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home of free code snippets for bootstrap |
a design element gallery for web designers and web developers. find snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
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bootstrap editor and playground for javascript, css, html5 and jquery.
a free bootstrap editor that also includes bootstrap snippets, templates and examples using javascript, css, html5 and jquery.
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java programming, learn java online with the java code geeks | java developers resource center - java, scala, groovy, android
learn java online. android development tutorials, java tutorials for beginners, java books, scala, groovy and jruby news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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free code snippets, tutorials, articles, technical stuff, tips, solutions and much more.,,, jquery, json, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, angularjs, ssrs, rdlc, crystal reports, reports, facebook, twitter, google, google maps, api, windows forms, windows, winforms, xml, html, css, css3, jquery demos, code, snippets, examples, articles, google charts, html5, canvas, hello world examples, introduction, getting started, demo, tutorial, sample
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buy & sell marketplace for themes, addons, services, apps and more!
mojo marketplace offers a community of professional designers and developers. browse premium products to build, brand & grow your website.
logos, graphics, sell, install, snippets, website, themes, templates, plugins, extensions, wordpress
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6 - online compiler and ide >> c/c++, java, php, python, perl and 40+ other compilers and interpreters
online, code, programming, your, interpreter, python, java, tool, execute, snippets, compiler, learn, snippet, pastebin, debugging
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creative tim | fully coded design resources for web developers
ui kits, templates and snippets, built with bootstrap, that will speed up your front-end development. join 50.000+ users and to access all our free items!
bootstrap, freebies, awesome, cards, plugin, wizard, beautiful, free, creative, theme, creativetim, template, items
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perlmonks - the monastery gates
a community committed to sharing perl knowledge and coding tips. the site contains questions and answers, useful snippets, and a library of code.
vroom, examples, answers, questions, node, code, votes, experience, tutorials, learning, expressions, regular, regexp, programming, whoring, perl
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paulund | tutorials & snippets
web development tutorials and snippets for wordpress, php, html5, css3 and jquery.
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code snippets - snipplr social snippet repository
snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and html with other programmers and designers.
code, html, snipplr, textmate, source, share, repository, organize, programming, store
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wordpress optimization and monetizing tips
we have 10 years experience in wordpress optimization and coding. now, we decide to open our unique articles, optimization tips for wordpress, seo tricks, unique code snippets, monetizing solutions for wordpress. always actual methods. ++
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php freaks - php help index
php freaks is a website dedicated to learning and teaching php. here you will find a forum consisting of 132, 227 members who have posted a total of 1, 379, 780 posts on the forums. additionally, we have tutorials covering various aspects of php and you will find news syndicated from other websites so you can stay up-to-date. along with the tutorials, the developers on the forum will be able to help you with your scripts, or you may perhaps share your knowledge so others can learn from you.
news, help, snippets, tutorials, development, programming, resources, forums, tutorial
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these tutorials helps you to understand microsoft entity framework. it covers basics to advanced level entity framework with code snippets using simple school database example.
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code search for developers
the best code search for developers
code, recipe, source, repository, snippets, example, gist, programming
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css3 generator | css3 tools and snippets | css3gen
css3gen is a css3 generator that allows you to generate css3 snippets for box shadow, text shadow, border radius and more.
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great code examples & snippets | codota
codota is a revolutionary search engine for android code examples and snippets.
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javascript, php scripts, wordpress plugins, html5, jquery and css | codegrape
buy premium wordpress plugins, php scripts, mobile components, extensions, plugins, and css files from codegrape.
code, development, script, snippets, marketplace, codebase, system, widget, class, mysql, program, extensions, plugins, wordpress, premium, javascript, sell, titanium, iphone, mobile, android
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css, javascript und html |
css, html und javascript mit {stil} – tipps und trens für webdesign und programmierung, svg-tutorials und snippets
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cssflow css code snippets & ui kits for web developers
download a wide variety of free web ui elements and complete ui kits coded with html5, css3, and sass/scss.
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eco snippets | sustainable, self sufficient, environmentally friendly living
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21 - oracle pl/sql database code library and resources | examples | syntax | dbms packages | pl/sql | sql |
oracle pl/sql examples, syntax, dbms packages, string, timestamp, substring, php code, and javascript code reference library (formerly known as morgan's library)
oracle, primary, date, select, analyze, alter, constraint, oratech, code, mysql, library, snippets, oracel, javascript
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codeshare - share code real-time in your browser - codeshare
share code snippets and collaborate with developers with this free code sharing tool.
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auction repair home page
this page contains a collection of short scripts which can be placed in your listing. the scripts operate in-line using the javascript document.write method so placement is not affected.
listing, auction, click, snippets, template, scripts, help, tools, ebay, javascript
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snip2code is a web service for software developers to share, collect and organize code snippets. it highly improves the performances of the develop...
code, snippet, online, snippets, library, manager, quality, coder, notebook, execute, software, programming, repository, knowledge, collect, java, share, engineering, developer, compiler, eclipse, your, tool, source, reuse, basic, visual, debugging
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learn web programming online with the web code geeks
web developers resource center. javascript, php, html, css,, html5, news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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code pad - organize and share code snippets
share and store code snippets. collaborate with other developers using this free code sharing service. free for public open-source code.
