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1 | find the meanings and definitions of words at
the world's most popular dictionary and thesaurus with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, word origins, quotes, audio pronunciations, example sentences and word of the day! look up the meaning of words, slang, phrases, idioms, and abbreviations in our free english dictionary, spanish-english dictionary, legal dictionary, medical dictionary and more!
dictionary, online, spelling, pronunciation, dictiona, dictionar, dicti, word, dictio, definitions, english, free, definition, dict, diction, define, glossary, dictonary, meaning
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the web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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internet slang words - internet dictionary -
internet slang words - internet dictionary. internet slang. a list of common slang words, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, icq chat rooms, blogs, sms, and internet forums.
internet, slang, internetslang, words, dictionary
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the online slang dictionary | real definitions. real slang.
a dictionary of real slang words. the online slang dictionary has a slang ('urban') thesaurus, maps, usage voting, offensiveness ratings, and more.
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conversation exchange - language learning with native speakers
through conversation exchange you can have three types of language exchange: face to face conversation by meeting up with native speakers, correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat
exchange, language, english, learn, conversation, langue, intercambio, seconde, langues, correspondance, conversazione, chinese, japanese, deutsch, pratiquer, scambio, slang, friends, epals, practice, pals, penpals, free, spanish, foreign, languages, education, words, distance, learning, second, online, linguistique
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learn japanese | tae kim's guide to learning japanese
find everything you need to learn japanese for free with comprehensive guides, tutorials, manga, and videos. covers everything from hiragana, katakana, and kanji to grammar, vocabulary, and even slang.
learn, japanese, hiragana, kanji, katakana, online, free
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miejski słownik slangu i mowy potocznej slang młodzieżowy
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learn russian language - beginning to advanced russian
russian language lessons, dictionaries, alphabet, pronunciation, grammar. for both novice and advanced students of russian. supported by russian language tutors.
russian, languge, language, langauage, dictionary, lanauge, reading, slang, name, first, greetings, listening, langwige, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, alphabet, master, beginning, lessons, learn, names, girls, dictionaries, pronunciation
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pizza of death records | ピザオブデスレコーズ
pizza of death records レーベルサイト。ken yokoyama wanima ワニマ hi-standard ハイ・スタンダード slang razors edge upper f.i.b garlicboys cbmd comeback my daughters hawaiian6 asparagus the原爆オナニーズ water closet
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english daily - learn american idioms, english conversation
learn english by conversation, common mistakes, exercises, slang
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acronyms and slang - simply find the meaning of acronyms, internet slang and abbreviations online!
acronyms and slang - search through 3 million meanings of acronyms, abbreviations, urban and internet slang online. find every definition of acronym easily. quickly find zip code for location, airport code or u.s. state code. search through military acronyms, business, common, medicine, organisations abbreviations.
slang, acronym, internet, military, american, thesaurus, state, smart, texting, acronyms, abbreviation
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learn english free and chat in english online at english, baby!
learn english free online at english, baby! use our free online english lessons, take quizzes, chat, and find friends and penpals today!
english, lessons, vocabulary, baby, ebaby, forums, friends, penpals, meet, everyday, photos, syndicate, british, american, words, blog, find, chatrooms, slang, online, practice, study, free, speak, quizzes, movies, learn, chat, grammar, real, music, idioms, read
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cool words
cool words, lists of the coolest dictionary, slang, funny words and much more.
words, cool, list, coolest
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text message translator, online text message dictionary
put fun into mobile phone messages, find new funny txt messages, translate, understand texting language
text, games, word, messages, cellphone, lingo, mobile, funny, jokes, chat, msgs, translate, texting, dictionary, jargon, slang
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netlingo the internet dictionary
this site contains thousands of definitions about computers, the internet, and the online world of business, technology & communication :-) a popular online dictionary it includes one of the largest collections of text messaging, acronyms and smileys!
internet, online, dictionary, terms, glossary, acronym, definitions, computer, leetspeak, vocabulary, shorthand, reference, lexicon, language, code, learn, slang, stands, lexicographer, erin, jansen, email, lists, lookup, lingo, words, terminology, jargon, word, abbreviations, free, tools, initialisms, smileys, acronyms, netlingo, text, messaging, emoticons
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rewolucja w nauce! poznaj preply i angielski przez skype! jeśli dotąd próbowałeś już wszystkiego, wielu metod nauki języka, które się nie
angielskiego, idiomy, artykuly, wypracowania, jezykowa, kolokacje, slang, toefl, korepetycje, toeic, testy, angielska, gramatyka, nauka, angielski, matura
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grammarphobia: grammar, etymology, linguistics, usage, and more
grammar, etymology, linguistics, usage, and more from the bestselling language writers patricia t. oconner and stewart kellerman
word, grammar, origin, slang, pronunciation, book, history, publishing, phrase, writing, etymology, language, linguistics, usage, punctuation, spelling, english
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world wide words: recently added
world wide words home page. amost 3000 pages on the origins, history, evolution and idiosyncrasies of the english language worldwide. new words and words in the news are regularly featured.
words, etymology, neologisms, slang, usage, language, wide, english, world, linguistics
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slangpost | what is your slang?
what is your slang?
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onomatopoeia dictionary - written sound
a dictionary of onomatopoeia (sound words) and words of imitative origin in the english language. examples of noises and sound effects in writing as found in poems, comics, literature, slang and the web. animal sounds, car noises, hit and punch noises, eating and drinking noises, weather related sounds, liquidy, gaseous, crashing sounds, metallic sounds, tones and alarms
word, english, language, writing, glossary, onomatopeia, origins, etymology, definition, meaning, comic, dictionary, list, words, sound, define, example, literature, poetry, poem, onomatopoeia
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the racial slur database
racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!
ignorance, oppression, hate, neighbor, prejudice, bigotry, ethnic, racism, slurs, slang, dictionary, pejorative, stereotype, racial
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بهترين سايت آموزش انگليسي رايگان
ielts, slang, idioms
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slang dictionaries in all languages
russian, russe, russki, slang, langue, language, chuj, deutsch, gros, juron, injure, dictionary, russisch, schimpfen, mots, sitemap, schimpfwort
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1950s and 1960s music, tv, history, fashion, slang, cars,
visit the 1950s and 1960s music, tv, pop history, fashion, slang, cars, tv westerns and so much more. tons of pics, info and interesting facts, read more...
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a way with words, public radios lively show about words and language and how we use them.
a way with words is a lively hour-long public radio show about the english language. co-hosts martha barnette and grant barrett take calls from listeners about
dictionary, grammar, slang, waywordradio, waywardradio, wayward, wayword, idioms, girl, learning, linguistics, urban, words, lecture, listening, colloquialisms, english, usage, podcast, spelling, punctuation, language, regionalisms, dialect, style, pronunciation, radio
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inside prison | inmate search | prison stories is a criminal justice resource site. it provides information on all aspects of prison life, including prison stories, prison gangs, prison slang terms, prison culture, and street gangs. it also includes several public records searches, including inmate lookups, offender locators, death records, and a comprehensive directory of county jails and state and federal prisons in the united states. our agency directory contains listings on tens of thousands of justice agencies, including police, juvenile detention centers, treatment centers, courts, and county and city jails. in addition, a growing crime statistics and crime rates section offers current and historic trends in crime rates for every city, town, and county in the us and canada. these crime statistics pages show data on arrest & clearance rates, individual crime rates including murder, assault, burglary, rape, and theft. policing statistics are also available on the police agency with local jurisdiction in the are
prison, search, records, inmate, lookup, life, public, crime, offender, stories, death, terms, slang, inside, rates, state, locator, federal, statistics, jail
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slang dictionary, slang words and definitions, slangs and meanings open source
slang dictionary, slang words and definitions, slangs and meanings open source
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internet slang dictionary & text slang translator
internet slang & acronym dictionary, translator, and other slang resources. keep your kids safe: translate their internet and text slang.
slang, internet, dictionary, leet, netspeak, acronym, translator
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online slang dictionary | internet slang used in chat and comment | twitter trends
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urban thesaurus - find synonyms for slang words
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فارسی یک دو سه
dictionary, english, farsi, online, farsi123, persian, define, terms, free, word, eng2far, language, far2eng, farsienglish, englishfarsi, games, afghan, tajikistan, englishpersian, iran, persia, pars, electronic, afghanistan, uzbekistan, internet, ipod, ipad, iphone, mobile, blackberry, android, windows, english2persian, explorer, firefox, opera, safari, persianenglish, term
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slangit - the slang dictionary
slangit is a clean slang dictionary of slang words, acronyms, abbreviations, and emoticons.
emoticons, meanings, definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, terms, lingo, slang
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liams pictures from old books
old books: vintage photos, engravings, decorative page elements/borders/initials, castles, abbeys, english cottages, woodcuts, proverbs and slang
pictures, free, images, victorian, book, borders, graphics, engravings, books, clipart, royalty, clip, scanned
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abbreviations and acronyms -
internet abbreviations and acronyms, web's acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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enjoy african porn videos and pictures from the black continent. puganda is a vulgar slang term for the female genitals, or women, of sub-saharan african race.
porn, black, african
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cockney rhyming slang, london slang, rhyming slang dictionary
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english idioms, buzzwords, catch phrases, and slang | what does that mean?
the english language explained! ask (or provide answers!) about common idioms, buzzwords, catch phrases, and slang.
slang, phrase, catch, buzzword, idiom
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jamaican patwah - patois/creole and slang dictionary
learn and understand jamaican patois. jamaican patwah is a free online dictionary that contains patois words, definitions, translations, alternative spellings and examples.
