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qatar university
welcome to qatar university, the first, largest, and most prominent institution for higher education in qatar. this website is dedicated to providing information on the numerous academic programs, employment openings, and research opportunities available at qu. with over 8000 students, 700 faculty members, and the countrys widest selection of programs and majors, were proud to offer the best education, research support and set of industrial opportunities that the region has to offer.
foundation, english, science, arts, sport, research, faculty, sharia, engineering, pharmacy, homepage, qatar, college, tuition, bookstore, school, business, admissions, university
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home | dubai islamic bank
with over 35 years of experience in islamic banking, dubai islamic bank (dib) has combined the highest ethical standards of sharia with state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of innovative banking products.
banking, services, bank, banks, dubai, business, corporate, management, ladies, personal, johara, wealth
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clarion project | challenging islamic extremism - promoting dialogue is the world's leading website for authoritative, up-to-date news on islamic extremism, sharia law and human rights.
christian, pastor, iran, threat, islam, sharia, radical
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4, quotidiano online di cronaca, attualità, politica, economia, esteri, chiesa e spettacolo. video di area abbonati settimanale.
galli, della, loggia, giussani, juncker, daoud, giovanardi, draghi, papa, arca, vendola, boko, austerity, adoption, europa, nigeria, economia, renzi, matteo, mario, stepchild, haram, fusaro, eddy, affitto, utero, paul, testa, figlio, bambini, africa, unicef, nichi, algeria, assistito, nvve, suicidio, eutanasia, luigi, olanda
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al rayan bank | islamic banking | sharia compliant & ethical
sharia compliant islamic banking from the al rayan bank. ethical banking you can believe in.
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877-why-islam — you deserve to know - your #1 source of information on islam and muslims in north america
your online resource for accurate and un-biased information about islam and muslims, providing free quran, books and other literature, free mosque tours across north america, one-to-one email correspondence service and a toll-free hotline 1-877-why-islam to ask any question about islam and muslims
islam, quran, muslim, muslims, about, women, bible, mosque, faith, divine, worship, concept, moslem, christianity, muhammed, mohamed, jesus, muhammad, moses, allah, freemasons, abrahim, charity, buddhism, religion, racism, rights, comparative, guard, guide, jews, misconceptions, masons, masonary, muhamed, beliefs, muslem, koran, judaism, holy
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united arab bank
united arab bank head quartered in sharjah and operating with 31 offices and branches throughout uae, the bank offers clients tailor-made financial services in both corporate and retail banking, and has mainly established itself as a leading solutions provider for a growing commercial and industrial base across the seven emirates. online banking, contact us, job opportunities, loans, accounts, our network, senior management, uab deposits, dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, ajman, rak, fujairah, united arab emirates, personal internet banking, local remittance, international remittance, phone banking, sharia, islamic banking, transaction, deposit, personal finance, trade finance, corporate finance, capital market services, atm, account, banking, finance, auto finance, salary, credit card, inward, outward, remittance, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, transaction, markaba, kunooz, investment in dubai, investment in uae, property finance, mortgage, loan, personal. powered by reflections
finance, banking, personal, remittance, cash, investment, dubai, transaction, deposit, services, account, trade, auto, corporate, capital, market, card, kunooz, property, mortgage, loan, markaba, withdrawal, credit, islamic, inward, outward, salary, international, senior, network, management, deposits, accounts, contact, opportunities, loans, sharjah, internet, emirates
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welcome to islam-watch
islam watch: website for the scrutiny of islam by ex-muslims
islamic, hadith, islam, quran, koran, zindeeq, sina, slavery, atheist, sharia, abul, kasem, khan, jamaat, freethink, hezbollah, hamas, jihad, muslim, terrorist, islamism, fundamentalism, watch, news, sunnah, prophet, leaving, murtad, apostasy, apostate, muhammad, pedophilia
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islamic encyclopedia - learn quran, hadith, sunnah with tafsir
complete encyclopedia of islam by syed zaheer iqbal bundled with quran mp3 recitations, translation & tafsir in arabic, english, urdu. learn quran, ahadith, sharia.
