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collegehumor - funny videos, funny pictures, funny links!
articles, college, stupid, questions, jokes, fame, weekly, hall, humour, stories, funny, humor, essays, rants, writing, satire
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dorkly - a fun take on fandom
articles, college, stupid, questions, jokes, fame, weekly, hall, humour, stories, funny, humor, essays, rants, writing, satire
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something awful: the internet makes you stupid offers daily internet news, reviews of horrible movies, games, and social networking, anime and adult parody, and one of the internet's largest forums covering games, movies, computers, sports, anime, cars, and more!
movies, flash, video, forums, games, comedy, something, awful, frontpage, news, somethingawful
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otome obsessed *:・゚✧
otome game walkthroughs, cheats, tips, stupid comments, fawning over fictional men. my site is both mobile and tablet friendly!
wedding, party, pleeeaaaaseeee, forged, anonamouse, mystic, messenger, asks
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funny & stupid customer stories not always right
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bad customer service, stupid employees, bosses and co-workers not always working
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lamebook funny facebook statuses, fails, lols and more the original
the original - funny facebook statuses, fails, lols and more.
facebook, fail, funny, lame, lamebook, status, face, blogs, book, pictures, blog, high, drama, school, photos, networking, social, stupid, college, failbook, humor, humorous, postings, dumb, updates
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diesel / ディーゼル
diesel, gallery, dieselreboot, reboot, black, gold, denim, japan, kids, only, brave, foundation, stupid
expand collapse - funny videos, funny video clips, home videos and stupid presents funny and stupid videos from around the web and television.
videos, stupid, funny, comedy, dance, popular, viral, song, standup, animal, just, plain, stunt, sports, commercials
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hello stupid world
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crime junkie- the best crime videos and police news
daily updates featuring police videos, car chases, body cam videos, stupid criminals and general law and order footage
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nerd approved news for nerds
the nerds guide to the latest in toys, gadgets, movies, culture, humor, news, gifts and collectibles.
gadgets, nerd, weird, nerdy, strange, products, stupid, news, books, movies, tweets, culture, reviews, giveaways, contests, trailers, collectibles, figures, stuff, novelty, kitsch, novelties, approved, action, toys, bizarre
expand collapse - funny videos, funny video clips, home videos and stupid presents funny and stupid videos from around the web and television.
videos, stupid, funny, comedy, dance, popular, viral, song, standup, animal, just, plain, stunt, sports, commercials
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stupid easy paleo
easy paleo, real food recipes
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kiasuparents | ... because we not stupid too
singapore parenting community and forum with directories of childcare and enrichment services. independent news alerts, reviews, ratings and comments from parents, students, and educationists.
drama, brain, speech, craft, arts, training, creative, swimming, sports, singing, music, course, actitivies, student, daughter, motherhood, centre, forum, primary, education, care, classes, parenting
expand collapse | stupid bum viral chicks
stupid bum viral chicks
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rabbut: email tracking companion
stupid easy email tracking and automatic data analysis. no chimp can out run a rabbut.
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eachvideo - planet of videos
watch or download billion of video anywhere anytime for free.
videos, eachvideo, movies, funny, stupid, social, experiments, trending, pranks, portal, warch, download, discover, play, video
expand collapse - fun things to do when you're bored
are you bored? want something fun to do? check out these funny websites, pointless facts and stupid pictures brought to you by pointless sites!
pointlessness, useless, portal, sites, pointless
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dumb laws, stupid laws: we have weird laws, strange laws, and just plain crazy laws!
you won't believe the crazy laws in the united states, canada, and around the world. we have dumb laws in california, new york, florida...
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keep it simple, stupid.
linux, bash, javascript, html
expand collapse - the online knowledge magazine
mistupid - the online knowledge magazine, information that everyone should know, wants to know, or once did know and forgot. tests, puzzles, and information to challenge, educate, and entertain.
stupid, help, sports, online, knowledge, learning, history, computer, viewlets, states, presidents, science, loan, magazine, quiz, geography, facts, education, edutainment, casual, gaming, winners, people, assessment, calculation, picture, jokes, test, teach, elearning, distance, amistupid, smart, lesson, mistupid, common, zodiac, astronomy, tutorial, mortage
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funny videos, stupid videos, funny clips, flash games - page 1 - fun only
funny videos, stupid videos, funny clips, flash games - page 1 - hot girls, fun only
games, flash, videos, funny
expand collapse funny videos, crazy videos and flash games
a large video clip archive with funny videos, flash games, funny pictures, and stupid videos updated daily.