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39 - речника на улицата
jargon, rechnik, slang
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netspeak search for words
netspeak helps you to search for words you don’t know, yet. it is a new kind of dictionary that contains everything that has ever been written on the web.
slang, dictionary, internet, writing, assistant, common, language, netfreak, netspeak, speak, phrase
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مرکز آموزش زبان انگلیسی
مرکز آموزش زبان انگلیسی
english, british, essential, words, american, farm, animal, acronyms, acronym, download, slang, disney, magic, messages, condolence, does, 1400, 1000, absolutely
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the best english 4 you - learn to speak english online
the best free site for leaning to speak english online. browse our articles on vocabulary, grammar, idioms, slang, speaking, reading, and much more.
online, english, speak, learn
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slang dictionary open source , dictionary words, words and definitions, slang and meanings, famous quotes
slang dictionary open source , dictionary words, words and definitions, slang and meanings, famous quotes
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slang dictionary
a giant list of internet slang and corresponding definitions. don't see something? suggest it.
dictionary, slang
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vvs & rör - vvs butik rinkaby rör
hela rinkaby rörs verksamhet genomsyras av kvalite och välkända fabrikat. vi erbjuder ett brett sortiment inom vvs såsom rör och pumpar. välkommen!
mora, kopplingar, badkar, slang, badrumsinredning, badrum, blandare, avlopp, bevattning
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acronyms and abbreviations - slang | global acronyms
global acronyms is a dictionary of over 345, 000 acronyms, abbreviations and meanings in more than 65 languages. covers: common acronyms, computer, science, technology, and telecommunications acronyms, religious acronyms, medicine acronyms, government, business, financial, insurance, energy, sport and military acronyms.
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slang define: slang dictionary - define acronyms & hashtags slang define
slang define - internet slang dictionary. accurate, non-obscure definitions of popular slang, hashtags, acronyms and abbreviations used on social media.
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the word detective
the word detective on the web is the online version of the word detective, a newspaper column answering readers’ questions about words and language. the word detective is written by evan morris and appears in finer newspapers in the u.s., mexico and japan.
slang, legends, urban, library, history, culture, education, homeschool, schooling, home, reference, humor, story, true, information, investigation, words, language, origins, word, dictionary, bingo, detective
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49 - latest war game updates -, derivative slang for wargamer, is an extensive archive of wargame, board game, and computer game related review, strategy, errata, variant, and historical articles and files.
games, grognard, reviews, gaming, player, strategy, aids, variants, after, reports, miniatures, action, boardgames, wargaming, wargames, conflict, simulation, boardgame, board, computer
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home -
slanguide - keeping up with the latest trends in internet slang.
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irish slang
irish slang words, sayings and phrases on - the irish slang dictionary.
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kamus slang
kamus slang online pertama di indonesia. berisi kata-kata yang tidak akan kamu temukan dalam kamus umum resmi bahasa indonesia.
kamus, gaul, slang, males, indonesia, bahasa, banget
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koala net in noosa, queensland
noosa heads on the sunshine coast, queensland, australia. australian slang, fauna and flora, fraser island, coloured sands, bryce courtenay. listen to waltzing matilda.
australian, australia, time, paintings, island, sands, world, strait, coast, sunshine, islanders, torres, queensland, 1770, captain, 1901, aborigines, cook, botany, victoria, phillip, port, gulf, south, vincent, western, river, mountains, blue, heads, hobart, tasmania, swan, brisbane, land, koala, legend, aboriginal, beach, boomerangs
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march in australia on
australian information you need and enjoy - dates, slang, recipes, history and lots more. unique australian free greeting cards and free games.
australian, australia, greeting, card, history, culture, online, shopping, games, free, slang, recipes
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بهترين سايت آموزش انگليسي رايگان
ielts, slang, idioms
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tiffin bite sized food adventures tiffin derived from the obsolete english slang tiffing, for taking a little drink or sip.
tiffin derived from the obsolete english slang tiffing, for taking a little drink or sip.
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online english lessons : studying online
free english lessons from a professional english teacher. improve your fluency with lessons about phrasal verbs, idioms, everyday phrases, vocabulary and slang.
english, life, kingdom, united, grammar, online, lessons, phrasal, verbs, idioms, language
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bij het licg vind je alles over het aanschaffen en verzorgen van huisdieren en heel veel praktische informatie waaronder het reizen met je huisdier naar het buitenland.
huisdieren, dieren, hond, chippen, castratie, chipmaand, blauwe, week, vakantie, huisdier, vissenkom, amfibieen, ongewervelden, zoogdieren, informatie, vuurwerkangst, allergie, speekbeurt, inentingen, vaccinatie, slang, voliere, past, huisvesting, konijn, cavia, aanschaf, positieflijst, houden, gezelschapsdieren, verzorging, paard, hamster, welk, dier, vissen, reptielen, vogels, exoten, exotische
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hip hop wiki | hip wiki
the official rap wiki, a hip hop wikipedia.
wiki, star, criminal, criminals, drug, slang, artist, rapper
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fun easy english - learn english online for free, classroom, pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, reductions, contractions, conversation, alphabet writing, videos, student newsletter, teacher newsletter, activities, tv, radio, tests, surveys, facts, travel abroad, travel america, drive america, study america, student resources, teacher resources, google gadgets, regional english teaching job boards, english language schools, employment agencies, dictionary.
fun easy english - learn english online for free, classroom, pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, reductions, contractions, conversation, alphabet writing, videos, student newsletter, teacher newsletter, activities, tv, radio, tests, surveys, facts, travel abroad, travel america, drive america, study america, student resources, teacher resources, google gadgets, regional english teaching job boards, english language schools, employment agencies, dictionary.
english, america, teacher, newsletter, easy, travel, resources, student, study, drive, abroad, google, regional, schools, employment, agencies, dictionary, language, boards, facts, teaching, gadgets, television, idioms, slang, reductions, grammar, pronunciation, online, free, classroom, contractions, conversation, radio, tests, activities, videos, alphabet, writing, surveys
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nigeria's biggest and fastest growing .get only working free browsing cheats, connect with students from all over nigeria, get latest inside jokes and slang, hook up with a lady or guy in you institution, get latest exam information, , schedules, preparation steps and of course rep your uni.
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chemistry and new zealand
new zealand's home of the stain removal guide plus detergent, chemistry and new zealand resources. chemistry resources and links, take a break and stop by the new zealand pages to find out about the kiwi bird, which is found only in new zealand. although primarily a bird of new zealand
stain, periodic, crystals, kiwi, zealand, tables, removal, chemistry, remover, stains, scientists, famous, slang, detergents, stoichiometry, detergent, surfactant, guide, redox, mendeleev, mole, rutherford, moseley
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funny irish phrases - irish slang sayings,words & terms.
someone who'd sell you anything.
images, memes, wives, words, tales, terms, slang, phrases, irish, sayings
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nosolorol ediciones, juegos de rol en papel y pdf
nosolorol ediciones, juegos de rol, libros electrónicos y ocio relacionado
nosolorol, juego, juegos, only, eyes, aquelarre, ediciones, slang
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slang definition: internet slang dictionary - facebook, instagram, etc. slang
use slang definition to find the meaning of slang terms and acronyms used on social media. facebook, twitter, instagram slang dictionary. hashtag meanings.
