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epoch converter - unix timestamp converter
easy epoch/unix timestamp converter for computer programmers. includes epoch explanation and conversion syntax in various programming languages.
convert, posix, conversion, converter, calculator, 1970, unix, timestamp, time, january, epoch
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unix time stamp - epoch converter
epoch and unix timestamp converter for developers. date and time function syntax reference for various programming languages.
calculator, conversion, converter, generator, epoch, timestamp, time, stamp, programming, unix
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3 - oracle pl/sql database code library and resources | examples | syntax | dbms packages | pl/sql | sql |
oracle pl/sql examples, syntax, dbms packages, string, timestamp, substring, php code, and javascript code reference library (formerly known as morgan's library)
oracle, primary, date, select, analyze, alter, constraint, oratech, code, mysql, library, snippets, oracel, javascript
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introduction - bulk rename utility
bulk rename utility: free file rename utility for windows. bulk rename utility allows you to easily batch rename files and folders based upon many flexible criteria. free download.
accessed, created, multiple, modified, date, timestamp, datestamp, photographs, renaming, batch, utility, rename, mass, folders, files, file, bulk
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advanced renamer - free and fast batch rename utility for files and folders
batch rename files and folders in a snap. perfect for any kind of file renaming including music and photo files. preview your files before renaming and undo erroneous renaming jobs.
rename, renaming, renamer, timestamp, auto, file, batch, advanced, files, music, attributes, change, photos, pictures, bulk, case, folder, utility, renames, script, multiple
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current millis - convert milliseconds to date, utc time
convert milliseconds to date or date to milliseconds. check the current time in ms since the epoch (unix timestamp). compare local time with utc time.
milliseconds, time, millis, date, current, convert, converter, service, epoch, seconds, currenttimemillis, system
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timestamp - outils de conversion
le timestamp c'est quoi ? outils de conversion de timestamp vers date et date vers timestamp
date2timestamp, timestamp2date, timestmap, conversion, timestamp
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timestamp generator / converter -
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9 - convert a date from / to a timestamp online
convert all dates to or from a timestamp
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free watermark. add custom watermark. protect your photos and images - picmarkr
free watermarking software. add text watermark to any image or photo. protect your copyright, add comments, timestamps, your logo to images. prevent unauthorized use of images. free online service with batch images processing and flickr, facbook, picasa integration.
watermark, photo, protect, free, copyright, software, images, logo, timestamp, online, website, flickr, tiled, image, text, comments, coments, digital, tool, watermarking
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timestamp converter
unix timestamp is the number of seconds since january 1, 1970 00:00:00 gmt. this tool converts timestamp to human readable date and vice versa.
converter, online, timestamp, strtotime, date
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timestamp convert to date and time
timestamp convert to date and time this is website where you can convert timestamp number to readable date and time format a timestamp is the time at which
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current timestamp
current unix timestamp.
stamp, time, timestamp, current
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convert unix time - convert and create your unix timestamp
the mission of this site is to convert your timestamp in a human readable format! and vice versa.
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15 - informations et outils de conversions est un service vous permettant de convertir gratuitement vos timestamp vers dates et dates vers timestamp. nous vous proposons aussi un widget permettant de convertir directement vos dates ou timestamp sur les sites internet que vous visitez !
timestamp, date, conversion, vers, widget, service, gratuite, webmaster
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microsecond resolution time services for windows
the windows timestamp project provides high resolution timestamp, timekeeping, and timer routines for windows
windows, time, realtime, system, timestamp, timekeeping, adjustment, real, client, nanoseconds, accurate, microsecond, microseconds, nanosecond
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oliver sweet
.summary-block .timestamp display: none !important;
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unix time converter - unix timestamp online convertion tools
milliseconds, unixtime, convert, epoch, seconds, unix
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comfact - the secure way is the only way
we provide services for signing documents electronically in a secure and easy way, try it for free today!
electronic, identification, timestamp, forms, signature, delivery, seal
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count'n - online tally counter
count'n is a free online tally counter with multiple tallies, timestamp logging, saving of tally session, data reports and countdown timer.