videos, funny, clips, games, video, humor, dumb, stupid, movie, pictures, flash
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vrshared - future of social networking
vrshared is a social networking platform with lots of new features. you can manage all of your social sites accounts from one place, integrated youtube will give you facility to watch & share music with one click without leaving site. video chat is there to come one step ahead where you can express your emotions in real time rather just sending icons. celebrate friends birthdays by sending them free virtual gifts or flash greeting cards. play games and win alot of activity points those you can redeem against real credit to buy real gifts and much more...join us for free at
videos, funny, video, clips, free, download, online, watch, crazy, comedy, social, funniest, clip, website, vids, vidio, hilarious, funnyvideos, videoes, funnyclips, funnyvideo, internet, friends, network, networking, amazing, jokes, stupid, very, animal
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não deixe que um professor comunista adote seu filho | never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience . home page página inicial brazil brésil página inicial home page
......never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience ................ home page - página inicial - brazil - brésil - página inicial - home page (por droga mata - não vote pt!)
expand collapse | funny gifts, gag gifts, novelty gifts, & stocking stuffers
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humoropedia: famous quotes and funny jokes that will make you laugh
laugh at most famous quotes, funniest jokes, and satirical news. then relax and make fun of stupid people who pissed you off. all fun in 1 place.
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welcome to !
welcome to the biggest old computers online museum ! you will find here hundreds of old computers, video game systems and pongs. forums, magazine, collectors club, stupid scans, quizz, books, goodies and much more!
computers, gaming, classic, vintage, videogames, amiga, commodore, retro, sinclair, museum, computer, atari, apple, amstrad, oric
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breaking all the rules - conservative america first populism
breaking all the rules paleoconservatism america first populism reign of terror stuck on stupid inherent autonomy global gulag totalitarian collectivism radical reactionary batr sartre
psyops, mercantile, critique, realpolitik, erudite, philosophy, existentialism, batr, forum, immigration, liberty, despotism, culture, society, foreign, chaos, media, policy, politics
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my stupid theory
blog ini berisi mengenai humor, jokes dan sains kimia.
theory, stupid
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coolest, weirdest, most awesome and amazing stuff
coolest, weirdest, most awesome and amazing stuff from all over the world, in pictures or videos.
costume, biggest, stuck, spider, fish, giant, webs, people, halloween, cool, girl, 2014, ufos, burglars, cheap, stuff, large, caught, trapped, thieves, snatcher, idiot, purse, lamest, ever, stupid, bizarre, sightings, easy, objects, flying, cobwebs, scary, lights, immense, largest, fishes, every, longest, awkward
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the stupid dreams
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fail army
failarmy is the worldwide leader in funny fail videos compilations. failarmy releases weekly, monthly, and specialty compilations featuring all of the web's funniest fail video content and bloopers, mashed together just for your guilty viewing pleasure. submit your fail video to failarmy
fail, funny, video, fails, stupid, people, bloopers, compilation, videos, failarmy, compilations
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the most hilarious and funny animated gifs on the web! constantly updated, laugh at them and share them with your friends.
gifs, animated, funny, free, animations, plus, google, 4gifs, facebook, cute, cats, animals, 4gif, forgifs, celebrities, animation, stupid, creepy, share, myspace, hilarious, movies, people
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stupid celebrities gossip - get the latest celebrity news, celeb gossip, videos, pictures and more on
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something stupid | サラリーマン・グルメ・家族・音楽・アフィリエイト
情報商材についての記事を先日書いたので、ついでというとアレですが今流行りの「note」について。 流行りというよりもどちらかというと「流行らせようとされている」という方が正確かもしれません。 一応説明しておくと「note」とは、コラム、小説、マンガ、音楽、写真、ビデオといったデータのコンテンツを有料で販売できるサイ
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angry white dude - killing political correctness one stupid lie at a time
killing political correctness one stupid lie at a time
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四号程序员 | keep it simple and stupid
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jabberwacky - live chat bot - ai artificial intelligence chatbot - jabber wacky - talking robot - chatbots - chatterbot - chatterbots - jabberwocky - take a turing test - loebner prize - chatterbox challenge - entertainment robots, robotics, marketing, games, digital pets - jabberwhacky
have a chat with jabberwacky today - a fully conversant, amusing's a chatbot - an artificial intelligence - ai bot. bots for entertainment, marketing, robots & robotics, digital pets, gadgets & games
digital, turing, rollo, robot, clever, chatbot, chat, lewis, test, carpenter, carroll, poetry, dialogue, dialog, discuss, converse, chatterbox, alan, silly, teen, live, wacky, stupid, loebner, prize, talk, challenge, think, marketing, games, pets, gadgets, robotics, robots, artificial, intelligence, bots, entertainment, jabberwacky, jabberwocky
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bebeyond: be crazy and stupid
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i'm injured not stupid podcast
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virtual bubble wrap - the original, providing bubble popping fun since 1996
do you like bubblewrap? do you want to pop some right now? well what are you waiting for? endless bubblewrap awaits you...
time, virtual, waste, bubble, games, bubblewrap, stress, relief, reliever, jokes, bizarre, joke, boredom, hilarious, mode, play, manic, click, weird, meme, bored, flash, silly, useless, stupid, timed, timer, wrap, waster, game, funny, shockwave, bubbles, race, clock, humor
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fecal face dot com, the content-rich, comprehensive, multidisciplinary art and culture website supporting the art scene in san francisco and beyond since 2000.