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inter-islam: relays the same message brought by the prophets adam - muhammad (peace & blessing upon them all). it provides you with authentic islamic literature and other resources beneficial to humanity.
peace, makkha, makha, master, makka, mecca, medina, madinah, medinah, help, mufti, alim, qari, sheikh, shaykh, judge, lord, prophethood, aqsa, salam, zakat, salaat, namaz, ramazan, umrah, fasting, ramadhan, them, upon, jesus, salem, hafiz, moses, blessings, jerusalem, magazine, hadeeth, nation, ahmadiyya, quran
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bisb - bahrain islamic bank
bahrain islamic bank is the first islamic banking institution in the kingdom of bahrain offering and one of the largest institutions in the region, offering complete financial and banking services to both retail and corporate clients.
banking, bank, islamic, retail, bahrain, auto, vehicle, finance, online, tejoori, property, east, sharia, middle, corporate, trade
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islam, muslim, apostate, murtad, sharia, koran, hadith, quran, discuss, leaving, former, council, cemb
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ya mujeeb | islamic dua, names of allah, sharia masail
ya mujeeb | islamic dua, names of allah, sharia masail -
tilawat, recitation
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sharia consulting center | pusat konsultasi syariah
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islam 101
islam 101 is an educational site on islam, muslims, its theology, rituals, human rights, jihad, sharia and history.
human, terrorism, rights, ramadan, zakat, hajj, jihad, sharia, allah, muslims, muhammad, quran, koran, islam
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islamic sharia | a step closer to helping the islamic community.
complaint to ofcom regarding panorama this complaint considers the panorama programme to be in breach of ofcom’s fairness and privacy guidelines. rule 7.1-
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middle east financial news, sharia compliant investments uae, uae financial news, investment advice dubai uae
istathmir is the leading financial news portal in the middle east. we offer the latest news and advice related to the middle east stock market, the dubai stock market, islamic and sharia compliant investments, forex and real estate investment advice and many others.
news, middle, investment, east, financial, compliant, investments, dubai, sharia, advice, banking, islamic, exchange
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answers for the faith: answering issues of religion, culture, and the christian faith
answers for the faith: a blog- answering & observing conflicts of faith & culture, with christian commentary, bible study, bible q & a, christian
religion, christian, reviews, culture, jihad, islam, news, sharia, freedom, politics, movie, persecution, bible, apologetics, study, book, religious, worldview, clash
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islamic law expert
islamic law expert specializing in sharia law and laws of arab countries
arab, countries, sharia, expert, islamic, laws
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muslim sharia law |
women rights in islam or as defined in islamic sharia have often been debated and criticized by the critics of islam. this subject has been open to debate for
sharia, muslim, women, human, rights, islamic, under, shaira, education, fundamental
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muslim sharia |
non-muslim rights under muslim sharia are given such a priority that they are equally treated along with muslims regarding justice.
sharia, muslim, islamic, shariah, history
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islamic sharia online | real islam
sharia laws are one of the principal rules that make up islamic law system and its basic structure. speaking of it briefly, sharia laws are meant to throw light
shaira, islamic, islam
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sharia watch | sharia is "undemocratic and incompatible with human rights" - echr
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one law for all - no sharia law campaign
one law for all - - one law for all
women, against, discriminatory, courts, sharia, islam, maryam, namazie, onelawforall
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ban sharia law
sign the petition to ban sharia law in every state across america!
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islamic sharia |
in simple terms, muslim sharia governance means governing under the law prescribed by allah (swt) and his messenger, muhammad (pbuh). the law, also known as
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a comprehensive sharia-compliant trading information platform
management, asset, investment, trusts, wealth, takaful, finance, shariah, islamic, muslim, banking, sharia
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sharia law firms in fujairah, uae
the law firm has a dedicated team advising on sharia matters in fujairah, uae. the law firms having expertise in inheritance law and family law with offices in dubai, abu dhabi and fujairah.
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clarion project | challenging islamic extremism - promoting dialogue is the world's leading website for authoritative, up-to-date news on islamic extremism, sharia law and human rights.
christian, pastor, iran, threat, islam, sharia, radical
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mapping sharia | about the survey
the mapping sharia project
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halal centrum - home
halalslagerij met een grote keuze aan vers vlees tegen ongeziene prijzen volgens de oude rituelen van de sharia.
halal, halalcharcuterie, brussel, anderlecht, rituelen, sharia, slagerij, boucherie, moslims, oude
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trinity media - home
telling the truth about sharia, abortion and persecution (among other things) to the world.