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netnaija: nigerian forum, information and entertainment portal
nigerian forum and media download center. no 1 hub for latest music, videos, music, gist etc. forum discussions, download music tracks free, watch and/or download free video clips, photo sharing, all and more on
snippets, codes, news, information, education, html, videos, downloads, movies, forum, music
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autotext - text expander for windows - snippets organizer
phraseexpress manages frequently used text snippets and email signatures. autotext, auto-complete and spelling correction for medical transcription, legal transcription, technical support.
text, transcription, replacement, snippets, substitution, phrases, expander, clipboard, medical, autocorrect, legal, template, autotext, utility
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29 generators for seo | generate rich snippets easily
hi there! if you want to quickly generate snippets, then come on in - its free! join our growing community, post questions and give answers.
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add schema structured markup for better wordpress seo
enhance wordpress seo by implementing schema markup for reviews and star rating rich snippets.
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gistbox - the beautiful way to organize code snippets
gistbox is the best interface to github gists. organize your snippets with labels. edit your code. search by description. all in one speedy app.
code, snippets, organize, beautiful
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upplanet - free responsive site template with html5 and css3
free responsive site template based on html5 and css3. useful resources and inspiration and creative designs. free coding tutorials and code snippets.
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jqueryhouse | latest jquery plugins & resources
code snippets are very handy and useful. they do the job for you without much effort. hold onto these snippets to use for your next project.
snippets, chat, jquery, plugins, plugin, effects, fixed, yeoman, positioning, notifications, sticky, notification, gchat, projects, code, javascript, developers, html, facebook, development, gmail
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devzone - a web development blog by abhishek r kaushik | tips & tricks , php , mysql , javascript , jquery, bigdata tutorials and code snippets -
devzone, jquery, ajax, javascript, mysql, using, developement, tips, mssql, tricks
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650+ wordpress snippets, code, hacks, for your theme, blog
over 650+ wordpress snippets to enhance all aspects of your wordpress theme or blog wp snipp attracts web designers & developers world wide.
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angular code | angularjs projects with demos and downloads
here at angularcode we publish simple web applications made with angularjs, php, mysql including demos and downloads.
demos, downloads, begineers, snippets, projects, mysql, angularjs
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free bootstrap themes, templates, and bootstrap snippets offers 100% free and unique bootstrap themes, templates, snippets and bootstrap design tools for personal and commercial use.
bootstrap, unique, snippets, themes, templates, free
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[real's java javascript pb and wsh how-to]
real's java javascript wsh and powerbuilder how-to pages with useful code snippets
visualj, vcafe, datastore, object, powerj, development, example, microsoft, powersoft, powerscript, programming, vbscript, javascript, tips, tricks, swing, datawindow, powerbuilder, java
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angularjs 4u blog - demos, news, directives & coding tips
angularjs blog community sharing news, angularjs plugins, video tutorials, angularjs demos, code snippets and accredited web development contributions.
angularjs, tips, news, angular, blog, plugins
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divi layouts | divi guide
the ultimate guide to building sites with the divi theme and builder. providing in-depth tutorials, divi snippets, and layouts, we are your secret weapon.
divi, wordpress, snippets, website, build, help, elegant, layouts, guide, page, builder, themes
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php, javascript, and wordpress code snippets and articles, as well as general hobby projects and editorials.
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#! code | code tips, snippets, resources, tutorials and help
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jquery frequently asked questions and their answers.
jquery, json, javascript, jquery plugins, jquery ui, twitter, google, google maps, api, xml, html, css, css3, jquery demos, code, snippets, examples, articles
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44 - ein blog, geschmiedet aus kaffee und schweiß.
ein technik-blog über programmierung, softwareentwicklung und hardware hacks mit tutorials, code snippets, tipps und tricks.
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css2sass | convert css snippets to syntactically awesome stylesheets code
css2sass | convert css snippets to syntactically awesome stylesheets code
ruby, rails, scss, sass, haml, html
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js tutorial - tutorials to use plugins with documents and demos
js tutorial - new & best jquery plugins, tutorials for beginners, designers, web developers with full features, documents, code snippets and demos
jquery, tutorial, datepicker, dialog, google, tabs, tooltip, javascript, slideshow, autocomplete
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free tutorials, articles, examples, code snippets, lists, and more!: asp alliance
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cambia research - software better - .net articles and code snippets.
lautenschlager, steve, cambia, research, cambiaresearch, javascript, dotenet, developers, stack, programmers, csharp, microsoft
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computer science and information technology tutorials, articles, code snippets, and faqs. programming forums : computer programming forums : questions and answers, articles, tutorials, and code snippets
questions, computer, codemiles, answers, articles, code, programming, forums, snippets, tutorials
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source code beautifier / syntax highlighter convert code snippets to html
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pura vida apps
app inventor apps, tutorials, news, forums and snippets.
apps, android
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css snippets
css and html snippets to cut and paste into websites. video tutorials on css and other web development topics.
navigation, css3, tutorials
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53 - all you can eat embedded systems
everything embedded systems: forums (including comp.arch.embedded), blogs, whitepapers, business directory, free pdf downloads, code snippets, etc.
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miffy code snipets - code snippets
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55 - all about code snippets
browse 200+ useful code snippets. currently we have over 200+ useful code snippets for php, wordpress, web development, and other popular technologies.
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phphive - php lessons, tutorials, snippets and more
php hive is a website dedicated to those who create and maintain websites : web developers, web designers, webmasters, and so on.