fecal, face, stupid, york, city, angeles, film, style, francisco, photography, painting, fashion
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666 stupid hoe deluxe
18+ only
stopt, again, rihgjnt, bonezoned, undertale, good, baby, bones
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the big show - home of the john boy & billy radio show
official home of the big show - the john boy and billy radio show broadcasts weekdays across the country with jokes, bits, and commentary.
show, actresses, actors, comedians, broadcast, morning, comics, jokes, wrestling, nascar, personalities, radio, billy, videos, cool, stupid, stuff, funny, sites, humor, john, redneck
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선물발상전환공작소 스투피드(stupid)
파티 장식, 데코소품, 성인 아동 코스튬 의상, 가발, 이벤트 파티용품, 천사 요정 아이템, 이색 아이디어상품, 클럽 led 아이템, 센스있는 선물은 역시 스투피드!
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l.i.n.s. | hilarious comics, deep comics, brooding comics, ludicrous comics, stupid comics, essential comics, authoritative comics, and sometimes illustration.
hilarious comics, deep comics, brooding comics, ludicrous comics, stupid comics, essential comics, authoritative comics, and sometimes illustration.
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all about frogs: lots of frog and toad information (including pet care faqs), stupid frog jokes, frog art and photo gallery, frog stories, frog coloring book, and even free froggy computer toys and games!
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human stupidity: irrationality, self deception | political correctness (pc), taboos, dogmas, religion make even the intelligent blind, irrational, "stupid".
political correctness (pc), taboos, dogmas, religion make even the intelligent blind, irrational, "stupid".
expand collapse | its the news, stupid!
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some faggot who draws comics or whatever iunno disclaimer: the stupid shit you see depicted in the comics is not indicative of the artists beliefs in any way, shape, or form. i just draw pictures to...
user, comic, pics, reblog, asks, anonymous
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test rendering of bebas neue
it's that time of the year again: time to sign up for the ted rall subscription service. your wages haven't gone yup, so neither has the the trss: still a
immigration, campaign, storage, zuckerberg, apple, digital, music, racism, gays, women, nancy, combat, news, 1924, skewed, morawetz, exclusion, yellow, peril, world, americans, muslims, internment, afghanistan, chinese, bigotry, camps, mark, outsourcing, teachers, unemployment, visas, unions, standardized, monsanto, cargill, africa, poverty, testing, employment
expand collapse - funny questions
a silly list of questions and thoughts to ponder
questions, thoughts, stupid, dumb, funny, silly, comedy, humor, unanswered
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washingtons most wanted | washington’s most wanted works with local, state and federal law enforcement, along with the community, to bring fugitives to justice.
washington’s most wanted works with local, state and federal law enforcement, along with the community, to bring fugitives to justice.
news, mystery, murder, missing, wanted, most, washingtons, captured, crime, cold, seen, stories, national, shareable, criminals, stupid, world, cases
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thechobble - funny photos and viral videos - release boredom and move your mouse
thechobble - random picdumps and funny videos. release boredom. move your mouse
photography, meme, movies, photobomb, amazing, interesting, tattoos, stupid, people, redheads, ginger, sports, fight, prank, crazy, daily, image, food, bikini, funny, comedy, fail, chobbler, boredom, awesome, pictures, videos, girls, chobble, random, celebrity, model, animals, advertising, cool, photoshop, troll, picdump
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yo momma jokes / yo mama jokes this site is a repository of yo mamma jokes.
mama, jokes, momma, mamma, daddy, poor, stupid, dumb, ugly, mumma, white, black, laugh, humor, humour, funny, haha
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weird facts - funny videos - stupid laws - optical illusions
more weird facts - to entertain you for hours funny facts, wacky humor and dumb laws. optical illusions, weird state laws and videos.
facts, useless, strange, trivia, funny, information, bizarre, teasers, oddities, brain, interesting, known, little, true, weird, believe
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movie reviews i monkeys i vampires - stupid blue planet
a blog about obscure shit very few people care about, but that makes me laugh. reviews, pitches, and assorted nonsense
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sorta news - if its sorta interesting its on sorta news
we provide the latest and greatest news, facts and tidbits from around the web
weird, strange, videos, hilarious, stupid, news, history, funny, fails, photos, people, design, celebrity, silly, embarrassing, tech, spoofs, serious, technology, sports, historic, from, sorta, mistakes, nerd, photographs, hollywood, movies, trailers, commercials, entertainment, fashion, feel, good, culture, controversy, humor, animals, beauty, food
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funny quotes
funny quotes! visit this site for funny quotes. amusing, witty and funny short, movie, wedding, friendship, love and college quotes.
funny, humorous, quotes, anchorman, stupid, teacher, life, college, inspirational, retirement, christmas, party, work, love, drinking, friendship, qwotes, cwotes, qoutes, sayings, expressions, qouts, quots, wedding, birthday, cute, movie, senior
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collegehumor - funny videos, funny pictures, funny links!