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writers free reference -- where to find free information for writers and others
free information on the internet such as maps, dictionaries, on-line books, auto prices, kings and rulers, currency conversion and much more
links, prices, resources, literature, copyright, lookup, code, area, phrase, origin, auto, contests, book, census, errors, sellers, best, movies, common, anatomy, isbn, writers, writing, synonym, antonym, groups, punctuation, slang, strange, agents, critique, literary, unusual, ancient
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67 - the largest database of internet slangs.
welcome to here, you’ll find the complete database of internet slangs with its real meanings, full forms, definitions and everything about it.
internet, slang, slangs
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website designer - barry flood - omagh - specialists in joomla, wordpress & bespoke
freelance web designer from omagh, county tyrone - northern ireland. portfolio includes american rock/rap band limp bizkit, wes borland, keith law & sonia butterworth.
joomla, portfolio, slang, template, step, limp, irish, bizkit, wordpress, bespoke, xhtml, ulster, limpbizkit, project, theme, programming, design, freelance, ireland, northern, designer, omagh, blog, plugins, html, development
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интернет-магазин слингов слингозаврик (тел.8-964-705-95-85)
красивые и качественные слинги и аксессуары (слинги с кольцами, слинг-шарфы, май-слинги, фаст-слинги, эрго-рюкзаки, слингокуртки, слинговставки, слингонакидки и т.д.). одежда для беременных и кормящих мам, товары для слингоношения и естественного родительства.
ckbyu, rpfr, sling, afcn, slingozavrik, slingozavric, ifha, slinozavrik, baby, slang, ring
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english to scottish slang translator - scotranslate
over half a million people have searched for english to scottish slang translations using this community-driven english to scottish translation tool. also available for iphone and blackberry.
translator, scottish, scottie, slang, vernacular, playbook, translation, england, english, scotland, scots
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mexico guru - mexican slang, rentals, real estate, articles, retirement and more
mexico destinations maps and slang in mexico - mexico guru, peso rates, currency converter, peso exchange rates, mexico travel guide, spanish slang, travel guides, retire in mexico, weather, satellite maps, events, festivals, ferias, budget airlines, mexican food, free listings, hotels, real estate, restaurants, clubs, handicrafts, long term rentals, vacation rentals, all from mexico guru. new section on copper canyon. info on puerto vallarta, mazatlan, acapulco, guanajuato, alamos, tijuana and ensenada. travel blog, plus we have a questionaire on where to retire in mexico - where to live. also, the best surf spots, best golfing and best food in mexico
guru, mexico
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reptile foods - uw online voederdieren-specialist - voedseldieren bestellen online bij reptile foods (sprinkhanen,krekels,kakkerlakken,wormen,muizen,ratten)
reptielen, insecten, watergel, dolalarven, slang, baardagamen, terrarium, kopen, bestellen, wormen, fruitvliegen, voederdieren, online, foods, sprinkhanen, krekels, locusta, dubia, kakkerlakken, reptile
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73 - media-based esl quizzes, esl blog, esl reading comprehension, american slang - media-based esl quizzes, esl blog, esl reading comprehension, american slang - resources and information for esl students and teachers
information, resources, slang, students, teachers, comprehension, quizzes, blog, infosquares, reading, american
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74še ke stažení zdarma,smajlíci ke stažení zdarma,animace,gify,sms zdarma,filmy,online hry,pc hry a jiné
bestpage-alle kostenlos zum download bereit, die größte datenbank der smileys, animationen, bilder, gifu, sms kostenlos für alle netze-vodafone, o2, t-mobile, real klingeltöne auf handy-formate mp3, mid, wav, amr, javahry, 3gp, happy tree friends, online-spiele, obrovký databáte witze, web-vorlagen, lustige videos, pps-dateien, php, javascript, download program, icq-skins, smilies, status, starten sie die seite-icq2go, senden sie eine e-mail, fake-mailer, ip-erkennung adressen, web anonym bestpage, freemaily-listen, rezensionen, uhren, kalendern, gratis-sms kostenlos auf ihrer website, freehostingy-liste vergleich, die musik über das internet, telefonbuch, online-flashhry, online-fernsehen, die gruppe tatu-geschichte, gegenwart, bilder, gify, abkürzungen und akronyme, die messung der geschwindigkeit der verbindungen, online-kameras, dns-datenbank, slang-wörterbuch, betriebssysteme, windows-linux anonymität im internet telefongespräche handys, handy, freemaily-liste vergleich
fernseh, melodien, befreit, traceroute, bilder, anonym, socken, kameras, whois, datenbank, akoronymy, spiele, online, lage, protokolle, brutal, slang, windows, gify, attraktionen, linux, vista, flashhry, wahnvorstellungen, bewertungen, suchmaschinen, globtel, firefox, tree, happy, kody, anwendungen, friends, witze, videos, vorlagen, echte, javahry, cursor, banner
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funky english - social network for english learners
funky english - a social network for anyone who wants to improve their english! english lessons, activities, quizzes and english forum.
adjectives, verbs, phrasal, proverbs, vocabulary, 65f06f20d5643ad4, funkyenglish, listening, slang, idioms, social, reading, grammar, network, learners, study, learning, english, writing
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australian values
australian values: australian lifestyle values, australian political values, australian prime ministers, australian religious values, australian cultural values, australian historical values, australian english values, aussie slang. everything you need to know.
australian, citizenship, values, slang, australia, fair, satire, religion, politics, test, aussie, news, value, immigration, security, government, english, detention, border, mateship, mate, mates, comedy, media, history, lifestyle, culture, standards, prime, ministers, priminister, dinkum, visa, worth, cost, spoof, political, humour, morals, principles
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strange & unusual references
a site dedicated to strange and unusual dictionaries, including collections of one-letter words, words of only vowels, and words of only consonants.
colloquial, hawaiian, khazar, slang, gargish, comic, serial, subgenius, amazon, forgotten, tome, linguistics, communication, research, study, byrne, semiotics, books, weird, esoteric, lexicon, unusual, strange, dictionaries, online, glossary, rare, reference, wordgames, craig, conley, scrabble, lookup, language, dictionary
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slang | online colloquial dictionary: street talk savvy
the largest collection of colloquial sayings, slang, various languages, street talk. come and learn from our vast online worldwide slang dictionary
slang, italian, street, talk, swedish, french, colombian, online, german, colloquial, english, dictionary
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social media slang - popular slang & hashtags | internet slang
use social media slang to find the meaning of popular slang terms, acronyms, and hashtags used on sites like facebook, instagram, twitter, & more.
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80 - the slang dictionary is a dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms. browse our listings, or submit your own slang words to our site.
dictionary, slang, words, dictionaries, language, webspeak
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h&m slang + slang management
slang, hair, stylist, artist, make, koichi, yamaguchi, photo, chibahiromi, management, uenotamami, oowadakyoko, yamasitayoko, tsunotakao, kitamuranorio, salon, managementoffice
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cockney rhyming slang dictionary
a comprehensive dictionary of commonly used cockney rhyming slang phrases, with example of how to use them.
slang, cockney, rhyming, london, british, dictionary, english
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say it short
say it short abbreviation slang , the webs largest and most slangs resource.
slang, abreviations, abbreviation, chat, dictionary, acronyms, dictionaries, short, codes, internet, acronym, reference, abbreviations, initialism, shorthands, slangs, shorthand
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australian slang dictionary [aussie slang]
ausssie slang, australian slang dictionary [aussie/ozzi] aussie words/phrases!
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85 - the totally legit slang dictionary...
don't look like a noob! learn the most common slang and chat acronyms used in forums, chat rooms, facebook, and texting.
mean, meaning, definitions, does, what, dictionary, chat, acronyms, slang
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slang vocabulary | a dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms.
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hightech solutions
slang och koppling.
kopplingar, slang, pellets
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football slang slang, terms and jargon definitions and examples
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välkommen till nbpc
hydroscand machine ab - the specialist in hose and tube assembly equipment
hose, slang, machine, skiving, marking, crimping, cutter, ferrule, prickling, cutting, hosecleaning, cleaning, slangmonteringsmaskiner, cleaner, slangpress, measure, pricklingsmaskin, prickla, measuring, machines, pressa, crimper, assembly, maskin, automatic, slangkapmaskin, kapa, hosereel, klipp, automatisk, slangkap, slangavrullare, coiler, decoiler, rack, guillotine, kapklinga, skive, skalmaskin, slangvinda
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slang city
check out this cool online guide to american slang, including explanations of popular songs and movies, bad words, body parts and more. sign up for our free newsletter!
english, slang, class, music, lyrics, translation, quotes, language, words, profanity, culture, vocabulary, phonetics, dictionary, states, television, swear, surangu, translator, teenagers, translate, united, learn, eigo, second, definition, colloquial, argot, boston, resource, etymology, american, linguistics, movie, insults, film, movies
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australian dictionary - australian slang, aussie slang phrases & sayings, words, translator
australian slang dictionary. aussie slang phrases, aussie words, australian english dictionary - defined and rated by users.
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92 - slangs dictionary - slang meaning - acronym meanings and definitions - list of all slang terms and meanings, and all other relevant information about acronyms, slang definitions slangs and acronyms abbreviation.
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le slang
official homepage of le slang.
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social slang • un programa de radio sobre el 2.0
social slang, para estar al día de marketing, social media, eventos, emprendedores, y todo lo relacionado con el mundo digital. ¡sintoniza!