islamic, islam, jesus, sharia, abolition, media, abortion, christian, persecution, trinity
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shariah: the threat to america
this study is the result of months of analysis, discussion and drafting by a group of top security policy experts concerned with the preeminent totalitarian
shariah, sharia, muslim, laden, hamas, ikhwan, brotherhood, qaeda, terror, terrorism, jihad, islam
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fe trustnet middle east: indian mutual funds | offshore gcc | mena domestic | sharia funds | factsheets, prices, performances | fe crown ratings | news & research | videos
fe trustnet middle east, daily updated analysis and prices, performance data on all middle east top rated indian mutual funds, offshore funds gcc, mena domestic, sharia funds news & research articles of fund performance during the time.
funds, mutual, fund, sharia, islamic, insurance, domestic, mena, offshore, middle, research, trustnet, east, banking, factsheets, cooperation, gulf, council, investment, global, eeast, middl, middleeast, indian, best, fiqh, shariah
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matthew s. erie - home
research page for matthew s. erie, legal anthropologist
china, islam, chinese, sharia, minorities, anthropology, muslim, muslims
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منتديات شاريا
منتديات شاريا, منتدى كومه له گه ها شاریا.sharia forum
sharya, sharia, kurdistan, duhok, lalish
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amana mutual funds trust | saturna capital
amana mutual funds trust is the oldest and largest islamically acceptable mutual fund trust in the world.
halal, islamic, amana, investing, screening, sharia, muslim, screen, investment, funds, mutual, investor, screens, principles, finance, shariyah, muslims, solutions, value, compliant, investors, capital, shariah, amanx, amigx, amagx, amidx, amdwx, fund, saturna, developing, aminx, income, trust, growth, world
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shariah -
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jamia uloom-i-sharia
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ijara canada | islamic finance | sharia mortgage
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shofar international foundation - global humanitarian and educational aid
we combine the heart of giving with knowledge, prayer, and love to stand with israel and the jewish people. we provide humanitarian aid, education, and medical supplies to meed the needs of the jews and israel. we have a tv program to the middle east reaching out to muslim women, to pray for them, and help solve their issues with the word of god.
shofar, jewish, international, sharia, global, soup, education, prayer, state, prophesy, humanitarian, kitchen, issues, israel, foundation, news, jews, nejat, today, peace
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al rayan bank | islamic banking | sharia compliant & ethical
sharia compliant islamic banking from the al rayan bank. ethical banking you can believe in.
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church of christ, casa grande, arizona - beliefs, studies, histories
index to congregational activities and outreach, bible beliefs, christian evidences, bible proofs and evidences, world religions, sharia law quotes, quran quotes. also scripture-a-day club. also sample acappella music singing, york college, history,
bible, religions, history, world, denominations, islam, games, creeds, puzzles, science, papyrus, archaeology, sharia, muslim, quran, outreach, beliefs, activities, congregation, christ, christian, evidences, singing, studies, music, acappella, scriptures, church
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askari investment management limited
funds, askari, income, managers, islamic, asset, fund, invest, sharia, aiml, halal, investment, mutual, equity, earnings, cppi, services, advisory, separate, managed, accounts, stocks, aggressive, balance, allocation, market, money, portfolio, stock, growth, ahys, aaaf, asye, with, value, savings, investments, ascf, aiaaf, returns
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fest, sonnie, freedom, washington, johnson, rightonline, speech, sharia, booker, conservative, carson, refugees, syrian, trump, west, black, allen, video, donald
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islamic sharia |
under the laws and prescription of the muslim shariah, very muslim who comes inside the premises of islam has to follow shariah. shariah describes the set of
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isaac publishing
isaac publishing - islam & christianity
sookhdeo, christian, women, terrorism, sharia, turaki, rosemary, yusufu, patrick, islamism
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::organización islámica argentina::
sitio dedicado a la difusión de la cultura y civilización islámica en idioma castellano
sharia, hiyab, sura, shia, shiita, velo, imam, musulmanes, mahoma, muhammad, islam
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we need to talk about islam
islam is a social, political and economic ideology. it is a fallacy to suggest islam is 'just another religion', as governments and mainstream media suggest.
muhammad, sharia, prophet, muslim, islam, islamic, koran, hadith
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cocombee studio
islamic moment expert! - we do awesome sharia compliance video, photo and graphic design.