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tudo sobre wordpress | dicas, tutoriais, snippets, desenvolvimento de plugins, temas | wpmidia lab
tudo sobre wordpress | tutoriais, snippets, desenvolvimento de plugins, temas e dicas de wordpress | wpmidia lab
wordpress, desenvolvimento, plugins, para, santos, tutoriais, dicas
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itorian, mvc, c#, .net, jquery, linq - articles, ebooks, pdf, interview faq, development tricks - tips, code snippets, reference manual and resources
tutorial, jquery, engine, view, ebooks, silverlight, books, programming, razor, free, tricks, mvc4, mvc3, forms, tips, recipes, linq
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next bootstrap
ultimate resource for bootstrap. get free themes, snippets, page layouts, psd templates and tutorials for bootstrap. new items uploading everyday.
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code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool.
code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool. includes features such as registration, private/public code, syntax highlighting, browser extension, and more.
code, collaboration, snippets, programming, share, send, codesend
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.net snippets - find free articles & posts on,c#,linq,,mvc,angularjs,wcf,ms sql server
this site contains free articles on, c#, linq, mvc, angularjs, wcf, sql server.
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wptips - a guide to quick wordpress tips, snippets and recomended plugins
a guide to quick wordpress tips, snippets and recomended plugins
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63 | a free collection of css3/html snippets. new entries crafted and added | a free collection of css3/html snippets. new entries crafted and added daily.
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kalpesh mehta - magento certified developer plus
magento technical articles, code snippets, certification and interview preparation guide, development resources and freelance work by certified magento developer.
questions, code, snippets, interview, plus, certified, developer, magento
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wp snippet
wordpress plugins, wordpress themes, wordpress code snippets, tutorials and more
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java creed
java news, articles, tutorials, code examples and snippets
code, snippets, tutorials, examples, articles, java
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scriptabc - php scripts - html/php codes & snippets - domains
download premium php/html website scripts, free html codes & php snippets, top domains on scriptabc
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ruddwire | food, book, theatre reviews, data presentation projects, code snippets, millisecond date calculators food, book, theatre reviews, data presentation projects, code snippets, millisecond date calculators
reviews, book, mysql, unix, theatre, millisecond, date, calculator, cheeses
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free online tutorials | tutorials, resources and snippets
tutorials, resources and snippets
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70 is a team of developers which focuses on providing tips, snippets and tutorials about laravel5, angularjs, reactjs, css3, html5 or other new cool stuff that we find interesting. is a team of developers which focuses on providing tips, snippets and tutorials about laravel5, angularjs, reactjs, css3, html5 or other new cool stuff that we find interesting.
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sharing tutorial, tips and trick all about web design and blogger
blogger, snippets, tricks, design, best, template, free, widget, fostrap, templates, bootstrap, code, tips, blogspot, collection, tutorial
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free wordpress themes, plugins & resources | wpvortex
wordpress themes, plugins, tips, hacks and resources .
snippets, hacks, resources, tips, plugins, themes, design, inspiration, development, wordpress
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bootstrap library - free plugins, themes, templates and extensions for bootstrap
free plugins, themes, templates, extensions and js / css snippets for bootstrap framework
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home page - ® easy tutorials
wordpress resources, web development online tools, snippets, seo optimization, css live editable examples. all in one place - the place for web developers
optimization, live, editable, examples, snippets, resources, development, online, tools, wordpress
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wordpress plugins, code snippets, classes and stuff for developers
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jquery 2 dotnet
jquery and mvc tutorial with examples, css3 best tutorial, free web tutorials on mvc, css, jquery, html5, css3, bootstrap cool examples template
jquery, code, css3, snippets, tips, events, sheets, cheat, performance, download, selectors, mobile, ajax, plugins, tricks, animation, questions, bootstrap, linq, html5, interview, examples, functions, methods
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x theme users resources
x theme users resources - contribute and find x theme tutorials, x theme developers, x theme showcase sites, css snippets for x theme website, x theme tips
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bootstrap themes, snippets and components package that includes an angularjs admin dashboard theme.
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plugins e code snippets wordpress
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learn swift online - welcome -
welcome to learn swift online - this site will provide code snippets, tutorials and reference material for swift, apples new programming language.
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bootstrap tutorials - ultimate resource to creating bootstrap websites using components, code snippets and templates
codes, templates, snippets, code, examples, components, tutorial, twitter, boot, strap, bootstrap
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82,,, sql server tutorials, articles, code snippets, .net interview questions, sample .net projects
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free code snippets,,,,mvc, mvc,linq,jquery,javascript,sql server,wcf,ajax,entity framework snippets and tutorial
free .net articles,,,, jquery, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, crystal reports, jquery demos, code, snippets, examples, articles, html
tutorial, entity, framework, code, beginner, server, linq, questions, interview, ajax, report, sample, data, rdlc, beginners, gridview, source, tips, guide, html, wordpress, learning, example, articles, samples, dotnet, controls, articlemirror, webform, download, facebook, store, crystal, reports, jquery, javascript, table, dataset, visual, repeater
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snippet repo
snippet repo is a members-only code repository created to save developers time spent rewriting code.
snippets, snippet, bootstrap, python, node, angular, jquery, repo, html, code, javascript
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heroturko pro
free download business cards logos artist design
pricing, tables, appointment, codecanyon, booking, plugin, rich, snippets, crexis, heroturko, testimoonials, bookly, theme, themeforest, construction, salons, cinderella, hair, renovate, renovation, structure, beauty, premium, responsive, magazine, wordpress, goodnews
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basicwp | genesis wordpress web development tips
genesis framework, wordpress, css, web design and development tips, guides, snippets, tutorials.