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slangit - the slang dictionary
an online slang dictionary with meanings of acronyms, abbreviations, and emoticons used online, in text messaging, and everywhere else.
smilies, acronyms, abbreviations, emoticons, messages, slang, online, text, chat
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the slang pub - budapest - home
home - the slang pub
slang, budapest, restaurant
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internet slang dictionary - ewhatdoesitmean
internet slang words and dictionary! a list of all the slangs, abbreviations and acronyms used on the internet, chat rooms, blogs and websites.
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learn english idioms and slang: study idiom dictionary and examples - free online english idioms dictionary. learn and study english idioms and slang with explanations and examples.
english, idioms, study, learn, grammar, dictionary, slang, american, examples
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transl8it! - understand text and chat lingo - understand sms text message slang & chat lingo shorthand
understand sms text message slang & chat lingo shorthand
text, lingo, speak, abbreviations, slang, message, chat, internet, acronyms, jargon, netlingo, mobile, emoticon, shorthand, converter, translate, language
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slang - solo artist, producer and director
official website for slang; music artist, music and video producer, film director, composer, editor, and mix engineer.
artist, composer, solo, engineer, recording, music, producer, director, slang
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disappearing idioms
idioms, figures of speech, and slang from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents day that are disappearing from use. definitions and personal
gangsters, movies, phrases, terms, figures, speech, slang, idiom
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the right rhymes - hip-hop slang defined
hip-hop slang defined
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the alternative dictionaries
colourful extracts from wiktionary. slang, vulgarities, profanities, slurs, interjections, colloquialisms and more.
words, dictionaries, curses, cuss, languages, dirty, colloquialisms, vulgarities, profanities, slurs, interjections, slang
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argot wines
argot wines homepage
valley, cabernet, argot, sonoma, napa, wines, slang, syrah, chardonnay, sauvignon, noir, russian, wine, coast, river, bennett, pinot
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learn yiddish slang with study quiz and dictionary - yiddish slang dictionary
learn yiddish slang with study quiz and dictionary
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learn yiddish slang with study quiz and dictionary - yiddish slang dictionary
learn yiddish slang with study quiz and dictionary
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american english blog - the best place to learn american english
american english blog is the best place on the internet to learn real, conversational, american english. on our site we help you with your american accent, american slang, conversational speech and much more.
english, american, learn, slang, online, blog
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sports lingo, dictionary, jargon, sports terms, definitions & cliches |
check out our glossary of sports lingo, jargon, definitions and sports slang for all the major sports. our sports lingo dictionary helps sports junkies understand sports jargon, slang & terminology.
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glaswegian slang scottish words doric dictionary translate gaelic old scots glasgow
glaswegian slang old translate meanings gaelic doric scottish scots words glasgow scotland speech how to talk like a glesga guy online dictionary words speak scotish now lesson gaelic aberdeen edinburgh glesca scotland online website
words, scottish, glasgow, scotland, speech, scots, doric, slang, meanings, translate, gaelic, glaswegian
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speak jamaican - learn jamaican language, slang, and culture
the world's most comprehensive course in jamaican patois. visit our online glossary of jamaican slang.
jamaican, speak, patois, culture, language
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111 translator, black english, is an page with several ebonics translator or jive links
american, rhyme, talk, slang, jive, speech, language, black, african, afro, translator, ebonics
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triplingo makes picking up the local lingo and culture easy and fun during trips. upgrade your travel with our customized learning experience. built by travelers for travelers.
language, learn, free, learning, slang, software, languages, online, spanish, foreign, vocabulary, lingo, humor, trip, custom, german, program, courses, french, italian, softwawre, training, triplingo
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dictionary of christianese: welcome!
dictionary of christianese: the casual slang of the christian church... authoritatively defined.
lingo, christian, dictionary, christianese, protestant, speech, church, figures, slang, stewart
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saywhat | video dictionary app
saywhat - video dictionary app lets you define words and phrases with video. create and watch 10 second videos that explain slang, jargon, and trending terms with context.
definition, explain, watch, acting, define, phrases, what, slang, jargon, words
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online een airco kopen met gratis verzenden in nederland & belgië -
een airco kopen doe je online, wij hebben mobiele airconditioning en split unit airco op voorraad, gaat u een airco kopen dan verzenden wij hem gratis in nl
airco, slang, kopen, airconditioner, zonder, goedkope, slaapkamer, koele, zibro, midea, splitairco, mobiele, airconditioning, maiko, monoblok, panasonic
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the web's best slang dictionaries -
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n bengtsson | slang mutter och bult
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home - the british slang dictionary
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learn german podcast: german phrases, slang words, sayings and idioms
learn german language podcast to learn german slang, common german phrases, funny german sayings, colloquial german, idioms, german expressions and cool german words.
german, learn, phrases, podcasts, funny, words, language, common, colloquial, podcast, slang, sayings, idioms, learning
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coke pop! soda. who says what where?
who says what where? we track slang usage across the globe.
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the dialect dictionary - dialects, glossarys and slang - language your way
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speeding - borås bilverkstad trimning chiptrim service viared
speeding borås bilverkstad bromsar trimmning chiptrim trimchip pedalställ turbo motorarbeten skyddsbur an-kopplingar an-slang service volvo ford bmw saab renault allmärkesverkstad trimma bil bilverkstad viared
holset, turbo, viared, super, hx35, hx40, trimma, motorsport, carbotech, bilverkstad, trimning, chiptrim, service
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128 — словарь сленга который пишете вы! / slang dictionary . ru
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jpn website |
what does jpn mean? this page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term of jpn.
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new / slang
digital social and design agency based in dublin ireland.
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eat mau northeast united sates: slang for eating, as in "let’s mau down!" vietnam: model, archetype, color, or quickly
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i huvudet på joel danielsson
designer & illustratör. behöver du hjälp? släng iväg ett mail
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travel industry dictionary home: definitions, terms, abbreviations, acronyms, slang, nicknames and more!
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aristobrat com aristocrat brat aristobrat brandable slang tag domain name | ebay aristocrat & brat = aristobrat! brandable slang tag domain name in specialty services, web & computer services, domain names | ebay
domain, services, aristobrat, name, specialty, names, computer, slang, aristocrat, brat, brandable
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slang musicgroup | chicago based music producers creating remix and original music for artists, television commercials, film, and gaming.
slang musicgroup |chicago based music producers that specialize in creating remix and original music for artists, television commercials, film, and gaming.
music, producers, television, commercials, gaming, film, artists, remix, slang, musicgroup, chicago, slangmusicgroup, original
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english language forum. learn and speak english online
english language forum. learn and speak english online with native english speakers. topics including english grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, slang, jokes,
english, language, study, forum, lessons, teachers, writing, practice, quiz, training, travel, cultural, medical, chat, second, news, games, grammar, pronunciation, slang, speak, learn, vocabulary, online, free, reading, teaching, spelling, learning, quizzes
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belajar bahasa inggris online - belajar bahasa inggris
media belajar bahasa inggris online yang berisi cara belajar bahasa inggris mengenai grammar, english conversation, idiom dan slang
inggris, bahasa, belajar, english, coversation, online, grammar, info, tips, slang, tenses, percakapan, gratis, idioms
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välkommen till bikedeal - bikedeal
cykelservice i malmlö
slang, racer, cykel
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slanguage game products, llc | the ultimate slang language game
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коньяков.ру | аудит, разработка, иб, поддержка и seo сайтов
snafu is a military slang acronym meaning “situation normal: all fucked/fouled up.”
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back in my time: a writer's guide to the 19th century
a blog about everyday life in the 1800s - from the old west to victorian england - slang, culture, technology, even prices!
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142 blog helpful to find pincode, bank ifsccode java tutorials, internet slang
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current drug slang terms - street names for drugs
current drug slang terms - street names of drugs and drug abuse
dips, kits, cups, breath, drug, instant, urine, test, drugs, saliva, screen, cocaine, methadone, marijuana, benzodiazepines, amphetamine, alcoscreen, barbiturates, meth, opiate, morphine, antidepressants, opiates, phencyclidine, tricyclic, breathscan, mamp, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, mdma, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cassettes, adulteration, specimen, check, quality, tests, scan, premium, oral
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slangar, hydraulkopplingar, industrikopplingar | hydroscand
hydroscand har marknadens bredaste sortiment av slang och kopplingar inom bde hydraulik och industri. ett 50-tal butiker i sverige.