articles, college, stupid, questions, jokes, fame, weekly, hall, humour, stories, funny, humor, essays, rants, writing, satire
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the stupid design
the stupid design is a theory that proposes that if things are stupid, then god didnt do it. so, if there’s a lot of stupid stuff, god probably doesnt exist.
design, stupid
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stupid democrats
home of stupid democrats
stupid, democrats, anwr, senate, congress, funny, blog, satire, boxer, feinstein, nancy, reid, harry, pelosi, barack, diane, obama, barbara
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stupid people
largest collection of pics of stupid people on the internet. stupid people from around the world. updated daily. really dumb people.
people, stupid
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cool tees, t-shirts and gift ideas from stupid and funny t shirt gifts
funny, stupid, gifts, shirts, tshirts, ideas, gift, shirt, tees, hoodies, mugs, brother, daughter, sister, social, club, joke, jokes, ball, mental, humor
expand collapse - the source for dumb & stupid law information
dumb laws and stupid laws exist because lawmakers are too lazy to update the law code to reflect todays standards. find out about the stupid laws in each
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stupid laws - the worlds best collection of stupid laws!
browse and discuss the largest collection of dumb laws, strange laws, and stupid laws of the united states, england, australia, florida, california, texas and other places.
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best funny videos - funny videos, funny video clips, home videos and stupid
best funny videos presents best funny and stupid videos from around the web and television. best funny videos ever seen online. the most funny videos today.
videos, funny, stupid, comedy, dance, standup, viral, song, popular, sports, plain, just, stunt, best, animal, commercials
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special kind of stupid | the world is full of stupid. im just here to document it.
expand collapse - funny stupid jokes on hundreds of topics
large collection of the stupidest jokes we could find. jokes so stupid, it makes your head hurt. but boy are they funny.
jokes, hilarious, blonde, mama, funny, silly, crazy, humor, stupid
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duh thoughts! | stupid stuff for stupid people
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duh! thoughts | stupid stuff from some stupid people
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3gp videos, funny 3gp videos & mobile videos at collection
3gp vidoes & mobile videos collection of stupid & crazy videos. download funny 3gp clips and stupid 3gp videos updated daily.
videos, stupid, funny, clips
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stupid 24 | stupid and funny 24 hours per day!
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wannafork dot com
a bunch of crap that we think is hilarious; photos, videos, flash animations, general funny swag from all over
funny, stupid, fork, flash, wannafork, pics, geek, stuff, wanna, humor, shit, crap, pictures
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sociocide: pop culture in its stupid face
such, politics, news, culture, stupid
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stupid game show answers
highlighting the dumbest answers ever given on tv game shows. 100% real.
show, game, stupid, answers, dumb, funny
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stupid games - addicting flash arcade keeper
play stupid games at ak. the most addicting games are here for you. browse from hundreds of funny crazy games.
games, online, flash, best, gravity, funny, school, space, game, stupid
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doctors are stupid - (really, mindnumbingly stupid)
(really, mindnumbingly stupid)
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memes, funny pictures, stupid pictures | why are you stupid?
stupid funny pictures and photos. creepy photobombs, lol, rofl, omg, wtf pictures funny pictures tumblr: memes.
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stupid collective - stupid videos
stupid collective, stupid videos, stupid jokes, funny videos, funny jokes, extreme videos, hilarious videos , insane videos, funny pictures, stupid pictures.
videos, stupid, funny, jokes, pictures, insane, extreme, collective, hilarious
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barely hanging on we are just barely hanging on.
general blog dedicated to daily rants, celebrity gossip, weird and offbeat news and stories about stupid criminals.
people, funny, stupid, ugly, celebrity, gossip, criminals, blog, videos, humor, stories
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stupid good gourmet popcorn our caramel corn is stupid good!
stupid good gourmet popcorn the best caramel corn online with many other gourmet flavors. we do fundraisers, fairs, college events, farmers markets.
state, fundraisers, cheese, cheddar, fairs, farmers, events, college, markets, style, chicago, popcorn, gourmet, good, caramel, corn, kettle, jalpeno, chocolate, stupid
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the stupid foreigner - extreme budget travel blog
the stupid foreigner is a website, blog and guide to teach people that budget travelling can be extremely cheap, in fact as low as €5 per day in some cases!
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the day the web stood stupid ~ great geek art and animation but just a little bit stupid.
great geek art. comic and animation art including artists spotlights and product posts about tees and other clothing.
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an economic sense | its the economy, stupid!
its the economy, stupid!