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sketchmouse - save and manage your code snippets
instantly save and manage your favorite code snippets all in one place!
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delphi xe5 xe6 xe7 xe8 10 seattle firemonkey, delphi android, delphi ios | fmx express
get all the delphi xe5, xe6, xe7, xe8 tips and tricks on delphi firemonkey components, delphi code snippets, and firemonkey demos for android, ios, windows, mac
delphi, firemonkey, android
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code snippets in one place | snipplicious
snipplicious is a gallery of code snippets for web designers, web developers and programmers. snippets can be easily copied and pasted and will work just out of the box!
html, javascript, bootstrap, snippets
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scriptplazza - scripts directory, php scripts and web resources
a collection of scripts free and commercial, php scripts, clone scripts, web scripts, web softwares, tutorials, design resources and snippets for webmasters.
clone, script
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jayapal chandran - aks vikku - computer programmer - word reminder | tamil unicode converter | indian language unicode converter | ringtones
jayapal chandran aka vikku. computer programmer. my techincal and personal website. working on unicode converters, programming articles, wordreminder and ringtones.
snippets, converters, unicode, codes, programming, ringtones, articles, code, vikku, chandran, word, reminder, enhancer, vocabulary, jayapal
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92 | wordpress magazin, themes & plugins lehrt dich alles, was du über wordpress wissen musst, egal ob newbie oder pro | (premium) themes ✔✔✔ (premium) plugins ✔✔✔ snippets
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php code snippets
helping developers from the experienced to the beginner learn and connect with others. share php code snippets of all types to learn and to use for later use in production quality projects.
simple, timezone, script, send, registration, caesar, ciphers, feed, checklist, artist, toolkit, annoying, learn, phpsnips, code, snippets, wordpress, addresses, convert, chrome, wrapper
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dot net tutorial | .net tutorials, interview, articles & tips
dot net tutorial – tutorials, articles, interview questions, tricks & tips, code example code snippets and step by step learning for microsoft .net professional
tutorial, angular, answer, question, interview, blog, article, service, dotnet, tricks, tips, csharp, mvc4, core, beginner, learn, dotnettutorials, jquery, server, azure
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get best deals from everywhere
baking bootstrap snippets with jade
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obin's blog
blog chia sẻ mọi thủ thuật bổ ích
obin, blog, snippets, tutorials, tips, obinb
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wp-snippets | hacks, snippets and articles
wp-snippets provides useful hacks, tips and tutorials to create a better wordpress theme.
snippets, code, wordpress
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top mud sites - mud and rpg rankings - mud database, rpg & mud forums, mud articles, mud reviews
top mud sites contains some of the best muds, rpgs, mmorpgs and fantasy games on the web, ranked according to visitor votes. read articles, participate in the rpg forums, and write reviews.
free, rpgs, muds, multiplayer, fantasy, science, snippets, code, fiction, game, merc, mmorpg, mmorpgs, diku, games, roleplaying
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web templates - wordpress themes - plugins
buy online web templates, or best free themes and plugins, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, html 5 templates, code snippets, facebook apps, android apps.
themes, free, apps, templates, plugins, wordpress, android, snippets, premium, code, html
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ömer aslanbakan - front end developer
a front end developer blog, including javascript focused articles, tips & tricks, code snippets, developement notes and architecture structure..
developer, javascript, articles, responsive, design, blog, grunt, markdown, mobile, development, text, regular, expression, sublime, interface, bower, user, jquery, engineer, html5, front, aslanbakan, eomerx, css3, ajax, angularjs, requirejs, sass, less, bootstrap
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smipple - social code snippets
smipple is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share your snippets with your friends and other programmers.
code, source, share, snippets, programming, repository, social, smipple
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wordpress reviews and star rating plugins — add google rich snippets to wordpress
a collection of reviews and star rating plugins for wordpress. add rich snippets markups for reviews and ratings.
rating, results, rich, snippets, aggregate, search, google, plugin, hrevew, author, wordpress
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download free scripts - download codecanyon free nulled
php scripts, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, html 5 templates, code snippets, facebook apps, android apps, iso apps, buy online
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php code - its all about php
sharing the php knowledge | php code | php code help | php blog
code, library, help, snippets, toolkit, online, implement, buddy, learn, ggateway, tutorial, useful, scripts, wordpress, customization, payment, integration
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providing you with technology news, programing knowledge, computer tips and software since 2011.
coding, tips, downloads, technology, news, computer, freeware, programing, csharp, snippets, software
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my android solutions - android programming tutorials and snippets
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focuswap » forum, entertainment & technology portal
global forum and download music track, watch and/or download free video clips.
download, free, music, codes, snippets, information, education, html, news, movies, videos, downloads, comedy, nollywood, forum
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javascript, html5, jquery plugins, and more - your library of scripts, tutorials and snippets! -
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elance market - free creative marketplace - buy & sell creative items starting at just $1
the free marketplace for creative item authors & lovers. buy sell creative items. download free creative items. collect creative items, discuss about creative, ask creative questions & read latest about creative
creative, file, collection, forum, magazine, code, items, scripts, wordpress, html5, snippets
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wordpress code snippets & hacks for your blog - wpcodesnippet
wordpress code snippets, we are a website focused on helping wordpress developers/users tweak and improve their templates and websites.