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- home
inverter, stroken, airco, aeroquip, slang, warmewand, energiezuinig, warme, persleiding, zuigleiding, verwarming, zuigfilter, wand, daisekai, wasmachine, spoelen, koelolie, olie, vaatwasser, wasdroger, aircoslang, koellast, connect, luchtreiniging, slangpilaar, verdampingsdruk, condensatiedruk, condensatie, peltier, verdampingstemperatuur, condensatietemperatuur, gordi, wandkoeling, gordijn, strokengordijnen, torr, opkoken, diverse, slangklem, verdampen
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bergmanplast ab -
bergmanplast skräddarsyr strängsprutade / extruderade produkter i termoplastiska material: plastprofiler och lister, rör och slang, överplastning, tråd och flöten.
extrudering, plast, bergman
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free english site: site index page
free english site home page. contains: free english lessons; mel and wes stories (many conversations in a story format); english slang dictionary; web page tips and sample pages; html instructions; lds (mormon) information; translation of egyptian hieroglyphs in pearl of great price; book of mormon map and pictures of various locations; information and thousands of pictures about all countries and territories of the world; information and pictures about all states of the united states of america.
english, free, states, slang, price, united, dictionary, stories, great, duane, countries, mormon, hurst, lessons, book, freeenglishsite, site, lesson, pearl
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slang barcelona | marca de bolsos nacida en barcelona en 1987 con la finalidad de diseñar bolsos que destaquen y triunfen en el mercado por su sobriedad, su funcionalidad y su estilo urbano.
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d&d planescape -
planescape: guida allambientazione, alla scoperta dei piani
creature, factions, slang, gallerie, immagini, fazioni, planes, ambientazione, setting, multiverse, planescape
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dierenparadijs zoetermeer
dierenparadijs zoetermeer, voor al uw dierenbenodigdheden
slang, chinchilla, spin, baardagaam, rassenvoeding, sprinkhaan, daegoo, gerbil, konijn, hond, reptiel, knaagdier, muis
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photoshop help offers personal technical support and to learn photoshop and trouble shoot photoshop; questions, answers, tips, free tutorials, free sample ebook, free photoshop crossword puzzle
photoshop help offers help to learn photoshop and help with problems, support, free tutorials, photoshop crosswords, tips, scanning help, painting help, photoshop keyboard shortcuts and information on understanding photoshop.
photoshop, help, tips, free, download, problems, learn, slang, graphics, gifs, problem, repair, tutorial, design, samples, graphic, transparency, information, errors, layers, trouble, learning, tutorials, support, elements, words, education, puzzle, understanding, ebook, crossword, puzzzle, questions
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gfh ab - kantlist
gfh ab tillverkar extruderade kantlister och plastprofiler i framförallt polyuretan.kantlister i långa längder för en enklare montering.
utsug, glantz, slanghasse, svensk, ventilationsslang, polyuretan, billig, slang
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hot cum on beautiful girls. cumshot noun (plural cumshots)(vulgar, slang) a sex act in which a man ejaculates onto his partners body. also know as cum blast, come shot, pop shot, or money shot.
load, facial, cumshot, jizz
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lazybob : - pumpar sandfilter walu poolskydd belysning inlopp / utlopp poolkemi städutrustning automatiska poolstädare stegar poolmiljö kopplingar & slang övrigt saltklorinator utrustningspaket poolliner walu solfolie walu vinterskydd walu lamellskydd uppvärmning poollarm
walu, saltklorinator, utrustningspaket, slang, poolliner, solfolie, poollarm, lamellskydd, vinterskydd, kopplingar, stegar, inlopp, belysning, poolskydd, sandfilter, utlopp, poolkemi, pumpar, automatiska
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we are an antwerp based knitwear brand. since 1981 we have been producing quality knitwear in scotland and in 2009 we launched our new label howlin' (scottish slang for smelly).
howlin, morrison
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dierenziekenhuis groningen.
een grote dierenartsenpraktijk in met twee vestigingen in groningen die alle gezelschapsdieren van de meest optimale zorg kan voorzien. tevens trimsalon
vogel, slang, knaagdieren, specialist, hond, gezelschapsdieren, dierenarts, spreekuur, spoed, huisdieren
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conroe at the lone star executive airport | black walnut cafe
unlike any other $100 burger $100 hamburger ("hundred-dollar hamburger") is aviation slang for the excuse a general aviation pilot might use to fly. unlike any
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lövets slang & motor hydraulikservice för proffs
for information about kristinehamn in kristinehamn, call us today! hydraulikservice för proffs
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in my blood recordings | インマイブラッドレコーディングス
in my blood recordings | インマイブラッドレコーディング
slang, pizza, death, recordings, blood, yukiguni, supporting
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the racial slur database
racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!
ignorance, oppression, hate, neighbor, prejudice, bigotry, ethnic, racism, slurs, slang, dictionary, pejorative, stereotype, racial
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"amputashki" (ампуташки) is russian slang for "cute amputee girls." this blog is about pretty amputee girls most of whom got that way via paint shop pro. the special thing about this blog is that it...
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bdi rack |
what is a "fixie?" "fixie" is short for "fixed gear" which is slang for bikes that have a transmission with a single gear, that is fixed on the back wheel,
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the john e. davis software page
the john e. davis software page
ncurses, curses, text, editor, wordstar, brief, emacs, programming, interpreter, usenet, nntp, newsreader, spool, slrnpull, language, scripting, slang, slrn
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insektenwereld leens | doezoo leens
doezoo leens is de enige doezoo in nederland. voorheen alleen insecten, maar tegenwoordig veel meer!
doen, natuur, slang, insecten, doezoo
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reptielenforum forumoverzicht
reptielenforum voor en door echte liefhebbers. boordevol informatie en ervaringen, actueel reptielen nieuws, kennisbank en fotowedstrijden. meldt je ook aan en deel je passie met anderen!
geleedpotigen, amfibie, terrarium, nakweek, reptielenbeurs, voedseldieren, krokodil, schildpad, reptielenforum, reptielen, slang, slangen, hagedissen, slangenforum, reptiel
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اصطلاحات و مکالمات محاوره ای روز انگلیسی امریکایی
اصطلاحات و مکالمات محاوره ای روز انگلیسی امریکایی - وابسته به سایت حامدم 23 سالمه و دانشجوی عمران دانشگاه آزاد تبریز هستم . اینجا کلکسیونی از اصطلاحات روز انگلیسی صد در صد امریکاییه که تو کمتر سایت یا وبلاگ فارسی زبان می بینین که به این سبک نوشته شده باشن . البته فقط اصطلاح نیست ، در مورد هرچی که به زبان انگلیسی امریکایی مربوط میشه می نویسم . شما هم اگه نکته ای سراغ دارین که فکر می کنین مفیده حتما با ما به اشتراک بذارین . نکته ی مهمی که باید بدونین اینه که اصطلاحات این بلاگ به دو صورت slang و idioms هستن . slang اون اصطلاحاتی هستم که معمولا بین نوجووونا و جوونا و اهنگ های رپ رایجه که البته دونستن این اصطلاحات ضروری نیست (پست هایی که عنوانشون american slangs ـه) اما idiom ها اصطلاحاتی هستن که مربوط به قشر خاصی نیست و همه ی افراد تو مکالمات روزمره شون استفاده می کنن و دونستن این اصطلاح ها ضروریه (پست هایی که عنوانشون common idioms ـه) . ضمنا تمامی قوانین این وبلاگ وله پس لطفا سوء استفاده کنید !! - اصطلاحات و مکالمات محاوره ای روز انگلیسی امریکایی
persian, weblog, blog, iran, farsi, blogskin, weblogs, 1000idioms
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speak real japanese: learn japanese for free!
japanese, speak, words, sushi, news, slang, alphabets, culture, katakana, anime, kanji, language, learn, name, hiragana
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the italian bridge - italian language services -translation and classes
your professional translation and italian class
italian, food, blog, italenglish, italy, online, slang, translation, learn, language
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reptibel - acceuil
magasin de reptiles, reptielenwinkel
python, reptile, baardagame, elaphe, barbu, agame, muizen, korenslang, royal, shop, koningspython, regius, krekels, sauterelle, serpent, slang, pantherophis, pogona, reptielenwinkel, tortue, schildpad, grillon, magasin, gecko, souris
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welcome to hotrods & classics - the hot rod, street rod & classic car information portal
a free site dedicated to hotrod and classic car enthusiasts around the world
rods, drag, virtual, racing, slang, ford, mopar, dodge, hotrod, chev, parts, classic, street, cars, clubs, hotrods, pictures, events, service
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industriprodukter på internet | är ett svenskt bolag som specialiserat sig på handel med olika industriprodukter, gummiprodukter samt tillbehör på internet
slangar, rosa, durkmatta, gummimatta, gummiduk, gasolslang, svetsslang, slang, vattenslangar, vattenslang, tryckluftsslang, tryckluftsslangar
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enskede hydraul
enskede hydraul - när du när du behöver hydraulik eller tillbehör till dina maskiner! snabb och personlig service...