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stupid stuff funny stuff stupid girls
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stupid cancer :: the voice of young adult cancer
stupid cancer, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is the largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer through advocacy, research, support, outreach, awareness, mobile health and social media.
cancer, young, adults, education, community, advocacy, support, survivors, affected, stupid, adult, with, touched
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where the best videos hangout! — | funny - stupid - crazy - silly - videos
hang out & hang loose
lmao, rofl, update, stupid, best, music, videos, funny, media, prank, video
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money misfit - going from stupid with money to stupid awesome with money
going from stupid with money to stupid awesome with money
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the stupid and the simple - agentur für kommunikation & design berlin
grafikdesign, grafik, flash, portfolio, strategie, konzept, porgrammierung, animation, webdesign, corporate, keep, simple, stupid, kiss, kunst, design, berlin, agentur, tsats
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a stupid simple recipe for business.
start your own home online business with this stupid simple recipe. support site for the simple recipe
tripleclicks, autoresponder, trafficwave, atlantis, team
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stupid wine deals (all things wine)
stupid wine deals is a division of all things wine, located in renton, wa - a short drive from seattle and kent, wa. shop our site's fun wine and beers, visit our store, or call us at 425-254-8400
recipes, articles, liquor, spirits, wine
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dumb criminals - stupid criminal stories, dumb crooks, and funny crimes
weve been humiliating dumb crooks since 1999. check us out, new stories are added several times each week!
criminals, stupid, pictures, crooks, crime, dumb, clumsy, morons, unusual, bizarre, luck, weird, news, crimes, funny, stories, police, entertainment, humor, cops, jail, life, real, crook, caught
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roadkill humor | hilarious, funny, obscene, offensive and stupid videos! the best....or worst videos on the web!
roadkill humor has some of the funniest and hilarious videos on the web. they are offensive, dumb, crazy and stupid!
funny, roadkill, videos, viewed, most, youtube, worst, best, bored, ranked, stupid, kill, road, humor, hilarious, obscene, offensive, high
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the sugar box | stupid fun for smart people
stupid fun for smart people (by kendra)
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stupid simple hacks - realize how stupid simple it is to improve your life, business, and finances
realize how stupid simple it is to improve your life, business, and finances
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bad hues
i write funny things about ridiculous color names.sometimes i draw pictures too. i mostly post makeup and paint color names but i also write about scented products, plants, stage lighting or anything...
names, stupid, polish, nail, funny
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stupid band name generator
need a stupid band name? we can help.
expand collapse
world's funniest jokes -
the web's finest source of hilarious, clean funny jokes, one-liner jokes, and award winning jokes
quotes, stupid, jokes, movie, bush, funny
expand collapse -
stupidest, dumb, stupid, celebrities, quotes, politicians, things, blog, ever, said
expand collapse
stupid news – stupid news everything is a little stupid
stupid news everything is a little stupid
expand collapse
angry white dude - killing political correctness one stupid lie at a time
killing political correctness one stupid lie at a time
expand collapse
poststupid - our stupidity your passion
welcome to poststupid (ps)….. is the recently launched magazine. presently i am providing games trailers, system requirements and game news.
poststupid, stupid, post, requirements, games, system
expand collapse - funny videos - funny video clips - stupid top videos
your daily source of funny videos, stupid video clips and popular top video clips!
videos, prank, clips, videoclip, popular, video, stupid, logic, funny, linkologic, link
expand collapse man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.
man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.
world, online, news, services, media, windows, hardware, social, games, apple, android, everything, else, gadgets, geeks
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did steve king say something stupid today?
did steve king say something stupid today? a public service of progress iowa.
iowa, race, senate, steve, king
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funny videos and funny clips, stupid clips, extreme clips -
best funny videos and funny video clips collection you can find on internet. updated on a daily basis.
clips, videos, extreme, stupid, funny
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pigroll - internet memes digested
daily updated collection of most hilarious, irrelevant, offensive or purely stupid internet memes, funny pictures, demotivational posters and other lulzy stuff.
entertainment, humour, humor, internet, demotivational, timekiller, 4chan, webculture, memes, meme, offensive, stupid, hilarious, irrelevant, picture, images, image, pictures, funny
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ossi urchs & sigi hhle // f.f.t. medienagentur, offenbach // keep it simple, stupid | home
ossi urchs & sigi hhle // f.f.t. medienagentur, offenbach // keep it simple, stupid
natur, garten, food, kochen, lifestyle, offenbach, main, frankfurt, hhle, sigi, urchs, mobile, networks, social, ossi
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top fails of 2014 compilation stupid,funny n painful
top fails of 2014 compilation stupid, funny n painful, funny boy videos dancing, funny boy, funny boy laughing videos, funny boy video clips, funny boy accidents,
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:::d'stupid baker:::
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stupid pills
stupid pills
pills, stupid
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stupid little blog - just a stupid little blog
expand collapse
its ethics, stupid!
expand collapse
the stupid shall be punished
expand collapse
stupid fat hobbit - we can do that!