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unix2date - convert unix time to date
change unix timestamps to human readable datetimes.
human, readable, time, real, timestamp, conversion, unix
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mcpalo is a company specialized in the design, development and marketing of software products linked to internet and mobile technologies.
edition, creation, digital, signature, multilingual, multimedia, timestamp, site, buzzmii, signmii, qrmii, izend, software, internet, development, mcpalo
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p2 consult - ihr partner für daten und dokumente
die p2 consult hat sich auf den umgang mit daten und dokumenten spezialisiert. informationen sollen schnell, transparent und einfach zur verfügung stehen.
eingangsrechnungen, software, scanning, scanservice, projektmanagement, management, dienstleistungen, zeiterfassung, timestamp, dokumente, portal, intrexx, scanview, bdsg, datenschutz, edocprintpro, daten
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home - la tua firma digitale in un giorno ovunque tu sia!
inviaci un tuo documento e potrai ritirare immediatamente dopo la tua smart card attiva e funzionante (ritiro a marcianise)
token, commercio, camera, arubakey, timestamp, cciaa, napoli, smart, digitale, card, aversa, caserta, marcianise, firma
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27 | programmierung, tipps und tools
tsql transact sql und sql in verbindung mit progammiersprachen wie c#, csharp, c++, cplusplus, visual basic, vb, php. unterlagen zu oracle, mysql, mssql, access,
online, ip2long, show, timestamp, wochentag, generator, gratis, schreibweise, tool, kostenlos, showmyip, address, adresse, addon, extension, download, kostenfrei, freeware, software, firefox
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webknife is a site that gives the user great free web tools. find what is your ip, where it is located on a map, see your user agent, see country codes and info about these countries and many more.
code, country, codes, convert, timestamp, tools, whois, user, agent
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29 - php-scripte, mysql und mehr - ihre anlaufstelle für komfortable php-scripte für ihre eigene internetseite. verwalten sie artikel, news, bildergalerien ein gästebuch und ihren eigenen newsletter über einen einzigen administrationsbereich!
codeschnipsel, lexikon, shoutbox, galerie, newsscript, mysql
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home [visualsubsync]
visualsubsync is a subtitle program aimed to facilitate subtitle synchronization by showing you the audio form and allowing the world to see the subtitle timestamp breakdowns via a webpage and allowing them to submit corrections.
subtitle, divx, video, synchronisation, corecodec, program, editor, subtitles, visualsubsync, synchronization, synchro, transcript, home
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crea - bpm and e-business provider
business process management (bpm) and e-business solutions.
electronic, forms, signature, archives, documents, security, software, data, activcard, activeidentity, partner, ultimus, interchange, internet, management, process, business, pisarna, digital, timestamp, procesna, smart, encryption
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free google seo tools | online seo tools | website tools
website tools, we have toos:spider simulator, http header status checker, whois lookup, similar websites, keywords query website, ip checker, encryption and decryption, online md5 generator, online sha1 generator, encryption and decryption, urlencode and urldecode, unix timestamp conversion
tools, free, google, website, online
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javascript search and ajax search
javascript search is your source for hundreds of free javascripts and javascript related information, including scripts, tutorials, faq's, tips, and much more.
javascript, script, search, java, free, ajax, timestamp, suggestions, directory, download, counter, getelementsby
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startseite: mathematik online. zahlreiche tools, tricks, generatoren, scripts, ... alles kostenlos! | mathematik online auf
startseite: eine übersicht der tools, die diese homepage bietet. dies und noch viele weitere onlinetools, generatoren, scripts, hilfen für den bereich mathematik erwarten dich auf
mathematik, online, arithmetik, alles, scripts, kostenlos, quersumme, primzahlen, teiler, primfaktoren, primfaktorzerlegung, generatoren, unix, tools, modulo, divisor, berechnen, zahlen, zahlreiche, mathe, timestamp, teilbarkeit, tricks
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code bucket technical blog
code bucket is a technical blog for programmers working on web based applications, database, gui design or algorithms on windows, linux, unix, android and ios platforms.