hultdins, dala, gripen, olja, right, hydraulmotor, valmet, john, gremo, rottne, deere, ponsse, valsmotor, arbetsbelysning, effektboxar, band, timmergripar, ventiler, slangpress, rotator, filter, slang, slangpressar, hydraulslang
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the web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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home - paul dickson
website of paul dickson, author of more than 40 books including sputnik: the shock of the century and the hidden language of baseball.
bonus, baseball, murphys, army, demonym, brinkle, frone, march, language, toasting, toasts, sputnik, dictionary, slang, stealing, sign, signs, american
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waterpijp kopen? diverse waterpijpen bij
bestel je waterpijp en toebehoren voordelig online bij ✓ de nummer 1 waterpijp specialist ✓ grootste assortiment ✓ gratis verzending
waterpijp, mini, shisha, aanschaffen, kooltjes, aanbieding, shop, hooka, hookah, tabak, waterpijpen, kopen, slang, waterpijptabak, rookwaren, verkoop
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early 60s hawthorne california and hawthorne high school homepage
early 60's hawthorne ca and hawthorne high school website
hawthorne, boys, hangouts, beach, montez, surfers, chris, cruising, scarlet, slang, nostalgia, gold, hodads, reunion, drag, racing, racers, street, cougars, frosties, stand, high, wich, drive, school
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vlkommen till w&s leakless - ws leakless
hosereel and hosehandling with high safety slangupprullare - industriell slanghantering w&s leakless ab
sundberg, winkler, slanghaspel, schlauchaufroller, braunwarth, slanghantering, letkukela, enroleur, slangtrommel, tuyeaux, slangupprullare, reelcraft, reelsafe, safereel, slangvinda, spolmunstycke, hosereel, slang, ergoreel
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shashca - youth ka newspaper
read latest news in your favourite roman urdu script. get daily news in email or by sms.
news, urdu, roman, latest, columns, language, slang, youth, paper, shashca
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tucker & bevvy
tucker & bevvy is aussie slang for “food and drink”. we spent 17 years living in the sydney beach suburb of manly where we owned and operated food outlets that were mainly driven by beach goers. people there wanted the same thing they want here: fresh, simple, healthy food.
tucker, bevvy, bevy, waikiki, lunch, food, picnic, breakfast, beach
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industrial quality parts, uw partner in slangklemmen, slangen, persluchtgereedschap en led-verlichting! +31-252-62 41 26
iq-parts - +31-252-624126 uw specialist in slangklemmen, slangen, persluchtgereedschap en led-verlichting
engineering, automotive, vacuum, silicone, rubber, perslucht, gereedschap, performance, klem, jalmarson, mikalor, flexible, ducting, neopreen, leidingklem, wraps, kabelbinders, klemmen, slangeklem, slangklemmen, slangenklem, afzuigslang, slang, leiding, leidingen, bevestigen, koppelen, slangen, koppeling, slangklem
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#notabugsplat | a giant art installation project that targets predator drone operators sitting thousands of miles away who refer to kills as bugsplats. now they’ll see a child’s face instead.
in military slang, predator drone operators often refer to kills as bug splats’,  since viewing the body through a grainy video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed. to challenge this insensitivity as well as raise awareness of civilian casualties, an artist collective installed a massive portrait facing up in the heavily bombed khyber pukhtoonkhwa
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il sito ufficiale del pep, lasciate fuori tutte le beghe o voi che entrate...
fabio, pepboy, brenso, peep, pepboys, team, gallery, link, forum, brense, brensi, riccardo, casaroli, pietro, locasto, albertazzi, leonardo, slang, villans, project, movies, shirt, fiorini, lorenzo, santi, paul, monaco, dimitri, boys, zona, robboseria, beghe, smith, babich, freccette, biliardino, musica, playstation, bologna, monterenzio
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carleton county colloquialisms /
carleton county colloquialisms - dictionary of the vernacular from carleton county, new brunswick, canada
county, brunswick, maritimes, accent, atlantic, provinces, maine, aroostook, canada, language, lexicon, colloquial, carleton, vernacular, dictionary, humor, dialect, linguistics, speech, slang
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dancersagency's official website
dancersagency provides dancers, artists and acrobats for shows, productpresentations, seminars, conferences, festivals, nightlife actions and many more. you've got the theme, we've got the team! we deliver professional shows and choreographies for every event. call or e-mail us for bookings!
artiesten, circus, acrobats, snake, event, hiphop, latin, jazzrock, locking, popping, breakdance, evenement, agency, show, entertainment, choreografie, dansers, dansshow, artists, sexy, slang, acrobaten, dans
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the english student - fun english learning site for students and teachers
welcome to the best place to learn english! learn faster and easier with real-life situations and cute visuals! get better everyday!
english, tutor, seattle, vocabulary, blog, american, culture, online, slang, students, student, grammar, idioms, learn
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franks wörterbuch
englisch-deutsches wörterbuch. neben zahlreichen fachsprachlichen begriffen sind sehr viele umgangssprachliche worte bzw. wortgruppen enthalten. auch idiomatische redewendungen, slang, dialekte und regionale begriffe sind in großem umfang vertreten. amerikanisches und britisches englisch bilden den schwerpunkt.
franks, dictionary, woerterbuch, deutsch, german, englisch, english
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advanced english lessons | esl podcast
advanced audio english lessons that are super cool. download over a hundred esl podcasts and free english lessons for your ipod. improve english listening and native slang from awesome mp3‘s. the most useful and fun english lessons on the internet. start learning english speaking with us.
free, english, business, videos, teachers, students, podcasts, study, listening, china232, lessons
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byggnadssmide butik ab i laholm, armeringsstål, armering, armeringsjärn, arm:nät, murverksarmering, bistål, bi stål, stål, järn, balk, plåt, rör, byggmaterial, vvs, dränering, kabelrör, vägtrummor, mark rör, dränering, stolpar, stängsel, handskar, skor, skyddskläder, bult, skruv, mutter, kullager, handredskap, stängsel, olja, fett, spolarvätska, ögle träd, markkloss, plattj, plattjärn, rundj, rundjärn, fyrkantsjärn, fyrk j, u-profil, u profil, mmr, vhr, borrmaskin, borrmaskiner, vinkelslip, vinkelslipar, borr & skruvdragare, skruvdragare, borr, cirkelsåg, tigersåg, sticksåg, helly hansen, ejendals, tegra, kapskiva, slipskiva, diamantskiva, verktyg, bosch, el verktyg, elverktyg, stövlar, lamell rondell, kompressor, kgh, batteriladdare, värmefläkt, koncentratspruta, högtryckstvätt, skottkärra, skottkärra, spax skruv, spaxskruv, exp. bult, expanderbult, slangvinda, slang vinda, slangvindor, ficklampa, ficklampor, borr, hörselkåpor, aga, aga, aga gas, gasdepå, spännband, kapsåg, girsåg, så
byggnadssmide butik ab i laholm,
borr, slang, bult, skruv, verktyg, skruvdragare, lamell, helly, rondell, batteriladdare, hansen, kompressor, tegra, diamantskiva, kapskiva, koncentratspruta, bosch, ejendals, elverktyg, slipskiva, komp, axel, expanderbult, spaxskruv, spax, slangvinda, vinda, ficklampor, ficklampa, slangvindor, vinkelslipar, stolpar, mark, handskar, skor, handredskap, kullager, mutter, byggmaterial, murverksarmering
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irish language home
irish language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about irish.
irish, dictionary, language, english, translation, grammar, facts, literature, teaching, learning, learn, words, slang, phrases, schools
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dutch language home
dutch language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about dutch.
dutch, dictionary, language, english, translation, grammar, facts, literature, teaching, learning, learn, words, slang, phrases, schools
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optibux is a business name for sale on brandbucket
the brandbucket business name optibux - a savvy combination of optimal with bux, slang for money.
names, business, ideas, name, domain, company, brandable, product, naming
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poker dictionary - glossary of online and live poker terms
this poker dictionary is a glossary of poker terms, definitions, slang, and acronyms used in both online and live poker games.