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5 listed - lists of the five best, worst, greatest, top, poorest...
check out 5 listed for a quick laugh at the lists of funny, stupid, and absurd pics, videos, and stories of todays pop-culture...
poorest, greatest, worst, funniest, stupidest, sources, useful, cool, best, five, news, stupid, funny, culture, videos, pics, absurd, stories
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funny faces | funny face pictures
funny faces pictures is nothing but people and animals making stupid faces and being caught on camera in funny pictures. we dont post anything except people making funny faces.
faces, funny, pictures, stupid, looks, idiots, dumb, lolpix, pics, hilarious
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terribly stupid stuff
expand collapse - the stupid test
expand collapse
another stupid gaming blog!
expand collapse
stupid. crummy. ignorant. [art]
expand collapse
kevin | keep it simple stupid!
expand collapse
the cult of zgeek
we put the "m" in stupid.
expand collapse
stupid questions answered
expand collapse
home - cycle of stupid
expand collapse
its theory, stupid!
expand collapse
academia obscura - the lighter side of academia. silly, not stupid.
the lighter side of academia. silly, not stupid.
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crazyfunnystupid | the craziest funny site on the web
your daily entertainment fix. new crazy funny stupid pictures images and videos to entertain you.
camera, prank, images, crazy, funny, videos, pictures, hidden, stupid, photos, practical, candid, daily, video, outrageous, pics, image, entertainment, laughs, office, pranks
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not stupid | ready to change history?
expand collapse
smart women stupid computers
expand collapse
totally stupid
you are part of the problem
expand collapse
robs stupid home page
expand collapse
stupid dumb breast cancer
expand collapse
emposha just another stupid wordpress blog ;)
expand collapse
computerhelp! youre not stupid, your computer is!
expand collapse | stupid things scammers say and do.
expand collapse
ptc* | it's such a fine line between stupid and clever.
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dumb warnings
welcome to dumb warnings, where you may see the consequences of numerous pointless lawsuits. this site is dedicated to helping companies fight this menace which
labels, warning, warnings, lawsuits, stupid, dumb, pointless, crazy, funny, product
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music, videos and movies news, inspirational and self improvement
recipeapart spreads awareness, love and laugh. we love colors, peace, life, music, happiness, jokes, stupid aliens, extra ordinary realities, fashion, zodiacs,
trailers, quotes, celebrities, movies, sports, luxury, exotic, famous, stupid, peace, life, stunning, money, secrets, success, management, super, improvement, video, music, free, jokes, inspirational, health, funny, stories, romantic, wallpapers, self, videos, love, animation, autos
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shirdi sai exposed - exposing sai baba of shirdi, a fake god of stupid hindus.
exposing sai baba of shirdi, a fake god of stupid hindus.
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psychic student - where theres no such thing as a stupid question
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dart - stop sending stupid emails
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ron white for president | vote smart! because you cant fix stupid
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stupid shit no one needs & terrible ideas hackathon
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i am a videogames guy/ board games guy/ stupid guy mostly on youtube, here.
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baybrook it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
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chaitanya josen | stupid. idiot. still human. chaitanya josen
stupid. idiot. still human.
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this site is no longer under developement. the web designer is just a little stupid.
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snyders automotive service | we can fix broke! but we cant fix stupid!
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login - supercity stupid hockey league
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stupid delicious - keeping it simple and sweet!
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i'm on a quest
puppy, pitbull, ankle, stupid
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i love stupid
the only sarcastic humor comic ever.
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top gag gifts 2012 | funny, silly, stupid gift ideastop gag gifts 2012 | funny, silly, stupid gift ideas
top gag gifts 2011 -
2011, gifts, blog
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the tusk
drunk on truth to stupid baby power.
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dumbtown brewing company stupid good beers
expand collapse - if you like stupid things, a funny and entertaining blog. :
if you like stupid things, a funny and entertaining blog.
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the blog of richie norton | the power of starting something stupid
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thompson language center | english is stupid but students and teachers are not!
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ha! in your face!!
dumb girls with their stupid faces covered in cum. nsfw
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joel stein | man made: a stupid quest for masculinity - home
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fast karate for the gentleman | a stupid podcast about cartoons and videogames
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answering your stupid questions
you can see it, cant you? describe it yourself. dr. grey matter works for no one!
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sjw fails
. trials and tribulations of the sjw.
laughs, comedy, stupid, fail, funny
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funny, stupid, geeky, nerdy, shirts, stag, hen, custom
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xxx videos, stupid videos, extreme videos, funny videos - page 1 -
xxx videos, stupid videos, extreme videos, funny videos - page 1 -
videos, extreme, stupid, funny
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beat by the nudge- no, you're dumb!
an on-line mens magazine
videos, stupid, women
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donate hi. im cheyenne. i slept with a youtuber and all i got was this stupid blog.
this, soooo, well, done, love, thank
expand collapse the place for your blog! | holiday pictures, lovestory or stupid boss in your job? write it right here!
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libtard - libtard-humor and stupid politics collide
libtard-humor and stupid politics collide
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iws radio
a humor blog focusing on culture, politics, sports and all the stupid things people do and say.
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dust piggies
tumblr account about the making of the comic. and all the other stupid crap that goes on.
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doc sports talk | an opinion blog on sporting news, current events and stupid videos.