cocombee, premiere, effects, adobe, course, online, tutorial, after, photoshop, kokom, studio, cocombees, videography, photography, animation, eiditing, lightroom
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majlisu ruiatil hilal
an international moon sighting commetee based on islamic sharia.
sighting, hilal, moon
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horaire du ramadan
horaire du ramadan 2015
islamique, ramadan, musulman, religion, arabie, oriental, coran, mosquee, shor, ramadhan, halal, islam, horaires, sharia, cuisine, horaire, recettes, iftar
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horaire de priere
horaire de priere
islamique, islam, arabie, oriental, coran, ramadan, musulman, mosquee, religion, priere, horaires, halal, sharia, horaire
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iqtishad consulting - truly partner for sharia innovative products
iqtishad consulting
consulting, iqtishad
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islamiska informationsföreningen
information om religionen islam. vi erbjuder föredrag för skolor, företag och myndigheter.
islamiska, islaminfo, sharia, audio, muslimer, religion, allah, info, islam, muslim
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islamic resource - home
learn about islam! quran, hadith, tafseer and other islamic content downloadable in pdf format.
islam, prophets, history, hadith, tafseer, sharia, quran
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institute for social policy and understanding
ispu conducts objective, solution-seeking research that empowers american muslims to further community development and fully contribute to democracy and pluralism in the united states.
rights, counter, sharia, terrorism, human, civil, radicalization, immigration, religion, national, muslims, american, security, islam, islamophobia, mosques, ispu
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financial islam - islamic finance - home
islamic banking and insurance
msatfa, adil, takaful, moudaraba, mourabaha, mudarabah, islamique, maroc, banque, bank, investment, hallal, france, halal, murabahah, sukuk, shariah, charia, islamic, musulman, islam, muslim, sharia, finance, bond, obligation, assurance, insurace, financial, financiere, allah
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ikwro | ikwro provides advice and support to middle eastern women and girls living in the uk who are facing ‘honour’ based violence, domestic abuse, forced marriage or female genital mutilation.
women, blog, demonstration, walking, uncategorized, afghanistan, cuts, posts, sharia, releases, hmic, press, violence, based, dead
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65 -
\"fights the spread of islamic supremacy and sharia throughout the western world through education, advocacy and action.\"
islamic, terrorist, jihad, united, egyptian, regime, hypocrisy, state, nations, palestinian, syria, terrorists, states, muslim, doctrine, egypt, iran, brotherhood, supremacist, israel, islam, hamas
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islam evil in the name of god
islam is totally and completely bogus. it is a political military ideology disguised as a religion. islam has murdered 270 million, raped and enslaved millions.
islam, mohammed, prophet, muhammad, evil, kafir, infidels, slavery, apostate, apostasy, jihad, sharia, terriorism, muslim, allah, koran, muslims, islamic, quran, terrorism
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how we work
4 steps to attaining sharia compliance. we review documents involved in your investment scheme and issue a shari’a certificate. shari’a perspective
certificate, scheme, involved, investors, compliance, supervise, business, documents, review, investment, advisor, structure, solution, certify, process, explore
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god versus allah (the anti god) of the muslims. islam is evil in the name of god
islam is totally and completely bogus. it is a political military ideology disguised as a religion. islam has murdered 270 million, raped and enslaved millions.
prophet, mohammed, muhammad, kafir, infidels, slavery, jihad, apostasy, apostate, sharia, islamic, muslim, allah, islam, koran, muslims, terriorism, quran, terrorism
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islamic social networking clean sharing temiz paylaşım.
islamic books muhafazakar sosyal paylaşım sitesi social networking site
islam, quran, moslem, mohammed, muslim, shiite, islamic, books, temiz, sharing, clean, shia, hajj, koran, muhammad, allah, muslims, sharia, jihad, ramadan, humanrights, terrorism, zakat
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muslim american society - new york
muslim american society - new york
sharia, islamic, muslims, american, society, muslim
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galadari, advocates and legal consultants
we are one of the oldest and largest law firms in the middle east with a team of over 70 lawyers and nearly an equal number of supporting professionals from around the world. we have an in-depth understanding of the legal issues and techniques essential when conducting business in the region
dubai, court, islamic, intellectual, property, chambers, global, resolution, trade, marks, legal, difc, dispute, contracts, doing, shipping, banking, corporate, litigation, firm, sharia, construction, business, arbitration, finance
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uk halal food committee | uk hfc | halal monitoring committee
uk halal food committee ( uk hfc ) is an independent uk and ireland registered organisation working in the uk and globally on halal certification in order to cater the need of halal food industry. ukhfc complies with the uk laws of food productions as well as islamic sharia laws.
