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amnesty international france | défendons les droits humains
amnesty international lutte contre les violations de tous les droits humains : torture, peine de mort, personnes en danger, privation de la liberté d'expression, ...
droits, humains, international, amnesty
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emadion | la casa dell'incubo
emadion, il nuovo sito in cui troverai tutte le notizie che cerchi su alieni, mostri, fantasmi, torture, killers, horror, macabro e molto di più!
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world medical association
ethics, professional, autonomy, research, medicine, human, rights, torture, health
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teach a child to read
teach a child to read! is your child labeled as having learning disabilities or dyslexia, and reads nonfluently? 38% of all fourth graders in the united states are unable to read at a basic level. they aren't able to enjoy the wonderful world of books. is your son or daughter one of them? does she drone, hesitate and torture words on the page? does he sound worse than his younger siblings or friends? does she cry when you give her a book? she isn't alone.
reading, read, dyslexia, disabilities, learn, teach, child
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welcome to and the international tribunal into crimes of church and state | our mandate: (1) to lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) to stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.
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pain thumbs - free sadomasochism masochism torture pictures
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mouvement de lutte contre les réseaux pédocriminels
aide, famille, sociaux, services, police, gendarmerie, institutions, inceste, viol, suicide, coupable, torture, abus, violence, magistrat, juge, wanted, pedo, affaires, justice, corruption, corrompue, omerta, alertes, news, disparitions, wantedpedo
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the lucifer effect by philip zimbardo
the lucifer effect: understanding how good people turn evil
lucifer, evil, torture, psychology, iraq, ghraib, zimbardo, effect, stanford, prison, experiment
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physicians for human rights
physicians for human rights: using science and medicine to stop human rights violations.
health, human, rights, training, environment, investigations, harm, forensic, refugee, workforce, policies, reduction, armed, global, physicians, asylum, migration, violence, torture, conflict
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the torture galaxy
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world organisation against torture (omct) - global network fighting against torture and other human rights violations
expand collapse extreme torture of real female sex slaves
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the world can't wait! stop the crimes of your government - world can't wait
world can't wait organizes people living in the united states to stop the crimes of our government. no torture, war, occupations, or spying on the people. get involved!
protest, crimes, obama, civil, political, rights, bush, wait, peace, movement, world, politics
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private family matter
child abuse, brutality and torture of children, birth through 13 years old in the united states and around the world.
child, abuse, torture, family, private, violence, grooming, psychological, examples, abandonment, brutality, sexual, pedophile
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the daily life of kawther salam
personal diary/blog and documentation of war crimes and crimes against humanity commited by israel against palestinians
crimes, torture, mossad, corruption, hebron, bank, west, genocide, palestine, salam, israel, humanity, kawther
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international rehabilitation council for torture victims
the irct is the umbrella for more than 140 independent torture rehabilitation organisations in over 70 countries. each year our members treat more than 100, 000 torture survivors and their families.
torture, survivors, victims, assistance, psychological, international, medical, advocacy, ingo, treatment, movement, rehabilitation, prevent, stop, eradicate, human, rights, health, programmes, centres, prevention
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national religious campaign against torture
the national religious campaign against torture mobilizes people of faith to end torture in u.s. policy, practice and culture.
religious, torture, inquiry, interfaith, golden, opcat, hunsinger, george, detainees, commission, rule, isolation, coalition, national, guantanamo, solitary, waterboarding, ghraib, supermax
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torture game 3 and other violent games
enjoy torture game 1, 2, 3 and other sadistic bloody torture games online. we have the biggest collection of such games, so have fun.
torture, game
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nrcat action fund
the national religious campaign against torture action fund engages in public policy advocacy and electoral campaign work to end u.s.-sponsored torture, and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.
torture, guide, nrcat, congressional, campaign, legislation, voter, scorecard, presidential, birddogging, vote, card, score, national, churches, voting, banners, action, religious, america, fund
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breast torture
come and see best breast torture of girls with big and small tits showing you best breast torture.
torture, breast
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redress - human rights organization | seeking justice for torture survivor
redress trust is a human rights organisation based in london which works internationally to combat torture by seeking justice and reparation for torture survivors.