apache, mysql, time, real, communication, same, origin, python, outofmemory, phpmyadmin, prefork, smtp, puzzles, socket, website, webmin, worker, java, timestamp, status, code, surfaceview, terminal, nodejs, leak, data, domian, migration, error, freeswitch, cross, cors, class, abstract, android, apps, functions, heap, local, linux
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digital signatures - advanced digital signature services - ascertia
world-class products for advanced digital signature, electronic signature, digital signature verification, digital signing, timestamping, eid validation & secure archiving
digital, signature, signing, signatures, electronic, software, documents, document, verification, file, notarize, legal, scvp, peppol, ltans, xkms, online, service, sign, etsi, ocsp, timestamp, xades, cades, digitally, esignature, validation, verify
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блог очередного разработчика | sanasol
и так почему же важно указывать правильный тип столбца в структуре таблицы наглядный пример почему не надо делать столбцы (varchar), особенно если этот столбец
mysql, parser, query, datetime, timestamp, lepus, trust, linux, dura, column, wrong, type, socfishing, github, javascript
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buy discount cigars online at wholesale prices at my discount cigar shop
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discount, cigar, shop, prices, wholesale, online, cigars
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39 |
install selenium ide in firefox browser with screen shots hd video
selenium, what, automation, cycle, life, appium, code, java, selendroid, grid, which, program, eclipse, write, better, platform, strategy, with, webdriver, stamp, time, shots, screen, firefox, timestamp, benifits, browser, between, difference, images, approach, components, install, video, advantages
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furst draft
by jay furst, post-bulletin managing editor new twtr.widget({ version: 2, type: 'list', rpp: 30, interval: 6000, title: 'tweets from', subject: 'post-bulletin staff', width: 330, height: 180, theme: { shell: { background: '#2b5383', color: '#ffffff' }, tweets: { background: '#ffffff', color: '#444444', links: '#2b5383' } }, features: { scrollbar: true, loop: false, live: true, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: true, behavior: 'all' } }).render().setlist('jeffhansel', 'post-bulletin-on-twitter').start();
media, news, mayo, politics, rochester, journalism, minnesota, biotechnology, minn, byron, clinic, stewartville, newspaper, republican, democrat, olmsted, editor, newspapers, austin, dining, local, hormel, tech, paul, reporting, minneapolis, cities, business, washington, twin, ethics, government, digital, comment, opinion, social, twitter, constitution, blogs, facebook
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free online web tools! generators, converters, password generator with strength meter, md5 and sha1 with salt. php functions online. code library, seo tools and much more.
enjoy free online web tools service! use our tools and do things faster. detect ip number or mobile device. generate md5 or sha1 hash, run base64 encoding and decoding tool. get browser info or convert the data. need a good password? try the password generator with strength meter. check out our code library. seo tools like meta tag extractor or link extractor. online color picker. convert unix time stamp.
online, generator, converter, extractor, base64, detect, words, seconds, free, tools, function, counter, strength, password, meter, count, meta, picker, link, unix, timestamp, color, tags, code, library, convert, creator, salt, hash, encode, decode, generate, device, toolbox, mobile, sha1, encoder, tool, what, chars
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password change reminder and user account identity management tools for active directory
sysop tools provides password expiration reminder alert notification software and user self service identity management tools for microsoft active directory domains. our solutions are easy to deploy, lower support overhead costs, and assist with sox pci hipaa compliance efforts
password, windows, policy, change, notification, reminder, users, notify, compliance, alert, notice, user, expiring, expiry, send, email, security, software, domain, service, tool, self, settings, expiration, script, expired, attribute, useraccountcontrol, sysoptools, exchange, expirartion, tools, reminders, sysop, active, timestamp, hipaa, expire, directory, imap