology, manifesto
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vcs inc - home
vcs is a non-profit agency providing accessible and affordable counseling services and family support programs in rockland county, ny
counseling, rockland, county, bereavement, training, professional, domestic, lgbt, sexism, racism, violence, anxiety, health, services, support, family, parenting, volunteer, groups, couples, mental, education, parent, depression
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geek brain dump | a place for geeks to tell their side of the story
when publishing content to your wordpress site it's a good idea to see which posts are shared the most. even if these posts are not the most popular as shown
security, business, social, lincoln, cleveland, bizdom, factor, nebraska, ohio, pando, pandoland, sexism, equality, accelerator, nmotion, small, york, wordpress, metrics, media, rhinebeck, best, plugin, system, rohos, challenges, practices, administration
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acid for blood
videogaming blog focusing on personal gaming experiences and critical perspectives on games culture.
women, games, feminist, gamers, gaming, social, gamer, racism, issues, sexism, race, justice, gender, feminism, video, culture, intersectional, intersectionality, videogames
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blanche black: matriarchy and female domination
female leadership of men in relationships and society through female assertiveness, boundary setting, male discipline, and matriarchy.
relationships, submissive, gender, female, sexual, discipline, misogyny, matriarchy, patriarchy, worship, empowerment, submission, help, counseling, self, power, women, goddess, supremacy, issues, dominatrix, dominant, philosophy, poetry, feminism, domination, male, solidarity, sexism
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the duck shoot blog
standing against authoritarianism, elitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism. exposing the psychopaths in society; corrupt politicians, unethical
corruption, imprisonment, brutality, taser, corporate, police, trafficking, sexual, rape, human, punishment, people, pedophilia, revolution, paedophilia, capital, child, molestation, exploitation, prisoners, torture, killings, criminals, tasers, excessive, death, penalty, government, political, false, abolish
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lisa "bad news" brown | 6 time world champion professional boxer
bad news boxing: the official website of six time world champion lisa "bad news" brown - canadas most decorated female boxer: boxing and fitness goods giant everlast recently dropped this inspirational ad which combats sexism in sports. directed by claire edmondson, the promo features six-time world champion boxer lisa ‘bad news’ brown, with actress makayla maxwell
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:: global watch - home ::
political and social activist, former robben island prisoner and anti-apartheid struggle veteran, mr tokyo sexwale, leads a global initiative aimed at the challenges arising from racism in sport
sport, nelson, global, mandela, watch, football, soccer, sexism, tennis, goals, qatar, tokyo, discrimination, sexwale, racism, apartheid, foundation, vision
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workforce diversity network - home
promote diversity in the workplace through diversity conferences and seminars. extensive web resources for cultural diversity, discrimination, creating inclusion, and more.
diversity, discrimination, workplace, cultural, teaching, program, supplier, quotes, issues, quotations, trends, disability, corporate, management, sexism, articles, competence, training, sexual, gender, ageism, conferences, managing, racism, activities, reverse, education, racial, workshop, pluralism
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shit people say to women directors
welcome to shit people say to women directors (& other women working in film). we are an anonymous open blog for all individuals identifying as women who work in film & television. it’s a crazy business, especially for women. until now, we haven’t had a platform to share some of the let’s call them “unusual” things people have said to us while working. this is for catharsis and to expose some of the absurd barriers women face in the entertainment business. open to all women in film. please feel free to submit stories, quotes, images, gifs, whatever, to the curators. we’d love to share your story.
women, filmmakers, female, sexism, spstwd, film
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the national center for men, men's rights counseling divorce paternity false accusation men's equal right
the national center for men, incorporated in 1987, is dedicated to the advocacy of men's equal rights. we educate the public about how men have been hurt by sex discrimination and we also counsel individuals and families who have been damaged by discrimination against men.
rights, choice, reproductive, counseling, child, help, conscription, health, feit, sexism, against, speakers, discrimination, draft, support, visitation, custody, sexual, paternity, false, divorce, center, equal, accusation, domestic, harassment, circumcision, national, skirts, violence, military
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hackman consulting group | deep diversity, equity and social justice consulting and education for a changing world
deep diversity, equity and social justice consulting and education for a changing world
justice, equity, climate, oppression, gender, homophobia, heterosexism, sexism, classism, ableism, biphobia, hegemony, healing, whiteness, trauma, jewish, christian, racism, transphobia, religious, education, change, training, consulting, diversity, social, food, lgbt, deep, rights, disability, economic, racial, ageism
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max level geek | pop culture with an edge
taboo looks very, very good.
donald, star, legends, wave, heat, tomorrow, alan, action, scenes, rickman, stand, sexism, maron, choreography, comic, bruce, shows, book, fight, willis, hasbro, viral, ronan, rumors, wars, awakens, force, saoirse, cinematography, john, hard, mcclane, plot, bizarre, scriptwriting, scripts, marc, joke, political, johnson
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chicken nation - patrick alexander's personal internet |
technically, these are numbers 54 and 55 in my long-running coaster/postcard project, but the first was coloured partly digitally and i threw out the original
future, archie, hard, watercolours, retro, uranus, science, fiction, rockets, space, poop, ninjas, peasantry, period, western, carl, sexy, winslow, detective, goats, sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, gumshoe, noir, boiled, fuck, heian, murder, mystery, gender, getting, secret, cowboy, comics, rickman, alan, betty, veronica, toro
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home - leora tanenbaum
the website maintained by leora tanenbaum.