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feelzdroid, learn android apps development, coding snippets, tutorials and more...
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website designing website development - buzzing you on web
wdwd is a place toolkit for web developers to speed up their routine tasks. here are listed working examples and code snippets. a number of wordpress plugins and famous php frameworks related helper functions and libraries.
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it developer zone
blog for beginners, enthusiasts & experts. collection of tutorials, interview questions, code snippets on, c#, sql server, ssis, ssrs etc.
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best gfx - themeforest
php scripts, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, html 5 templates, code snippets, facebook apps, android apps, ios apps, buy online, free download, nulled
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crondose | daily dev guides - daily snippets for the developer life
daily snippets for the developer life
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codingcrazy is a small website with a few code snippets to help the newbie web designers and developers with their projects. we also sell websites and graphics and sometimes give away some free stuffs as well. for personal projects, you can always hire us.
designer, free, hire, cheap, indian, developer, scripts, india, premium, codes, script, tutorials, html, ajax, coding
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wp smackdown - wordpress tutorials, tips, news, code snippets, plugins, themes & more.
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travis blog - random snippets and information
random snippets and information
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css tools, generators and resources
css tools, snippets, generators and resources for web designers and developers.
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xamarin.forms ui templates
ready made xamarin.forms ui templates and screens designed in xaml. ready to boost your productivity. layout samples and code snippets for xamarin.forms.
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wiser coder - tips, tricks and snippets for smart programmers
a collection of concise solutions to common programming problems with code examples and detailed explanations.
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sarah's first grade snippets
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techieroop tutorials, programming solutions, tips & tricks
techieroop is a technical blog. we regularly keep posted about technology news update, programming solutions, technical tricks and tips with code snippets.
elasticsearch, jdbc, river, tutorials, blog, ansible, tutorial, technical
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code, search, optimization, implementation, security, scripts, snippets, javascript, ajax
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learn os programming online with the system code geeks
os developers resource center. windows, linux news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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filipecs web | wp, wc, tuts, plugins e snippets
wordpress, woocommerce, e-commerce, tutoriais, plugins e snippets.
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procbits: source code snippets and other random musings about software
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active snippets - android snippets
active snippets on android snippets, a community driven website to share, explore and improve code snippets for the android platform.
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129 - die community-plattform für .net-entwickler zum austausch von code-snippets in den sprachen c#, vb und c++.
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the very near future
snippets of short range speculation
cartoon, webcomic, theverynearfuture, tech, technology
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indian cooperative | news exclusicely from the cooperative sector
latest news featured news snippets cooperative coffee shop
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google webfonts helper
a hazzle-free way to self-host google fonts. get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + css snippets!
fonts, google, font, instructions, modern, service, support, best, browsers, serve, host, archive, woff2, woff
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android app development for phones/tablets
a blog about android and android coding stuff and sample codes and projects useful snippets.
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free source code,snippets,snippets,tutorials,interview questions,videos
free articles, jobs interview questions answers, videos, news, updates in c#,, jquery, mvc and much more
videos, free, snippets, source, samples, examples, reference, code, news, books, answers, questions, school, interview, demos, primer, codes, html5, beginnersguide, tutorials, learning, programming, jquery, lessons
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snippets of inspiration - a homemaking blog to inspire action!
a homemaking blog to inspire action!
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snippetvalley - snippetvalley is a tidy repository of jquery plugins and snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
snippetvalley is a tidy repository of jquery plugins and snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
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- snippets of life.
snippets of life.
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ssbits - silverstripe tutorials, tips and other bits
your one stop silverstripe learning resource: tutorials, snippets, reviews, modules and a hole lot more.
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139 - code snippets repository
a simple way to share code snippets and pastes with others.
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welcome to |
djangorocks - django snippets, tutorials & news
django, blog, tutorials, news, snippets
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authorsure wordpress plugin - manages multiple author sites
authorsure helps you manage a site with multiple authors with features for author profiles and bios, author link management and author directories
googleplus, markup, authorship, rich, snippets
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rubén martín
hablo y explico sobre mis andaduras y snippets en el mundo del desarrollo web y desktop, pero sobre todo de wordpress.
sysadmin, cursos, plugins, developer, python, woocommerce, wordpress
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bootstrapzen | free bootstrap templates and themes
free bootstrap templates and themes, download responsive bootstrap 3 templates, bootstrap examples, code snippets, free for commercial use.
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genesis theme framework code snippets
hundreds of tried and tested code snippets for the genesis wordpress theme framework to speed up your theme development
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andy mckell | a guy who writes and more
between tapping my keyboard to produce stories out of thin air and auditioning to create characters out of that same thin air, i plan to explore the world of stories and their telling. i hope you enjoy your visits. my first blog sets out my stall - ill be focusing on writing, but will include some performance-related snippets
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use jquery | the latest on all things jquery
use jquery provides the latest about jquery news, plugins & websites through an active blog & showcase. add your site to our featured site showcase.
blog, plugins, tutorials, snippets, showcase, code, jquery
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drupal guides and tips | drupal den
information for drupal developers - tutorials, useful tips, code snippets and more.
drupal, tips, tutorials, guides
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snippet generator - create free structured microdata for your website
generate snippets for your own website for free with our snippet generator. fill in the forms with your data and in microdata format from
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bootstrap 4 themes and upgrade guide
bootstrap 4 migration guide, themes and example snippets. find themes, code examples for bootstrap 4, and how to customize bootstrap 4 with sass.