torture, survivors, human, reparation, rights, justice, victims, seeking, international, free, charity, combat
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torture | freedom from torture | provides direct clinical care to survivors of torture who arrive in the uk and strives to protect and promote their rights
freedom from torture is the only organisation in the uk dedicated solely to the treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of torture. we have five centres where we offer psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, complementary therapies and support with housing and welfare. we also speak out alongside survivors to raise awareness and influence decision makers.
support, therapies, housing, welfare, complementary, counselling, survivor, torture, psychiatry, clinical, psychotherapy, psychology, rehabilitation
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torture games
play the latest torture games
games, torture, torcher, online
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with the united nations special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment | anti-torture initiative
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association for the prevention of torture
association for the prevention of torture - working worldwide to prevent torture
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acat - l'ong de lutte contre la torture et la peine de mort
l’acat est une ong chrétienne de défense des droits de l’homme créée en 1974 créée en 1974. association loi 1901, elle est reconnue d'utilité publique et d'éducation populaire.
torture, droit, association, droits, mort, peine, pour, action, acat
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electronic torture, electromagnetic torture, microwave torture, electronic murder, electromagnetic murder, microwave murder, organized murder, cooked alive, electronic mind control, brain zapping
electronic torture, electromagnetic torture, microwave torture, electronic murder, electromagnetic murder, microwave murder, organized murder, cooked alive, electronic mind control is used to torture and murder people. directed energy weapons, dew, people zapper, people burner, people cooker, electromagnetic weapons, laser weapons, gang stalking, electronic weapons, mind reading, mind control, brain zapping, mkultra, peter mooring
murder, electronic, torture, weapons, people, mind, electromagnetic, control, microwave, reading, stalking, gang, brain, mkultra, laser, zapping, peter, mooring, alive, cooked, organized, directed, energy, burner, zapper, cooker
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cbt scene | surf the cbt personals
cbt scene is the place to meet women who are into cbt whenever you want. join now for free and meet others with same interests and have a good time!, cbt scene
scene, torture, singles, personals, domination, dating
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ball busting torture
the hottest ball busting torture clips
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american ussr home page
an extensive archive of american lies, treacheries, wars, false operations, torture, assassinations, and murders
empire, guantanamo, imperial, constitution, president, fraud, bank, lies, disinformation, american, wars, fascist, deception, terror, capitalist, invasion, torture, terrorism, ussr, assassination
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battle x - days of torture
battle x - days of torture germany's hardest offroad event
hardest, offroad, event, torture, days, battle
expand collapse - stop electronic weapons and gang stalking (stopeg foundation)
stopeg stop electronic weapons and gang stalking. electronic weapons are used to torture and murder people. also called: directed energy weapons, dew, people zapper, laser weapon, people burner, electromagnetic weapons, laser weapons. also advanced listening devices and mind reading equipment is part of it. gang stalking is a method of secret services to eliminate people and is often done with electronic weapons. peter mooring
weapons, torture, murder, people, stalking, gang, mind, mkultra, control, reading, peter, mooring, blood, spread, zapper, directed, eliminate, electronic, energy, electromagnetic, burner, stopeg, laser
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romantic torture tattoo & piercing
offering the best priced tattoos and piercings in raleigh! health dept. certified. clean, sterile environment.
tattoos, inked, smith, mike, jaime, piercings, torture, romantic, raleigh, guys, girls, body, piercing, belly, mods, cheap, award, dermals, winning
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witness against torture
expand collapse - people cooker
a people cooker is an electronic weapon used to torture and murder people. a people cooker is also a person torturing and murdering other people with electronic weapons. other words: people zapper, people burner, directed energy weapons, dew, electromagnetic weapons, laser weapons, advanced eavesdrop equipment, mind reading. gang stalking is almost always done using electronic weapons. peter mooring
weapons, people, torture, mind, murder, mooring, stalking, peter, control, gang, reading, mkultra, zapper, electronic, burner, cooker, directed, energy, electromagnetic, laser
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nhri - torture & prevention
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japanese horse torture
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release the torture report now!
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the center for victims of torture
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toaxxx | torture academy
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toaxxx | torture academy
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torture test best gun blog
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asian sm torture - index (warning)
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3d torture. quoom - jolanda's ordeal
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sadoart | most extreme torture art and comics archive in the net.
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#3dbenchy the jolly 3d printing torture-test
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sadocartoons - best collection of sadism and torture cartoons
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torture abolition and survivor support.
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tickling challenges that tickle torture beautiful women