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路人甲 · passer-by
路人甲个人网站, 展示前端开发作品, 致力于web开发组件化, keep it simple, stupid
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posting of prismind
do i really have to type this? *sigh* ok ppl. im just going to post the stupid random stuff i see so i could stop having 50+ tabs open. seriously.
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painful videos - biggest video collection of people doing painful things
painful videos is a collection containing videos about car crashes, police brutality, funny accidents, stunts, injuries, stupid behavior, animal cruelty and
videos, accidents, crashes, pain, animals, stupid, behavior, freak, plane, police, people, painful, brutality, injuries
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she's 'the love of my life!' burt reynolds, admits that losing sally field 'was stupid' and says final 'goodbye.' | konfrazled
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fondled rump
18 years and over. lewd blog. sometimes stupid opinions...a lot of times actually.
darcy, giftart, ester, andava
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your stupid minds
bad movie podcast and review website dedicated to the most enjoyable genre, exploitation, low-budget, and cheesy films.
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| daft: adj. 1. mad; crazy. 2. foolish; stupid.
if you are in geo1, call us today! daft: adj. 1. mad; crazy. 2. foolish; stupid.
kids, science, lessons, kits, swim, young, breakfast, parenting, books, stem, best, swimming, shea, butter, lotion, homemade, skincare, giveaway, book, children, toddlers, moment, this, club, smoothies, healthy, night, games, game, family, start, what, snacks, need, pumpkin, pool, safety, should
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home - irkitated
an ex breakfast radio dj with a new place to make jokes and rant about entertainment, music, celebrities, life and the stupid people in it.
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420% rad, hella% sad
hello! im sam im a stupid person who is scared all the time and likes way too much stuff. i usually go by he but you can call me a turd for all i care. dinggitty dang it dean where the flibitty...
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teddy on ice* | three months to transform from internet surfer to 200km ice marathon skater competing in the worlds toughest ice race. a stupid idea? probably.
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stupid criminals - funny real life crime stories - collectible badges
need a good laugh? get it at the bad guy's expense! - funny real-life crime stories. a funny lineup of true storis of actual crimes committed by clumsy crooks and foolish felons!
crooks, badges, pictures, criminals, clumsy, luck, bizarre, funny, crimes, weird, morons, stupid, news, unusual, novelty, police, dumb, stories, crime, life, real, celebrity, collectible, caught, shots
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stuppid - trending stupid news
mind-blowing news stories and interviews
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the flip-side
just a place for my thoughts.
love, thoughts, cheesy, stupid
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noclooz - share the fun!
funny (sometime stupid...) tests and quizz to share on facebook and twitter with your friends.
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laughterizer - laughterizer
your daily source of entertainment.
fail, videos, pictures, stupid, cool, funny
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yo mama jokes - yo mama jokes is the best source of yo momma jokes on the internet!
yo mama jokes is your best source of funny, hilarious, stupid, corny, dumb and ugly yo momma jokes on internet. come laugh on your mama jokes. check out yo mama jokes now!
your, jokes, mama, momma, mamma, stupid, funny
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can't fight nature
some races, genders, and cultures are just better than others. the only evidence needed is our dominance over the rest of the world. its more fun when you resist. tumblr doms mostly sound stupid....
slave, slant
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firepowered steam community development
firepowered gamings staff and senior members come together to write stupid stuff.
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| not so stupid
jerome birembaut est developpeur flash freelance, specialise dans le developpement flash/air/3d et le game design.
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unbelievable video film clips ultimate weird unreal crazy stange bizarre gross videos
unbelievable clips presents ultimate collection of the weird, unreal, strange crazy amazing bizarre gross disgusting dvd movies & video clips from around the globe. average people doing strange and outrageously stupid stuff. magicjack
collection, disgusting, strange, amazing, youtube, construction, stuff, stupid, clip, videos, bizarre, cringe, clips, video, outrageous, unbelievable, weird, ultimate, gross, magicjack
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i hate everything stupid.
for all the men and women who stand against feminism. im not an mra. i dont even really consider myself an egalitarian because i am a traditional woman. just a simple person with a burning hate for...
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makoharu is love
hello! my name is jolla and im from the netherlands. makoharu is my otp, im very obsessed. id rather stay as far away as possible from rh, it being my notp.sometimes i write gay fanfiction. i...
sorry, stupid, cute, hold, look, someone
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скачать одним файлом
i just bought the lg g3 recently and switched over from a lenovo phone. didnt think id have any problems but ive been trying to get the stupid phone.
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old dying kitty comics - stupid name, awesome comics
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happy in hainesport
a blog by a hainesport senior bride about her travels, crafts, diy projects, and whatever strikes her as nifty, funny, or plain stupid.