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huisdieren op beesiez (de diervriendelijke marktplaats) - herplaatsing van huisdieren
gratis je huisdier aanbieden of herplaatsen? snel en simpel via een advertentie op, de diervriendelijke marktplaats waar vraag en aanbod samenkomen.
herplaatsing, aanschaf, stamboom, asiel, pony, kopen, aanschaffen, verkopen, aanbod, vraag, gratis, adverteren, aanbieden, advertentie, paard, papegaai, kanarie, parkiet, vogel, poes, konijn, hamster, hagedis, leguaan, slang, cavia, muis, hond
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save a sato is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to easing the suffering of puerto rico's homeless and abused animals. "sato" is slang for street dog. we rescue satos from the streets and beaches, give them medical care, food and shelter, and plenty of love. when they are healthy, we send them to one of our shelter partners for adoption into loving homes
donations, marti, gloria, charity, satos, love, juan, sato, save, rico, homeless, dogs, organization, rescue, cats, puerto
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thorobed ecoflax vlas rieterhoeve maasbree
thorobed ecoflax vlas de beste bodembedekker voor alle dieren.
mest, thorobed, paard, vlas, allergie, stofvrij, ruin, lekkerdier, frishok, luchtwegproblemen, luchtwegen, mestproblematiek, longen, strooisel, paardenhouderij, uitmesten, konijnenvoeding, rabbit, stalklimaat, ammoniak, hengst, paardenhouder, manege, vlaslemen, mestwet, veulen, ratjes, geurneutraliseerder, stalpoeder, konijnen, pony, maasbree, ecoflax, sirocco, rieterhoeve, stalvulling, stal, slang, hamster, cavia
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producten -
uw online airbrush en pinstripe webshop in belgië.
airbrush, paint, verf, badger, pinstrip, pinstripe, lichtspeed, stencil, hansa, molotow, iwata, harder, steenbeck, shot, wicked, colors, inspire, createx, minitaire, slang, mack, brushes, kostum, fine, line, tape, toebehoren, pistool, webshop, webwinkel, pinstriping, maskeerfolie, penseel, kustom, airbrusch, belgie, sjablonen, stencils, penselen, luchtkoppelingen
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däckhotell med däckservice och förvaring i göteborg | däck i väst.
dags att byta däck på bilen! däck i väst är ett flexibelt och serviceinriktat däckhotell med däckförvaring i göteborg som erbjuder allt inom däckservice. nya däck. fälgar, slang däck byte, skifte, däck lagning, laga däck,
byta, hjul, laga, skifte
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epdm | pvc leidingsystemen | plexiglas | polycarbonaat | hdpe | forex | hpl trespa | -
kwaliteits kunststoffen tegen stuntprijzen
tyleen, stuntzaak, leidingen, kunststoffen, plexiglas, slang, hdpe, gevelit, multiraster, forex, epdm, polycarbonaat, leidingsystemen, stuntprijzen, tegen, kunststof, afvoer, kwaliteits, druk, manchet
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cooks: scratch kitchen & bakery — scratch: slang / ’skrach / without using a prepared mixture of ingredients.
come in and enjoy our made-from-scratch, and locally sourced foods and beverages. drop by for our all-day breakfast with house made pancakes, waffles, scones, biscuits, croissants, muffins, frittatas, and our locally sourced eggs and fabulous coffee.
cook, northport, food, bakery, kitchen, scratch, joshua, dave, fast, great, david, josh, salonga, cooks, menu, brothers
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the hipster handbook
the hipster handbook: everything that was once cool is now deck
hipster, handbook, williamsburg, culture, lanham, cool, indie, deck, piercings, goth, tattoos, books, music, rock, film, aging, nicely, rave, beats, literature, fresh, robbie, cooper, dennis, bret, slang, colleges, jeff, bechtel, glossary, brooklyn, dave, eggers, preppy, youth, chic, hipsters, urban, random, house
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another slang | a boutique department and creative studio by parasol island. entirely dedicated to the commercial communications of the fashion, luxury and art culture.
a boutique department and creative studio by parasol island. entirely dedicated to the commercial communications of the fashion, luxury and art culture.
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acnh uw groothandel in o.a. skf, ina, fag lagers & aandrijftechniek!
groothandel in o.a. skf, ina en fag lagers
koudwater, warmwater, reiniger, veegmachine, schrobmachine, stoomreiniger, waterzuiger, stofzuiger, hogedruk, karcher, haspel, beregeningshaspel, pomp, slang, sproeier, regenautomaat, aftakas, rosta, spanelement, levering, assortiment, pneumatiek, programma, portfolie, technische, groothandel, mogelijkheden, hydrauliek, koppelingen, vulkaniseren, element, rubberveerelement, berubberen, pelrollen, tandheugels, tandwielen, beregening, frequentieregelaar, kettingwiel, rondsnaar
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free online dictionary, thesaurus, translation, crossword solvers and word definitions
free online dictionaries, thesaurus, language translators, encyclopedias, crossword solvers, quotes and other language resources
crossword, language, dream, puzzles, spelling, spellcheck, recreation, games, words, terms, spellchecker, translator, scrabble, acronyms, rhyme, rhyming, phrase, terminology, word, translation, cambridge, oxford, slang, linguistics, thesaurus, reference, definitions, websters, glossaries, glossary, online, dictionaries, definition, revised, english, portuguese, foreign, meaning, learning, chinese
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34th north carolina civil war reenactment unit
34th north carolina, company h is a civil war reenactment unit based in rochester new york, known as the rough and readies.
civil, reenactment, rochester, group, carolina, join, north, york, events, gear, reenactors, reenactor, 34th, slang, unit
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language fun - have all the fun while you may! is a place for people to share language experiences and have fun. currently there are foums devoted to english discussions, an english chatroom system, a blog and a photo gallery. you can ask and answer questions in the different forums. have some good chats in the chatroom and get to know more friends from different parts of the world. share your ideas in the blog and show your favorite pictures with all walks of life. the user interface can be either english or chinese for you to choose from. the purpose of this site is to spread knowledge and help people who want to better their english proficiency. we welcome your joining us.
english, romance, grammar, love, education, news, forum, american, discussions, sharing, discussion, forums, bulletin, slang, chatroom, boards, language
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shakomakonet | everything iraqi
an independent digital magazine about everything iraqi
iraqi, iraq, media, magazine, mako, shako, arabic, online, arab, shakomako, culture, artists, east, music, community, baghdad, magazines, news, slang, middle
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hip hop music, honeys, news, dance
the greatest hip hop site on the internet. rap news, dance, honeys, models, videos, pictures, lyrics, forums.
music, soul, honeys, diva, instrumentals, song, free, videos, charts, forum, forums, wear, dance, bboy, lyrics, underground, artists, slang, clubs, honey, rhymes, busta, class, girl, dictionary, shirt, songs, history, gossip, beat, models, wholesale, game, hunnies, divas, stations, radio, clothing, wallpapers, pictures
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airfan bv - specialist in ventilatieproducten - home
airfan bv is importeur, exporteur, leverancier en adviseur van ventilatoren en ventilatiesystemen!
ventilator, ventilatie, ventilatoren, dakventilatoren, atex, stofzuigsysteem, airfan, druk, luchtgordijnen, airconditioning, luchtgordijn, plafonsroosters, airco, lage, hoge, middendruk, slakkenhuisventilator, slakkenhuisventilatoren, ventilatieroosters, aluminium, flexibele, slang, centraal, stofzuiger, centrale, spiraalbuizen, spiraalbuis, traforegelaars, pijpdakventilatoren, regelaar, axiaalventilator, spiralo, ventilatierooster, axiaal, buisventilator, woonhuisventilatoren, buisventilatoren, sanitairventilator, sanitairventilatoren, woonhuisventilator
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australia @ war by peter dunn - australia during wwii
army, squadron, chemical, ozatwar, australia, marine, regiment, corps, sergeant, medal, corporal, battalion, bombardment, bataan, pacific, west, south, fighter, bomber, group, captain, bomb, pursuit, major, spitfire, centaur, submarine, beaufort, beaufighter, negro, laboratory, kittyhawk, sydney, genealogy, wireless, navy, ultra, unit, aussie, craft
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'the truckers place' more truckers slang
american chicken haulers of america, national chicken haulers of america, acha, ncha, abha, atlanta, flint, garza, web pages. chicken haulin, chickenhaulin,
chicken, pages, america, haulers, haulin, garza, americanchickenhaulersassociation, chickenhaulin, abha, acha, national, ncha, american, atlanta, flint
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bulbar-odlingsystem-ebboflod-hps lampor-lågenergilampor
din leverantor av hps lampor, mh lampor odlingssystem ph och ec justering odlingstält ghe biobizz hesi näring le lampor växtnaring odlings utrustning till laga priser
grow, light, ballast, biobizz, hesi, product, armatur, cocos, odla, canna, room, ventilation, fluorescent, lighting, hydroponics, perlite, blom, electronic, vermiculite, digital, tent, material, reflective, bulb, blomma, timers, instrument, reflector, coolshade, hydro, jord, leca, homebox, lampor, odling, odlare, lampa, coco, sytem, organisk
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great british mag | gb mag
international students guide to studying and living in the uk.