halal, products, committee, dieary, certificate, chicken, meat, certification, shops, food, monitoring, certifiers, ukhfc
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khanqah imdadia ashrafia | hazrat maulana shah hakeem muhammad akhtar sahab (rahmatullah-e-alayh)
reviving the rare traditions of sulook, tazkia & tassawuf while staying clear of all kinds of bidda'hs (innovations in the religion) and complies strictly with the rules and boundaries prescribed by the sharia & sunnah
live, akhtar, majlis, khanqah, hakeem, muhammad, hazratwala, wala, hazrat, tazkia, hakim, sulook, ashrafia, imdadia, broadcast, true, bayan, sufism, tasawwuf
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extremis project | extremism, terrorism and counter-terrorism
a global platform for evidence-based analysis of extremism and terrorism.
extremism, right, terrorism, security, national, racism, islamic, homeland, hood, boston, marathon, fort, islamophobic, homegrown, mosque, jihadists, radicals, militants, protest, extreme, skinhead, rigby, tell, mama, woolwich, northern, sharia, jihad, fazlur, rehman, helmand, front, marine, populism, radical, kabul, kashmir, extremist, hezbollah, immigration
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velkommen til norsk direktedemokrati med norgespartiet
norgespartiet arbeider for et direkte folkestyre gjennom direktedemokrati etter modell av sveits.
folkeavstemning, forsvaret, skole, heimevernet, kommune, handelsavtaler, likestilling, asylpolitikk, oljefondet, oljeboring, trygghet, nato, hjemfallsrett, tisa, eiendomsskatt, bolig, norges, folkemakt, direktedemokrati, psykiatri, barnevern, ttip, fosterfamilie, fosterhjem, partikrati, energi, bomstasjoner, bomringer, bilavgifter, klimapolitikk, frihandelsavtaler, finanskrisen, grunnloven, innvandring, sharia, schengenavtalen, skatter, avgifter, direkte, bindende
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ہوم - شریعہ اینڈ بزنس shariah and business weekly magazine
shariah and business - a weekly magazine with the motto of "shariah and business go together". this magazine is packed with research artilces, infographics, business tips and tricks, success stories, interviews of the renowned businessmen, articles on business ethics and much more...
business, shariah, management, ethics, haram, deen, halaal, duniya, maeshat, numa, shumara, latest, trade, success, sharia, weekly, magazine, infographs, stories, masail, shari, interviews, islam
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intelligent investment | roi capitals, dubai
our team of professionals has broad expertise and an extensive knowledge base, and is always ready to assist you in achieving your intelligent future goals.
capitals, investment, consulting, proprietary, dubai, international, licenced, fund, financial, asset, sharia, arab, emirates, business, compliant, venture, finance, money, professional, vision, management, centre, intelligent, approved, mutual, manager, united
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defend our freedom! act now! - stop islamization of the world
this site is not to incite religious hatred. it is solely to raise awareness about increased islamization of the world, and to defend freedom of expression for all people.
freedom, islamization, islam, stoning, jihad, beheading, jesus, hate, holy, sharia, mosque, speech, riots, jews, shariah, attacks, slavery, supression, polygamy, domination, christ, murder, pigs, terrorism, kafir, pork, apostates, veil, muslim, world, allah, mohammad, muhammed, stop, radical, quran, burqua, rape, nijab, defend
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global islamic finance magazine | islamic banking | islamic investment | islamic insurance
global islamic finance is a magazine and news portal about islamic finance, banking, investment and jobs. order subscription of global islamic finance magazine from £42.00.
islamic, banking, finance, conference, courses, shariah, investment, institute, bonds, malaysia, mortgage, murabaha, market, system, ijarah, issues, insurance, book, sharia, world, sukuk, events, banks
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ajman bank
banking, finance, bank, personal, ajman, investment, transaction, dubai, accounts, deposit, cash, corporate, online, credit, loan, mortgage, sharia, emirates, internet, phone, trade, islamic, account, arab, withdrawal, property, outward, inward, auto, salary, card, sharjah, facilities, contact, financing, investments, retail, business, cards, opportunities
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light of life publishing
investigate islam from a christian point of view!