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code tricks - coding and beyond
coding and beyond. blog on latest web technologies like wordpress, php, javascript, jquery, frameworks. hang on! for cool tricks and snippets.
jquery, wordpress, tricks, code
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swift studies
learn swift with snippets and playgrounds
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webmaster kiste
php scripts, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, html 5 templates, code snippets, facebook apps, android apps, iso apps, buy online
apps, wordpress, facebook, android, online, snippets, templates, themes, scripts, plugins, html, code
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the intersection of pastebin, help desk, version control, and social networking
code, sharing, algorithms, articles, snippets, programming
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snippets | یک دنیا کد
یک دنیا کد یک وب سایت کاربردی دارای کد های ناب برای برنامه نویسانی است که می خواهند ساده و حرفه ای برنامه نویسی کنند !
ajax, mysql, jquery, html, wordpress
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stack snippets domain
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156 - short answers
ask your question in 50 words or less and snippets users will give you answers.
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wandering chopsticks: vietnamese food, recipes, and more
wandering chopsticks ...vietnamese recipes with pictures, restaurants, travels, gardens, crafts, and snippets of life in general.
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coding epiphany - coding tutorial, code snippets, concepts and understanding as well as general it related discussions
coding tutorial, code snippets, concepts and understanding as well as general it related discussions
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snippets — code snippets management tools for mac & windows
snippets is a set of tools and services designed for collecting and organizing of code snippets, reusing then in different project and sharing with the team or publicly.
snippets, library, notebook, coder, code, manager, developer, windows
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csnipp - social code sharing
csnipp is a code snippet management tool which helps coders to share knowledge, recieve feedback and reduce their time spend on writing code
snippets, code, snippet, tool, management, angular, knowledge, store, collaborate, share, sharing, python, html, csnipp, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, ruby, node
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active snippets - moai snippets
active snippets on moai snippets, a community driven website to share, explore and improve code snippets for the moai platform.
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csspop - a community collection of css snippets [beta]
csspop is a css submission gallery where you can find, share and vote on css snippets.
snippets, share, social, gallery, csspop
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star snippets - rich snippets einfach online abfragen
using star-snippets you can easily integrate and upload rich snippets via ajax.
easy, reload, ajax, integrate, snippets, rich
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wordpress development snippets, collection of wordpress shortcodes, widgets, snippets and functions
wpdevsnippets provides frequently used plug n play code snippets, shortcodes, widgets, css styles and js/jquery functions. it is equally helpful for both developers who just started their development in wordpress and who has been developing for years.
wordpress, snippets, functions, style, htaccess, shortcode, hooks, development, code, codes
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share my snippets //your code here
manage your code snippets and share them with others.
java, objective, perl, python, csharp, programming, code, development, javascript, snippets
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80+ jquery snippets, code, hacks, for your site -
80+ jquery snippets to enhance all aspects of your website or blog
jquery, snippets, datepicker, training, popup, pagination, countdown, layout, tablesorter, datatable, style, overlay, scrollbar, window, what, treeview, lightbox, hacks, code, effects, class, template, position, accordion, templates
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167 | best code snippets, tutorials and jquery plugins from across the world
best snippets and plugins, best snippets and plugins across the world, best asp, vb, c#, jquery, java, c, c++, c# code snippets, demos and wordpress plugins
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jananas - snippets of lifejananas | snippets of life
snippets of life
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nifty snippets
nifty snippets
development, ajax, javascript, snippets, nifty
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170 | just another code snippets library.
collection of useful code snippets for various development languages and platforms like .net, php, javascript, wordpress, and more.
code, joomla, source, library, snippets, samples, wordpress
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171 snippets of me blog
snippets of me blog blog for me as a way to look back through the years at what i was doing at different points in my life
ktbferg, snippets, ktlouise
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172 - save your code snippets and share with other programmers
do you want to have yor code snippets allways accessible? save your code snippets and share with other users.
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wpcustoms - supported wordpress themes and snippets
wpcustoms is built to provide help with your wp project - snippets, installation, tweaks and customization
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gospel snippets
gospel snippets contains short, practical bible-based articles related to everyday living.
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organize and share your code snippets - php, javascript, java, c, c++, ruby, jquery, actionscript and more code snippets
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home of free code snippets for bootstrap |
a design element gallery for web designers and web developers. find snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
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info und snippets f�r das cms typo3
snippets, codeschnipsel, extension, typoscript, typo3, typo
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share your best vimrc snippets | vimrcfu
snippets of vimrc awesomeness.
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179 - your code snippet source.
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websitebaker | modules | addons | snippets |website baker cms
websitebaker cms modules, addons like snippets and modules for content management system cms website baker, even free modules picture gallery, form, newsletter.
free, software, project, community, design, templates, news, security, portable, mysql, source, open, module, baker, website, websitebaker, code, snippets, jquery, plugin, addons, amasp, start
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181 | wp snippets and tutorials
best wordpress snippets, new wp tricks, wordpress tutorials, wordpress plugins and wp hacks from
wordpress, snippets, tutorials, tricks
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welcome to snippets of new york city where someone always win
welcome to snippets of new york city where someone always win
park, community, hyde, free, classifieds, news, latest, bellerose, oneofnyc, newyork, queens, floral, glenoaks
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functions php - just a load of wordpress snippets
the best code snippets for wordpress. how to use? just add to your functions.php! free your blog from bloated plug-ins. speed up your wordpress!