student, international, students, life, british, studying, guide, study, culture, lifestyle, rules, kingdom, united, overseas, education, london, essentials, help, news, foreign, advice, england, events, slang, street, talk, accommodation, visa, universities, things, coming, free, going, tourist, great, landmarks, stuff
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snapptuna ab
snapptuna ab
stockholm, belysning, snickare, lampor, ledbutiken, ledbelysning, spot, dotlight, elektriker, murare, nova, novaled, rgbled, spotpaket, dimmer, minispot, leddimmer, ledtejp, slang, mspot, takspot, ledslang, butik, slipare, golv, ledbuti, hantverkare, lampa, utomhusled, trappbelysning, utomhus, astra, steplight, cossa, power, lysdioder, lyse, dioder, ledstripes, tape
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learn english with free english lessons, esl, toefl, toeic
thailand english and education learning
english, online, language, toefl, learn, learning, study, toeic, education, grammar, distance, school, student, teach, teacher, thailand, vocabulary, training, interactive, games, program, slang, course, bangkok, teaching, foreign, intensive, courses, lessons, lesson, second, internet, idioms
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dierenkliniek schiedam-noord | sterkliniek schiedam
dierenkliniek schiedam-noord en sterkliniek schiedam. wij zijn praktijk voor nagenoeg alle gezelschapsdieren.
dierenkliniek, exoten, dierenartsen, sterklinieken, sterkliniek, urineonderzoek, chirurgie, dierenartsenkring, bloedonderzoek, niezen, hoesten, diarree, niesziekte, kennelhoest, spreekuur, rotterdam, dierenbescherming, vlaardingen, infuus, laparoscopie, castratie, kastratie, sterilisatie, laparoscopisch, oogheelkunde, contrictor, endocrinologie, drachtig, dracht, interne, tandheelkunde, tandarts, breken, geneeskunde, internist, echo, echografie, internistisch, opname, huidproblemen
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baby boomer central - all about australia's baby boomer generation
a fun, nostalgic look at the culture, life and times of the baby boomer generation in australia.
music, rock, arts, television, baby, motoring, icons, generation, folk, cinema, cars, movies, rings, fads, slang, inventions, disco, records, mood, migrants, smurfs, chart, afro, theatre, drive, beehive, hairstyle, surfing, boots, flares, radio, transistor, parade, food, walkman, cold, sputnik, sport, 1980s, 1970s
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welkom bij de wolf-art !
alle soorten kunstschildersmaterialen van ferrario colours nu leverbaar via de internetwebsite van de wolf-art.
paasche, compressor, airbrush, penselen, artistico, master, rijksaccademie, schilder, kunstenaar, beelden, amsterdam, rembrandt, gogh, talens, portretten, stillevens, blooteling, abraham, prenten, gravure, etser, maimeri, loods, landschappen, encaustic, airbrushhanger, compressorolie, membraam, nailart, naald, nozzle, aftappen, sproeier, tanning, slang, prins, fresco, encaustiek, luchtkap, muurschilderingen
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raydo automaterialen - home
welkom bij raydo automaterialen. sinds 1914 uw leverancier voor allerhande automaterialen, olie en additieven, rem- en frictietechnie, gereedschap, etc. bezoek onze website voor meer informatie.
additieven, olie, remmen, radiateur, poetsmaterialen, pakkingen, remblokken, remschijf, remschoenen, remtang, ontstekingsdelen, remschoen, motormanagementsysteem, looprol, lakstift, koelvloeistof, luchtfilter, automat, remtangen, motordelen, automatten, oliefilter, ruitenwisser, thermostaat, stuurhuishoes, stuurdelen, trekhaak, turbo, waterpomp, veer, uitlaat, stuurdeel, startmotor, schokbreker, schakelaar, koppelingset, slang, slangen, spuitbus, spanrollen
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219 - belysning lampor elartikalar julbelysning till grossistpriser - e-butik på internet med försäljning av belysning - lampor - elartiklar - easy connect - julbelysning
lampor, ljusslinga, belysning, elektroniska, g24d, ljus, g24q, jullampor, jultomte, kirkekerte, julgransljus, julgransslinga, juldekoration, halogenlampor, halogenlampa, halogen, halogenstavar, julbelysning, julgransbelysning, kronljuslampor, ljusslang, slinga, slang, ljusslingor, longlife, ljusstakar, leuci, leonardo, sockel, kronljuslampa, kvicksilverlampa, kvicksilverlampor, lamper, lampa, klotlampa, globlampa, easyconnect, connect, easy, biolight
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creative culture international
local, south, insight, language, tradition, market, culture, pain, advertising, promotion, traditions, habits, death, bravery, cultural, ceremony, australia, defying, nadol, diving, land, vanuatu, pakistan, bungee, jumpers, ancient, pentecost, island, legend, glocal, media, social, youtube, adaptation, followers, online, britain, roulette, wing, campaigns
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mc doktorn website reservdelar delar tillbehör suzuki mc motorcykel motocross mx blekinge kronoberg kalmar skåne halland däck slang dunlop continental oem nos
vi har det mesta till din motorcykel, oavsett vilken typ av hoj du än har. specialister på suzuki med stort reservdelslager och egen import.
suzuki, reservdelar, motocross, racing, parts, ombestyckningssatser, original, motordelar, oljor, moped, kroppsskydd, mopeder, moto, motorcycle, performance, motorcyklar, stift, tsubaki, touring, yamaha, ronneby, blekinge, sporthoj, slitdelar, reparation, kedjor, race, reparationer, skydd, service, roadracing, pirelli, husqvarna, bromsutrustning, bromsslangar, bromsslang, pris, conti, crosshandskar, cross
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cykelmartin är en generös firma som strävar efter att ge alla en möjlighet till god service, med prisvänligt utbud. välkommen till cykelmartin - bara bra cyklar!
elcykel, cykel, cykelmartin, test, velomobil, garanti, svea, herr, pris, svensk, hitta, kvalitet, ecoride, elbil, barncyklar, juniorcyklar, alla, classic, laga, punktering, ambassador, cykelbil, cyckelmartin, karta, till, ligger, vart, cyckel, eldriven, battericykel, givmild, batteri, fart, velomobile, dynamisk, snabb, dagar, cykeldelar, cecilia, reparation
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fraku - fraku installaties b.v. loodgieters- en fitterswerk; installatie van sanitair en van verwarmings- en luchtbehandeling apparatuur venlo
fraku installaties b.v. te venlo - loodgieters- en fitterswerk; installatie van sanitair en van verwarmings- en luchtbehandeling apparatuur venlo.
airco, venlo, aanbieding, beste, installatie, fraku, zonder, ketel, slaapkamer, huis, unit, thuis, combiketel, voor, airconditioning, installateur, verwarmingsketel, sanitair, plaatsen, afvoer, buitenunit, slang, installaties, systemen, verwarming, onderhoud, verwarmingsinstallateur, systeem, besparing, badkamer, split, inbouw, inbouwen, fitterswerk, apparatuur, bedrijf, bestellen, installateurs, installeren, luchtbehandings
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aarts event fx
aarts event fx is het adres voor de verkoop en verhuur van professionele apparatuur en machines voor special effects als co2, vuur, confetti, wind en veel meer. kort samen gevat is een feest niet compleet zonder confetti, co2 of vuur.
shot, stage, confetti, power, flame, blaster, super, remote, dominator, effectivator, drop, swirl, switch, pack, shooters, blower, base, wireless, cannons, handheld, hose, feest, rijen, magic, molenschot, nederland, heel, gilze, festivals, bands, evenementen, artiesten, meuk, aries, bijtels, verhuur, alphen, breda, dorst, chaam
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txtwatcher - know what your kids are textingtxtwatcher | know what your kids are texting
know what your kids are texting
text, monitor, monitoring, messages, alert, texting, translate, with, cell, software, sexting, phone, texts, children, kids, know, cyber, bullying, best, codes, driving, translation, stop, your, android, messaging, phones, prevent, while, drugs, message, alcohol, pictures, free, control, what, smartphones, when, teens, parental
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the dictionary of english nautical language, glossary and terms directory.
dictionary of english nautical language: a comprehensive nautical dictionary, complete with usage, examples suggesting good seamanship, images of ships and gear and a useful nautical blog.
terms, language, sailing, nautical, terminology, dictionary, marine, maritime, ship, boat, words, glossary, boating, definitions, naval, seafaring, yachting, seagoing, talk, sailor, training, school, boats, yacht, slang, ships, education, vocabulary, jargon
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aquarius dive center - constanta
aquarius dive center-cursuri de scufundari orice nivel ssi, padi , iantd.... ( engleza , romana, olandeza, germana) , vanzari, inchirieri, intretinere si reparatie echipamente , imbuteliere , organizare scufundari la epave , sub gheata, la altitudine, etc, cu o vasta experienta internationala in domeniu ......
harry, scuba, doina, geana, diver, cursuri, scufundari, diving, bakker, computer, trap, duiken, kerk, bergmeer, biserica, mamaia, hotel, duikreizen, belis, church, moskva, opleiding, kwaliteit, moscva, passie, meer, cursus, paris, duikcomputer, sadu, master, echipamente, scafandru, turism, scufundare, detentor, vesta, snork, labe, inot