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liters blog keep it simple & stupid
wordpress, java, android
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__fanart doodles and stuff__ hello, i draw stupid comics. russia
dark, laughing, witcher, tower, bloodborne, souls
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humor video, funny video clips
humor video present you a collection of thousands of funny video clips, humor videos, tv commercial, celebrity gossip videos, epic fail clips, music talents, prank, sport, animal, parody videos, stupid ideas.
humor, videos, clips, video, celebrity, fail, gossip, shocking, awesome, epic, sport, amazing, comedy, commercial, funny, place, music, stupid, parody, ideas, prank
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who did something stupid today? - badjocks
covering sports crime and misdeeds from youth sports to the pros, including players, coaches, cheerleaders, officials and parents.
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not so otaku
the blog of a stupid otaku
here, keywords, your
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bob sokol
bob sokol
tricks, funniest, amyl, guitar, stupid, letterman, bobsokol, trike, boatmobile, sokol
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the dumb network >> dumb bumpers >> home - everything dumb, funny, stupid, bizarre, strange, and crazy!
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just outside of dodge
laurel jay. i go by rel, too. lady, writer, animator, athlete, actress, cosplayer, and honorary stupid person with too many inner worst case scenarios. i cook things too. my art is here. enjoy that.
adventures, preworkhell, there, personal, fallen
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blamo designs |
custom emroidery, t-shirts, school fundraising, nemesis brand clothing, stupid t-shirts, funny t-shirts
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bloom and doom
some dumbass from the internet currently enrolled in art school. blog content mainly consists of reblogs of fandom trash and cool art i find by other people.second blog for even more stupid stuff art...
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political satire | news parody | the specious report
spreading rumors, half-truths and misinformation since 1789
stupid, warning, labels, bush, economy, fuel, shore, osama, laden, jersey
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[email protected]
official blog of the popular my stupid boss book, about bossman and other interesting things
friendly, html5, personal, blog, template, responsive, blogger, clean
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one more gadget - cool and awesome gadget reviews
one more gadget posts unique products, gadgets, toys and inventions from around the globe - and the occasional dumb one just to even it out.
coolest, london, vancouver, silly, stupid, america, states, reviews, gadget, north, more, best, awesome, current, guide, think, design, geek, generate, perpetual, fashion, news, prizes, australia, united, canada, american, alberta, california, contests, dump, thinkgeek, prize, facebook, pack, funny, future, offers, free, cheap
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32, artist and other creative junk. a classic infj. i work at a grocery store, listen to a lot of ayumi hamasaki and laugh at stupid junk online. i run coalstakes, which will grow, i promise. skype:...
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food is love
lolo, advertorial, carti, carte, ciocolata, bacon, pancakes, dejun, moran, caitlin, plates, party, stanescu, ioana, stupid, mansion, prune, crumble, windia, farfurii
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wtf!? not syok ar? bite me lar! | this is not a diary! and for those who think blog is a diary, why you write your diary and put it on the web? so stupid!
expand collapse by tom mahood
the occasional adventures of tom mahood (doing stupid things so you dont have to!)
area, valley, jemez, chaco, death, ewasko, mahood, bluefire, michelson, woodward
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old spice | devastating explosions, at the touch of a button
do you like explosions? of course you do. i feel stupid for even asking such a preposterous question. here you go. happy holidays, the old spice man
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pond scum & other misc crap
sometimes silly, rarely funny, always stupid
knife, scum, pond, comic, webcomic
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wtf yahoo! answers?
a collection of weird/stupid yahoo! answers and some other funny posts my personal blog is tropicale-moderne
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bleeding obvious - the uk's 7th funniest comedy destination
stupid stories and silly nonsense from the uk's 7th funniest comedy, humour and saitre site
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blog-1dpr taught me not to drink the koolaid.
the basics. i am stupid. i know nothing. i write before i think sometimes. dont drink the koolaid. #lovewon !
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yuks'r'us! humor archive, a compendium of retardedness
yuksrus, stupid, yuks, pundit, gainsay, cows, humor, montreal, canadiens, jokes
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in-home computer services and training
computer problem solving and training. catering to the senior population north of boston. no question is stupid!
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house of zoka
people. this is not a lifestyle loft.
warehouse, bars, living, stupid, santa, noodles, charms, lucky, zelner, michael, zoka, nerd, appropriation, door, next, suki
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vinnie draws stuff
vinita | 18 | female | australia | artist | does art mainly circulating around fandoms | blog is mostly art, fandoms, funnies and occasional stupid things here and there my art tag commission info...
11x04, animals, spoilers, supernatural
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stop ppg artists 2k16
a blog for showcasing all the stupid shit ppg artists and other idiotic artists do. created by modcas. we dont do critiques, im sorry, with all the people asking for one i cant keep up!!
mary, hilariously, shitty, submission
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has dc comics done something stupid today?
are you tired of having to comb through dozens of articles trying to figure out if dc comics has done something cringeworthy today?
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stupid site - stupidity is fun...
stupidity is fun...
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comic art + stuff
im the editor in chief of a geek art site called the day the web stood stupid ( ) & this is my tumblr about comic art and sometimes animation!! other tumblrs of mine include...
quinn, suicide, squad, harley, film, comics