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184 | - drupal, php, jquery, javascript and other useful snippets
a combination of drupal help, module development, php snippets, javascript snippets, jquery, css, coding tutorials and more.
drupal, themeing, template, module, jquery, development
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home -
portal for it specialist combining multiple tools, resources, snippets, and news aggregator.
jquery, javascript, java, html, html5, json, xhtml, leader, leading, portal, tools, snippets, software, resources
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pete roome - code snippets and such like.
code snippets and such like.
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php lernen mit tutorials, snippets & beispielen •
du willst php lernen? gut, wir bringen dir die basics bei und zeigen dir anhand von tutorials, snippets & beispielen wie es geht.
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buy scripts and code snippets -
buy scripts, code snippets and templates for your site. php, html5, wordpress themes and plugins.
scripts, templates, snippets, code, plugins, themes, wordpress, html
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page config - deep inside webpages
articles, tutorials, how-to, designs, scripts and code snippets for websites.
scripts, code, snippets, designing, snipets, articles, tutorials
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snipsave 2 - save code snippets online for future reference
save snippets of code quickly and easily into your own repository for future reference. instant search helps you find the exact piece of code you're looking for.
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codedammit - find code samples and snippets in one place!
codedammit helps you find source codes of real apps to help you learn programming faster. codedammit also maintains a curated list of many tricky code snippets and basic algorithms.
code, learn, source, codes, snippets, algorithms, examples, samples, programming, find, coding
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mommy snippets-travel and lifestyle blogger
mommy snippets is a christian mom blogger based out of texas. she blogs about travel, lifestyle, parenting, recipes, and a whole lot more.
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sublime package for wordpress customizer
sublime package of snippets for wordpress customizer. write high quality code with stupid-simple tab-triggered sublime snippets and completion engine.
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devs forrest - developer community - code snippets
share and add code snippets never forget code that you has spent hours or even days figuring out how to use. never forget code add and share or keep private
facebook, developer, share, delete, wordpress, javascript, buddypress, profile, joomla, plus, google, twitter, tags, coder, photos, free, media, forum, amazon, search, groups, email, dropbox, storage, toolbox, java, ruby, vote, jquery, forrest, snips, snippets, code, isimpledesign, suys, create, iphone, update, video, screencast
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kiwwito – code snippets and more
code snippets and more
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shyam makwana - a webdevs blog
a webdevs blog. articles of code snippets, notes, patches, hacks, php, wordpress, node.js, angularjs, server etc. its my virtual lab.
wordpress, tricks, hacks, snippets, tutorials, core, tips, fixes, patches, server, node, notes, angularjs
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wpsnippy - cool wordpress snippets
wpsnippy offers cool wordpress code snippets to help plugin and theme developers to develop their website efficiently.
code, source, programming, wpsnippy, tricks, tips, snippet, hack, wordpress
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how to’s and getting started tutorials and snippets to learn nativescript for cross-platform mobile app development – nativescript snacks
nativescript snacks are bite-sized videos and code snippets that teach you more than you ever wanted to know about nativescript, all in a tiny, digestible, healthy format.
javascript, typescript, angularjs, development, apps, telerik, video, tutorial, mobile, nativescript
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diglog | design elements, code snippets & web hacks?
design elements, code snippets & web hacks?
wordpress, jquery
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content snippets
content snippets recoge ejemplos de texto de páginas web y aplicaciones móviles, para servir de inspiración a copys profesionales
action, call, startup, share, items, liberio, coursera, publishing, music, spotify, mail, three, keen, title, challenge, lumosity, chrome, casual, etsy, teamtreehouse, google, error, surveymonkey
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insert new paste | ipaste,
ipaste allows you to store (for unlimited time), share, download, display (in different formats json, xml, yaml) and keep track of textual content like code snippets. the website is mainly oriented towards the world of developers, offering services like syntax highlighter and code snippet password protection. ipaste supports several programming languages ​​such as java, php, perl, python, c #, c + + and many more
storage, development, pastie, vault, snippet, pastebin, online, markdown
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ed rackham - web application developer
php, mysql, ajax and other web snippets for the everyday web application developer!
step, programming, databases, help, free, database, application, ajax, mysql, tutorials, snippets, code
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freebiesforest free psd, ui kits, mockups, fonts, themes, templates, snippets
freebiesforest is a collection of free design resources including free psd, ui kits, mockups, fonts, themes, templates, snippets, icons, patterns, textures
mockups, patterns, icons, css3, textures, html5, ipad, iphone, flat, snippets, kits, fonts, templates, themes, free
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henk vrieselaar provides themes, styles and snippets for the rapidweaver platform
henk vrieselaar provides modern themes styles and snippets for the rapidweaver platform
styles, snippets, design, website, themes, vrieselaar, rapidweaver, henk
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spotlight - ritwika gupta| indian fashion, fillm and lifestyle blog| best of films, beauty & fashion| lifestyle snippets from india & singapore | spotlight
spotlight is a fashion, beauty, film and entertainment website. it has a regular dose of bollywood scoops, fashion & beauty reviews, lifestyle snippets with travel, food and event coverage.