sexual, women, mother, religion, working, heels, shoes, applications, discrimination, dieting, surgery, beauty, rivalries, catfight, competition, contest, cosmetic, sports, islam, judaism, orthodoxy, evangelical, catholicism, back, taking, feminism, imam, rabbi, priest, bullying, slut, bunion, writing, college, assistance, hammertoe, fetish, womens, tanenbaum, high
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the jackal
smith, bennett, paula, party, earthquake, lockwood, liberty, marijuana, decriminalization, national, labour, nick, john, hekia, haarp, greenpeace, greens, parata, hero, nuclear, japan, harawira, hone, free, joyce, steven, sexism, rena, suicide, terrorism, welfare, nation, racism, privatization, goff, phil, pike, river, poverty, pollution
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analysis of good will hunting, back to the future, wall street, rain man, a few good men, room, saturday night fever, synecdoche new york, broadcast news, patton, rounders, gran torino, the 40 year old virgin, the doors, the reader, chinatown, the namesake, the wrestler, ulee's gold, slumdog millionaire, the candidate, benjamin button, casablanca, the godfather, our goal: the deepest film reviews on the web
good, road, house, marathon, hmong, gran, street, gekko, godfather, torino, chinatown, casablanca, maltese, falcon, iron, fiction, wall, pulp, patton, sexism, hunting, back, will, awards, character, oscars, academy, future, rain, floor, analysis, dance, fever, saturday, night
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topfree equal rights association
tera (topfree equal rights association) is an association that helps women having legal difficulty going without tops in public places in canada and the usa. it also informs the public on this issue
rights, naked, breasts, body, skinny, columbia, dipping, optional, ontario, british, family, canada, canadian, nudism, nude, individual, alberta, couple, clothing, quebec, island, edward, self, confidence, esteem, prince, newfoundland, naturism, manitoba, brunswick, scotia, nova, saskatchewan, braless, bare, public, immoral, nudity, feminism, feminist
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topfree equal rights association
tera (topfree equal rights association) is an association that helps women having legal difficulty going without tops in public places in canada and the usa. it also informs the public on this issue
rights, naked, breasts, body, skinny, columbia, dipping, optional, ontario, british, family, canada, canadian, nudism, nude, individual, alberta, couple, clothing, quebec, island, edward, self, confidence, esteem, prince, newfoundland, naturism, manitoba, brunswick, scotia, nova, saskatchewan, braless, bare, public, immoral, nudity, feminism, feminist
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a voice for male students: informing, connecting, empowering
avfms is a pro-male, pro-human rights, pro-education website with a counter-cultural slant.
male, consent, rape, learning, action, disorder, bias, mentor, affirmative, title, clery, hysteria, anti, ferpa, false, sexual, zero, feminism, expose, unconstitutional, mhra, harassment, disposability, hearing, rights, colleague, dear, administrative, freedom, drunk, enthusiastic, expulsion, suspension, protections, process, free, speech, conformism, academic, institutional
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boys and men in education: informing, connecting, empowering
bme is a platform that advocates educational equity for men and boys, and utilizes a strong data-driven approach.
male, consent, rape, learning, action, disorder, bias, mentor, affirmative, title, clery, hysteria, anti, ferpa, false, sexual, zero, feminism, expose, unconstitutional, mhra, harassment, disposability, hearing, rights, colleague, dear, administrative, freedom, drunk, enthusiastic, expulsion, suspension, protections, process, free, speech, conformism, academic, institutional
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scientists as citizens| activist scientists|kathy barker
kathy barker blogs on scientists as citizens, about activism beyond the lab bench.
science, funding, health, arctic, climate, drilling, barker, care, shell, bellingham, scientists, foss, seattle, change, experimentation, kayak, shellno, winner, award, design, ethics, academics, japan, militarism, global, warming, congress, military, budget, yakima, militarization, environment, grouse, sage, techies, poverty, activist, silicon, valley, neuroscience
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unboxed writers
we write stories. we tell stories. we sell stories
girls, humans, husain, feminism, wellness, yoga, good, sexism, agarwal, aashiqui, practice, shame, morality, discipline, york, chandigarh, stanton, brandon, refugee, crisis, feature, issues, volunteers, video, talvar, health, mahesh, essential, radha, name, partition, book, reviews, manto, hasan, kapoor, saadat, kumar, nadeem, shravan
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eyezine | art & politics
eyezine | the counterculture magazine
activist, break, solidarity, rights, guru, movement, development, studies, dialectic, politics, confusion, human, bastar, communication, lexicon, chattisgarh, subaltern, materialism, police, dadri, ambedkarite, legal, community, umar, khalid, dissent, university, salwa, anirban, delhi, funny, bhattachariya, naxal, sitas, gopal, arunima, menon, freedom, dubstep, sharma
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home / world wide / u.s.a. - media monitors network (mmn)
media monitors network (mmn) is a non-profit, non-partial and non-political platform for those serious media contributors and observres who crave to know and like to help to prevail the whole truth about current affairs, any disputed issue or any controversial issue by their voluntarily contributions with logic, reason and rationality. please, send your contributions to: [email protected] or call toll-free 1 866 medianet
media, bias, news, activism, reporting, liberal, criticism, exploitation, violence, alternative, coverage, network, organization, radio, talk, disinformation, papers, propaganda, independent, print, labor, sexism, commercialism, feminism, racism, sensationalism, watch, onservative, group, amendment, cyberalert, research, taxes, watchdog, center, first, analysis, newspapers, distortion, stereotypes