islam, islamic, violence, fasting, ramadan, sunnites, shiites, mercy, history, redemption, holy, allah, marriage, spirit, father, slavery, salvation, inspiration, atonement, converts, mosque, overpopulation, today, attacks, minaret, life, khomeini, manners, morals, avalanche, muslim, answers, hadith, revenue, fear, veil, sura, pilgrimage, muslims, witnessing
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gcabxi insurance agency - home
we are a general insurance agent registered with etiqa insurance berhad, kurnia insurance berhad, maa takaful berhad and etiqa takaful berhad. we are an insurance agent that introduces "future insurance renewal incentive" that can give passive reward to loyal customers.
insurance, program, loyalty, gcabxi, customer, agent, takaful, kenderaan, etiqa, malaysia, compliant, syariah, cukai, jalan, kamal, sharia, hazelly, loyal, auto, incentive, earn, renewal, future, roadtax, passive, income, insuran, kurnia, amgeneral, vehicle
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middle east articles | arab world, israel, southwest asia, maghreb
online magazine covering middle east culture, defense, diplomacy, economy, energy, history, politics, religion, security, terrorism
united, zionism, economy, security, politics, peace, process, qaida, samaria, judea, authority, palestinian, states, golan, heights, nations, strip, gaza, russia, diplomacy, arabs, culture, conflict, israeli, muslims, islamophobia, international, arab, christianity, muslim, hezbollah, china, brotherhood, hamas, east, middle, crusades, religion, yemen, bank
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christian solidarity worldwide-usa is a non-profit christian organization advocating for religious freedom for all peoples and faiths.
christian, religious, charitable, solidarity, freedom, suffer, suffering, rights, persecution, voiceless, human, faith, voice, caroline, countries, afghanistan, turkmenistan, particular, concern, baroness, defenseless, worldwide, needy, north, russia, church, house, korea, laos, 501c3, indonesia, pakistan, detention, arrested, pray, prayer, protest, petition, arrest, martyrdom
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veterans for a strong america - a strong america is a safe america
veterans, defense, department, security, secretary, america, state, military, intelligence, dispatches, technology, korea, nuclear, north, news, east, middle, islam, islamic, iraq, iran, humanitarian, extremism, israel, criticism, michael, media, latin, proliferation, politics, force, weapons, nations, united, army, marine, veteran, guard, coast, corps
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usa islam terror camps
usa islam muslim terrorists
america, camps, islamic, muslim, terror, islam, muslims, terrorist, jihadists, network, radio, training, isis, magnified, jamaat, view, christian, cair, policy, action, sheikh, mubarik, edge, leading, warning, brotherhood, talk, council, gilani, american, homeland, crosshairs, terrorists, iran, news, jihadist, taliban, isna, qaeda, foreign
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ethical, esg & shariah screening solutions
shariah screening, purification, funds, islamic finance. the most trusted provider of accurate, timely, islamic finance information. our shariah screening,
global, value, based, east, unpri, middle, mena, saudi, exchange, apac, asia, asean, stocks, compact, play, research, google, store, methodology, sanctioned, principles, europe, nations, malaysia, manager, bank, wealth, broker, management, takaful, murabha, mudarba, tawaruk, ijara, murabaha, asset, provider, customized, sustainable, custom
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islamic books, attar, perfume, hijabs @ best islamic store
islamic books, attar, perfume, islamic wear, cloths, hijabs, cd & dvd, gifts & healthcare @ worlds's best online islamic shopping store.
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mondial dubai llc is a top independent financial planning and wealth management consultancy based in dubai, uae. we offer comprehensive investment portfolio advice including retirement, education, estate planning and offshore advice including pension transfers for expatriates through mondial pensions. life insurance, medical and critical illness cover through expat cover insurance and property investment though the mondial property desk. our corporate benefits section covers group savings and benefits schemes. our specialist teams focus on specific needs of clients from the united states with our us expatriates section, indian expatriates through our joint venture padmakshi mondial and clients seeking sharia-compliant investments through thqa. call mondial for your free consultation today + 971 4 366 9901.keep up to date with the latest financial market news on the mondial dubai website with the expert says, core and harmony videos by market experts glyn owen and james klemspter. hear
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