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manage your code snippets with codebelt | code examples / tutorials / articles
i created this website so i can hopefully give back to the interactive community that has helped me out over the years. when i have time i will try to upload
code, minneapolis, interactive, developer, articles, examples, snippets, software, codebelt, tutorials
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snipped code snippet gallery
snipped is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share code snippets with your friends, co-workers and other programmers.
code, repository, social, share, programming, source, javascript, snippets, snipped, jquery
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bio snippets - awesome tips to increase energy, health & fitness
get involved with our short but informative snippets of info that will increase your energy levels, and overall health and fitness.
energy, fitness, health
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software development blog - source code and snippets
source code snippets, software development tips and tricks for .net developers or php developers. software design suggestions
development, news, tech, featured, general, software
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snipd | handy snippets of code
handy snippets of code
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codeeffort - get snippets with small effort
get snippets with small effort
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a small snippet | a snapshot into the small snippets of expose the bigger picture
a snapshot into the small snippets of expose the bigger picture
recipes, family, faith, sewing, clean, eating, leana, jesus, crafts, parenting, party, parties, decor, ideas, tutorials, healthy, photography
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213 | wordpress tips, code snippets, and how to tutorials
wordpress tips, code snippets, tutorials, theme help, and lots of other wordpress how to guides to help you get the most out of your wordpress site or blog.
wordpress, blog, theme, design, help, code, tips, recipes, themes, wptuts, best, free, website, blogging, tutorials, snippets, site
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214! your censor-free paste site since march 14th 2012 is your censor free site to post your codes, code snippets or stories.
code, upaste, snippets, coding, pastesite, homepage, paste, pastebin
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code experts - tech development resource
tech development resource, free code snippets, reference guide for software developers, network engineers & it professionals. oct 7 2014
code, free, source, snippets, networking, experts, programming
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216 - interactive development | free web developer tools and services
free web developer tools, services, and resources including downloads, tutorials, and code snippets.
brenz, snippets, resources, developer, brenznet
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my html codes - html codes, html5, css, css3 javascript and jquery tips, tricks, tutorials and snippets
my html codes is a collection of html code tips, tricks, tutorials and snippets for web designers of all abilities.
codes, tips, tricks, snippets, jquery, tutorials, javascript, html5, css3, html
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collected driblets of baen: a frankly promotional endeavor...
dahak's orbit. preview samples of upcoming book releases.
book, imperium, fifth, snippets, weber, webscriptions, webscription, flint, drake, taylor, freer, ringo, previews, preview, books, baen, samples, ebooks, dahak, orbit
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reflections.. - snippets from life, gibbers from heart..
snippets from life, gibbers from heart..
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code snippets | code snippets for wordpress, java, php, android and more from developers to developers
code snippets for wordpress, java, php, android and more from developers to developers
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ramazan apaydın programlamaya dair
ramazan apaydın programlamaya dair herşey php ve sql programlama wordpress plugin tricks javascript jquery plugin
wordpress, kodlar, snippets, python, pyhon, temalar, tweet, tweetter, html5, html, xhtml, css3, sistemi, yuvarlak
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coderzone programming community - index
coderzone programming community - php snippets, html, css, javascript, xml, asp, sql, vbscript, references and examples
code, examples, dhtml, vbscript, learning, reference, source, demos, samples, free, html, howto, library, programming, javascript, mysql, snippets, perl, syntax, tricks, programmers, tutorial
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javascripted - all about javascript, jquery, tipps, tricks, snippets
all about javascript, jquery, tipps, tricks, snippets
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code4copy | code snippets examples of java, c#, javascript and more
code snippets examples of java, c#, javascript and more
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snippets & scraps floral and design
snippets & scraps floral is located in woodland park, co. offering fresh flowers for all occasions and gifts, upcycled items and silk arrangements. come visit
flowers, garden, funeral, gifts, plants, wedding, upcycled, fresh, colorado, birthday, park, design, floral, florist, woodland
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code snipper - code snipper - code snipper - free code enchancements for your html and joomla! sites
code snipper - code snippets, extensions and templates for joomla! cms with k2 component and for static pages.
joomla, templates, themes, esxtensions, snippets, html
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build a code | code snippets, tech guides, programming and software development tutorials
build a code is a blog for programmers, developers and tech savvy people, providing code snippets, software development tutorials and tech guides.
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composite code | snippets, software architecture, lean, agile, management, and leadership bits.
snippets, software architecture, lean, agile, management, and leadership bits. (by adron)
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scriptscoop - tips, snippets and plugins for programmers
free download apk file from scriptscoop - tips, snippets and plugins for programmers, android app for free download at
android, snippets, plugins, programmers, tips, scriptscoop3, scriptscoop
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cloudward - power your website with the simplicity of google docs and google sheets
cloudward - cloud snippets are a ridiculously simple way to publish forms, product pages, membership areas and more. adding complex functionality to your website with google docs & sheets has never been easier than cloudward cloud snippets. cloudward snippets are copy and paste tools to customize your website. anyone can add complex functionality to their website with cloudward. anyone can add forms to their website with cloudward. anyone can add google sheets to their website with cloudward. anyone can use google docs to publish their website with cloudward. ecommerce with google sheets and cloudward. sell products on your website with google sheets.
google, sheets, wordpress, with, integration, site, easy, programming, spreadsheets, integrates, language, cloud, docs, store, powered, website, publishing, ecommerce, forms, engine
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typo3 snippets: typo3 snippets
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*snippets and blabbery*
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new snippets — stash
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249 - code snippets
code snippets